8 Best Analytics Plugins For WordPress

Best Analytics Plugins

Last updated - September 24, 2020

Proper use of Analytics can Enhance online businesses. Analytics Plugins provides you information that can optimize your marketing strategy. You can be more customer driven and bring the right product to your store. With your visitor’s footprint on your website, it becomes easy to give recommendations. Risk management becomes easy, inventory management remains smooth as soon as we have access to sales and other statistics at one place.

It’s needless to say that you need analytics plugins for your WordPress site and Using the Data Effectively can Enhance your Business. So talking about the available tools for analytics we have Zendesk, a built-in all in one tool for WordPress is one of the most downloaded analytics plugins in WordPress. Even though there are some great analytics tools that can provide you in-depth analysis of the traffic, sales, and other details. Let’s see some of these alternatives present.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics was introduced in 2005. As we’ve previously discussed Integrating Google Analytics into your online store, we will see some important features here.

Best Analytics Plugins
Google Analysis Home Page | Courtesy Google

The home tab includes pieces of information on the traffic and their activities. This includes

  • Traffic Channel, Souce, and Referral Traffic
  • An overview of traffic on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis with the Customer Retention Details
  • Demographics of your users

  • Pages your visitors explore on your website and Targets and Conversions

    Pages Visited & Performance
  • Sales and Adword Performances

    Sales and AdWords Performance

Apart from all these, you can add a customized field of observations, which are not available by default. Followed by this you get The Reports Section, which includes:

  • Real-time overview of the above-mentioned data
  • Details of individuals of your Audience
  • Your Acquisitions on Social Media
  • The behavior of your audience in accordance with the content of the website
  • Your Conversion

In the Admin Section, you can manage user roles, manage accounts, control pages and content etc. Overall, this is one of the best google analytics plugins for any WordPress site.

Checkout a beginner’s guide for Google Analytics

Get more insights on Google Analytics

2. Analytify

This Google analytics plugin is specially designed for WordPress sites. When compared with Google Analytics, the features of this analytics plugin is as good as Google Analytics.

Analytify Statics | Credits Analytify

Just like other plugins, this one is also very convenient to use and even non-technical editors to track each type of records. It provides you a post page level analysis as shown below.

Post Page Analytics | Credits Analitify

Other Notable Features of this plugin are:

  • Social Media & Real-Time Stats
  • Frontend Reporting with 24-hour cache and additional Shortcodes to make it template friendly
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking up to a record of the number of ‘add to cart’ clicks

    Enhanced WooCommerce Analytics
  • Get Automated Email Reports of your website’s performance

Analitify takes barely 60 seconds for its setup. And once you are logged in to your WordPress/ WooCommerce site, you can track all related data from within WordPress. This plugin is capable of tracking all type of custom posts like portfolio, gallery, testimonials, etc. Since this is WordPress specific analytics plugin, compatibility may not a concern for its users.

Get the Free Version of Analytify | Get The Pro VersionVesion of Analytify

3. Google Analytics WD

Made for your WordPress site even this plugin lets you control the analytics, management and setting preferences from within the WordPress dashboard. You can also customize the settings such as excluding any region or section from the calculation. Let’s see more of them:

Customizable Tracking

This plugin lets you configure the available options and look for desired tracking settings. You get options to exclude traffic from certain users, IP address, or any other demographic variant. The overview tab, helps you check real-time happening and performances of the pages of your website. You can choose from 7 or 30-day time frame for the statistics. In addition, you get to present the analytics in beautifully designed charts of different types. You also get to choose a custom dimension and reports to compare your tracking records.

Page and Post Reports

Just like other listed plugins here, this also lets you have a Google analytics for each page and post on your website. This is helpful for the authors to track their post individually and plan their future posts based on the performance of the current post. Any user, with different roles, can check these details from the frontend of their console. As a quick report can provide a lot of information about the current trend, this feature gets really helpful.

To keep a track of your website’s performance in time, you can also activate alerts or notifications. You just need to assign the conditions and time, based on which you wish to see the reports.

E-commerce Tracking

If you are having WooCommece installed, the plugin helps you to track revenues and conversion of your products. Sales information can help you redirect your marketing policies. You can use product details like Category, SKU and, Transaction Id to track your products. This also helps you to set goals and track advancements and prepare complete reports of transactions automatically.

Talking about tracking, this plugin provides you a special tool where you can choose to exclude certain deciding factors. For instance, you can exclude the USA from your sales report and find out your performance in the rest of the world. You can also choose to exclude user with specific rules. For instance, any author can be denied the access to E-commerce Analytics. In this way, you can protect data not meant for group activities. You can also track your AdWords account analytics and view its reports too.

Custom Reports

The plugin allows you to form and analyze custom reports. You can get reports based on any data or dimension. You can further export the report pages as PDF or CVS files. You can also schedule such reports through the plugin and send them to specific email Ids automatically. And this can be done with few clicks only.  Custom dimension can be set, based on multiple addition or subtraction of traits. In this way the plugin allows you to generate custom reports not already listed in the default report list. Finally, you can also hide any such tracking record from contributors of your website. The plugin lets you set a restriction on who can access the reports too.


