How to Attract Customers Without a Huge Marketing Budget

Attract Customers

Investing in digital marketing for your company is really important: we all know that. But if you are new on the market or simply don’t have a massive marketing budget but still want to boost the brand you own, that’s not a problem at all!

You absolutely can take the position of the marketer for your website and make useful steps to attract more traffic. To help you in this task, we collected different methods that will help you get more customers and don’t break the bank.


Check and fix your website’s speed

This is arguably one of the easiest and fastest ways to make your website more attractive to potential customers. In the era when people do not purchase products on websites where it takes them more than three clicks to get to the basket, a one-second delay is a huge thing.

But the solution to this problem is much closer than you think. Google offers an amazing tool called PageSpeed that allows you to analyze why your website is slower than it should be and helps you find what actually slows down your pages.

This tool provides you with a detailed report on every issue that slows down your website, and you can fix every one of them. Did we mention that this tool is absolutely free? Yes, that’s right, so do not hesitate and fix the speed problem as soon as possible.

Create SEO optimized quality content

Content marketing is a core, the basis, and the most important thing that you can make for your website. Content does not yield its positions, vice versa — it spins up, and the written word is now more relevant than ever.

But writing interesting articles for a target audience is not enough, of course. They should be SEO optimized, interesting, and with proper keywords professionally integrated into a text. If you have some writing talent, you can create articles by yourself and use free SEO tools to optimize the texts.

However, if you are not sure about your ability to create attractive SEO articles and blog posts, you can hire freelancers to make a couple of articles for you. Even though it is not completely free, it will be money well spent.

Make your brand even stronger

Your brand is the most important thing for your company. It is your reputation, your online persona, and just everything your company represents.

Almost everything in this article aims to strengthen your brand and give it more power on the web. We’ve mentioned that content is the most important part of your marketing strategy, and only one thing can be better than the written word: videos.

Strong video content is that one thing that will help you stand out in the line of ordinary companies. Make amazing advertisements, shoot video clips for YouTube, Instagram or TikTok and edit them and make tutorials with a screen recorder to promote your brand much better than articles. 

Apart from social media, make sure to embed videos in email marketing campaigns as well as corporate blogs, WordPress website or even HR strategy. It looks modern, on-trend, and your customers will be able to understand and accept the ideas and products you promote to them through videos much better than in written form.


Talk to your audience

Various web platforms like Quora and Reddit that were created to answer people’s questions about literally everything can help you make your brand stronger.

What you need to do is to visit any websites and forums related to your niche and leave your comments and answers on the hot topic. You can add links to your website from time to time, but be careful and use only relevant links. Do not spam under any circumstances. 

It is a very effective way to enhance your brand’s visibility online and attract an audience to your website. Make communicating with people on these websites and theme forums an essential part of your marketing strategy, and you will be shocked with the results you’ll get.

Try cross-promotion

Companies in one niche can be not only the competitors, but they can actually help each other by cross-promoting products. Another way to get exposure via cross-promotion is to use the power of influencer marketing.

Contact influencers and bloggers that work in your niche or similar niche and propose a collaboration, free products for review, or any other type of partnership you both are comfortable with. You will share this blogger with your audience, and they will promote you. A win-win situation.

Work on link-building and outreach

After creating a bomb video and written content for your website, you need to make your pages stronger by using blogger outreach and link-building.

To create a link-building strategy, you need to do a thorough competitor analysis to determine what your competitors do to get backlinks from trusted sources. Maybe they live comments, as I mentioned before, maybe they buy links, or maybe they create articles for other websites.

This analysis will also help you find websites to use in your link-building strategy because if it worked for the competitors, it would probably work for you too.

Don’t forget to check your campaign results in Google Analytics from time to time and analyze whether your tactic gives your website any boost. If you see that nothing changes, you can change your link-building strategy at the perfect time and don’t waste your resources anymore.


There are many different ways that can help you to attract people to your website and don’t spend too much on it. You can improve your content, create a discount or referral program, start creating a website’s backlink profile, or begin making professional video marketing content.

Follow our advice and experiment, think creatively and outside the box to offer something different to your customers. This way, sooner or later (and we believe rather sooner), new people will show up to your website.

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