Benefits of Jetpack for WooCommerce Store

Jetpack for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most efficient WordPress plugins for eCommerce sites. However, using just WooCommerce limits your ability to maximize your eCommerce store’s ability to earn good returns. This is where Jetpack is quite useful. Pairing Jetpack with WooCommerce gets you two powerful plugins making your site more responsive to your customers. There are several ways you benefit from adding Jetpack to your WooCommerce store. The biggest benefit is intangible, and that benefit is your eCommerce store being reliable for your customers. 

Many WooCommerce users may have come across Jetpack but probably have not used Jetpack for WooCommerce. As said, the reliability added to WooCommerce is the biggest benefit of Jetpack. The reliability is why WordPress developers should learn what is Jetpack and how its features work symbiotically with WooCommerce. After seeing the different individual benefits, you’ll quickly add the Jetpack plugin to your WooCommerce store.

Jetpack Makes Your Store More Secure

Jetpack makes store security easy to enable and monitor. The first thing you will notice in Jetpack’s security feature console is the easy on-off toggle buttons. Here are the areas Jetpack allows you to easily secure:

  • Photon: Use this feature to speed up the loading of photos and other images
  • Protect: This feature helps prevent brute force attacks by eliminating hidden web pages and making encryption keys long and very difficult to crack
  • Single Sign On: This method of authentication allows sign ons from secure areas. Jetpack uses the same servers as WordPress and Woocommerce
  • Monitor: This function gives you real-time data helping you see if there are areas of exposure along with the goings on of your site during downtime
  • Data Backups: Though this is a paid feature, it is very important. Backing up data is vital to securing your Woocommerce store, and it allows you to get up and running after an attack
Jetpack helps you add a lot of features on your WordPress site that helps with security, performance and site management.

For people who think the small size of their store is something not attracting hackers, more than 50% of hacks are happening to the small to mid-size businesses, not the big ones. Those massive eCommerce stores are usually hard targets. Hackers, like burglars, prefer soft targets even if the haul is not as impressive. 

Enabling the Jetpack plugin makes your store more secure, and that’s one factor for improving your store’s reliability.

Instant Alerts When Site is Down

The monitor feature is extremely helpful for eCommerce proprietors because it alerts you when your site is down. Having mobile controls activated allows you to run a backup version while you fix the site itself. Here’s how that affects reliability – if your customers attempt to access your site and find it’s down, they will not wait for your site to come back up, they will take their business elsewhere. Without the monitor feature provided by Jetpack, you would be unaware of when your site would be down until you started hearing complaints from your customers. Monitor also lets you know when your site is back online as well. 

Thanks to the monitor feature with Jetpack, you can do the following tasks to keep your customers happy:

  • Send notifications out through your social media and customer contact points advising of the delay and apologizing for the site being down
  • Activate your backup site for customers
Jetpack for WooCommerce
Jetpack gives you prompt notifications.

These two simple actions are a great way to keep people happy. Because the monitor feature checks every five minutes to see if your site is running, this means you’re never too far away from solving any problems, and that’s a key to site reliability.

Using Lazy Loading

The photon feature of Jetpack enables lazy loading of your ecommerce site and there are several benefits of it helping you and your customers. First, the process of lazy loading is pretty simple – the only time images get loaded on a page is when the person scrolling on the page scrolls to an image. This feature lowers bandwidth and allows your site to be quicker and more responsive. Here are some more benefits of photon for your eCommerce site.

  • Mobile Friendly: Bandwidth is a problem with mobile data, so having your eCommerce site use photon gives mobile users a better experience. Mobile users must be taken care of because nearly half of the world is accessing the internet via their mobile devices while desktop access rates are lower
  • SEO: Page load time affects SEO, so if the page takes forever to load because there are several images on the page, that lowers your ranking. Instead, enable photon to help with ensuring the good work your copywriters are doing with getting you to the top of Google’s Page 1. 

With bandwidth savings and improved SEO, these are two ways a single feature of Jetpack makes your eCommerce site more reliable. 

Promote Your New Products

Every business knows the importance of marketing, and the Publicize feature of Jetpack allows your new products or your promotions to get shared over social media. Creating buzz is critical for attracting new customers and bringing back repeat customers. The way Publicize works is you can share your content to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and more. 

Jetpack for WooCommerce
Features like social media scheduling will be a great help for promoting your products.

Publicize works very simply – every time you create a new piece of content including adding products to your store, click the “Publicize” button located right by the post and you’ll be able to share everything on your channels quickly. As you promote your social media feeds and customers follow you, you build an organic way of driving revenue for your business. 


There are many ways Jetpack makes your WooCommerce site have excellent reliability. With the Jetpack features listed above, your WooCommerce site will be more secure and it will have greater usability. Jetpack allows your site to be responsive and give the visitors a more reliable experience. Building a reliable eCommerce site builds your profitability, so explore everything that Jetpack for WooCommerce can do. Your profits will end up soaring as your site’s reputation for being reliable and easy to use increases.

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