Using the filters function you can easily exclude any IP address, country, city or region from the reports generated. This feature will help you ignore unnecessary data in the reports and let you focus on the necessary factors only. So, in case you don’t want to see the sales in China in your reports you can remove it from your reports.

Get Free Version of Google Analytics WD | Get the Premium Analytics WD

4. Google Analytics+

This plugin is known for its graphical representations of the data. A well-presented data can be really time-saving. And it is nice to understand the data as soon as possible. The plugin lets you access the Google Analytics with a click.

Google Analytics
Setting Up Google Analytics+

You are handling multiple sites, this plugin is for you. This allows you to view statistics of either one or all of your websites you own, automatically. You can track all your front runners form the dashboard. Each page has its analytics and can be accessed from the edit screen itself.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics+ showing Demographic data

Further, To track your advertisement campaign and its performance, you can enable Analytics for that individually. This will show the data related to the Ad campaign only.

Know More About Google Analytics+


HumCommerce is an all in one WordPress plugin for user behavior analysis and conversion rate optimization. It helps you find out the pages where the users dropped off and then discover what stopped them for conversion. It also allows you to make changes to your site to fix the problem immediately. HumCommerce is a feature-rich plugin. It offers you almost everything that you need to boost up your conversion rate.


You can create surveys and polls on your site. Add them to the most important pages and ask users directly why they are not converting and what are the things they want to see on your site. This feature helps you to identify the area you need improvements. HumCommerce is friendly and well documented. It works well with all the WordPress themes. The plugin is easily customizable. You just need to install and activate it, the rest will be done automatically.  

5. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)


This a completely open source Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress. The plugin uses your Google Analytics tracking code. Apart from regular stats, you get the detail of performance in all the contents of your website. You can also customize the tracking code to achieve desired features. Basic features that you can access on the frontend include:

  • Real-Time Analysis of visitors, channels, the source of traffic
  • Report of Sessions, Content performance on different media, Bounce rates
  • Demographic Details like Location, Device etc.
  • Regular Google Analytics Tracking and Customization codes for various trackings like Link, Marketing, Domain, Speed, E-commerce, affiliate links, page scrolling depths etc.
  • Multiple site dashboard

Explore more about Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP).

6. GA Google Analytics

This open source plugin serves as the Google Analysis solution for all aspects of your WordPress Site. This is one of the fastest Google Analytics Tool around. Although this plugin does not have all the features, it has all the necessary features.

Some of the features worth mentioning are:

  • It is swift and lightweight
  • Performs very specific tasks with simplicity and provides an ease of use to its users
  • Allows user based restrictions
  • Sleek Setting Page for the lesser inconvenience
  • Page level tracking with tracking codes in the header or the footer of each page

Get GA Google Analysis

Self Hosted Websites

7. Analytics Cat

If you are looking for Analytics Plugins for your self-hosted website, this is a great plugin to have. The plugin lets you connect you self-hosted website to Google Analytics. With the setup, you get all access to analytics data from Google Analytics in your WordPress Dashboard. This allows you to have all feature of Google Analytics on your self-hosted website. We’ll see some noticeable features with the next plugin.

Get Analytics Cat For Free | Get Premium Analytics Cat

8. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

This plugin is also for self-hosted websites.  Which means if you wish to use the plugin for Google Analytics on your website you need to switch to WordPress.org from WordPress.com This is a powerful analytics tool and is loved by 1M+ active users. This is also one of the easiest to use google analytics plugin. In case of self-hosted websites, your website is connected to your Google Analytics Account Id. In this way, you can drive more traffic than ever, just by following the stats which matter.

With this plugin, you can have a great user experience. The plugin makes it easy to connect to your Google Analytics reports without being a part of WordPress.com. Even then you can access all the data from your WordPress dashboard.

Noticeable Features

Setting up the plugins is a matter of one Tracking Id by Google Analytics. As soon as you enter you Tracking Id and click save, you get the access to your website data within the WordPress dashboard. The plugin does not stop you from adapting to the newest features of Google Analytics. Here are some of the features of the plugin which makes it one of the analytics plugins:

  • Google Analytics & Real-Time Analysis
  • Universal Tracking & Page Level Analytics
  • E-commerce & AdWords Tracking
  • Custom Dimensions & Event Tracking
  • File Download Tracking – Enable file download stats with just a click.
  • Link Tracking – Track your outbound link clicks with Google Analytics.
  • Performance, Referral,  Tracking – Control the performance rate and sample rate for your Google Analytics report.

Know More about MonsterInsights | Get MonsterInsights Pro

Winding Up

As you saw, finding the right one from the Google Analytics Plugins for your WordPress site is not an easy choice to make. The factors that affect your choice is of course that you get all necessary details about the traffic on your website. The plugin should let you track sales, demographics of your audience and their trends. It should automate notifications and send a report to right people and have enough data security assurance. Cost can also be one factor.

It is recommended to try out demo versions and read the features and speak to the respective support team before taking your Google Analytics Plugins. Hope that this article takes you to the right Analytics Plugins, and you scale new height by taking advantage of Analytics.


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