7 Tips to Find the Best WooCommerce Themes 2017


Last updated - May 10, 2018

A lot of WordPress themes are compatible with WooCommerce and you’ll be spoiled for choice when set out to choose one. The trick lies in finding out the best ones that are created exclusively for WooCommerce. This article offers a few tips to help you in your search for finding the best WooCommerce theme for your store. Let’s dive in…

Clear and simple aesthetics

A complicated design definitely has its charm. But when you are running an online store, your aim definitely is not to impress with design prowess. Majority of your customers will be really interested in a design interface that gives a clear idea of the product. Your focus should be on reaching out to these customers in the best possible way. Nothing does this more effectively than simplicity, and you should be very sure that your theme at no point confuses your customer. Your theme should display a relentless focus on presenting the product features effectively.  Same way,  it should let your customers navigate through your site effortlessly. In simple terms, the theme you use should provide your customers with the information that they are looking for.

Complement products

The visual appeal of your site is definitely important, but it is not just about the look and feels. The design you choose should complement the products you sell too. In addition, you have to take your customers’ preferences into consideration too. For example, a theme that works well for a designer clothing store won’t be quite the option for a kids’ toy store. The trick lies in finding a theme that suits your products and customer interests without hassles.

Responsive design

Your theme should be optimized to give a good customer experience on a variety of devices. A responsive theme would make sure that your customers have a great experience irrespective of whether they are using your site on a desktop computer, cell phone, tablet or something else. Most of the themes available in the WooCommerce marketplace currently are responsive. However, it is a good idea to ensure your theme is responsive before finalizing your purchase.

It is important to ensure a great user experience irrespective of the device
It is important to ensure a great user experience irrespective of the device

Regular updates

Regular updates should be an important criterion while choosing a good theme for your WooCommerce site. This is due to multiple reasons. WordPress and WooCommerce are reputed for regular updates. Regular updates will make sure the theme stays compatible and conflict-free with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. You can get more insights on WooCommerce compatibility here. Regular updates also enable you to stay ahead of any security flaws on your site. You can look for recent updates on the ‘Last updated’ date on the theme’s listing on WordPress theme directory. You can also check the ‘Development Log’ to see the release history.

Hassle-free support

Good support is an assured feature when you buy a premium theme. However, if you are buying a free one, it’s quite important to ensure that you’ll get free support too. Support forums of WordPress.org are the best place you can look for this. Recent activity in the support forum of a theme in question would be a sure indicator that it is well supported. Likewise, stay away from a theme whose support forum is inactive for a long time.

Multilingual capability

If you are dealing with international customers, this is surely an important concern. The theme you choose should support multilingual WordPress plugins like WPML. Also, make sure the theme is ready for translation if you see an international scope in your business.

Customization options

The possibility to add a personal touch makes your store different from all the other ones out there. Your theme’s customization options play a huge role in this. If a theme’s customization options are limited, all the sites powered by it will look similar. The theme’s scope of customization will surely reflect in the design of your site. You can test the customization capabilities of a theme by loading it on your test site. Check thoroughly for all the added features the theme provides before finalizing.

Social media integration

Look for good social media integration features on your theme. Easy share options to your customers also will make sure your products have farther reach. This is an important aspect in the current scenario where you need to promote your products in multiple channels. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, should be accessible to you in just a click away; make sure your theme does this.

User reviews

In an online marketplace, user reviews definitely hold great value. Look for the ones that have a larger number of reviews and consistently better rating than others.

Best WooCommerce themes in 2017

Here is a list of great themes that you can consider for your store:

  • Flatsome – This one ensures a responsive design and great user experience with no coding effort.
  • Shopkeeper – Great WooCommerce integration, awesome customization options, and dependable support set this one apart.
  • Storefront – WooCommerce’s own theme StoreFront can be simply defined in two words – flexible and intuitive.
  • Porto – Great customization features and layout variations are the signature traits of this awesome theme.
  • ShopIsle Pro – This one is popular for its simplicity, great design, and customization options.
  • Divi – Ease of use is particularly enhanced here with ‘real-time design updates’ and ‘click and type’ features.
  • FlatShop – Expect great attention to detail and stunning transition effects with this one. Great customization options too.

Resources to find great themes for your WooCommerce store

Here are a few links that you can check out for tips to find the best themes:

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