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Last updated - February 24, 2020

When you are maintaining a WordPress site or a WooCommerce store, you are always committed to giving the best experience to your customers. There are several strategies that you can adopt to ensure a great customers experience while they are on your site. You can find a few actionable insights on improving customer experience here. One popular approach many store owners take in this regard is to incorporate a live chat option on the site. A lot of your store visitors would find this option really helpful, if you are managing it properly. Even with a well detailed product page, prospective online customers will have numerous queries related to a product. Having an option to clarify their doubts instantly from your site can be a good thing for them. Moreover, these live chat plugins can help a lot in lead management and sales initiatives. In this article, we will look into some of the best free live chat plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Tawk.To Live Chat

This is a great, free tool that you can use to set up a live chat option on your store. With the help of Tawk.To Live Chat plugin, you can always be in touch with your site visitors. It is a great way to gather sales leads, as a lot of prospective buyers would prefer to chat with you before confirming a purchase. This plugin offers an option where you can assign multiple support agents at the same time, thereby catering to multiple customers. It further eases connectivity options by allowing you to login with your mobile device as well.

Tawk.To is a great free tool to set up live chat option on your WordPress site or WooCommerce store.

You will gain a better perspective regarding how customers’ interests are shaping up regarding your products. In addition, when customers are able to get proper information of your products through live chat, there are better chances for conversion. Here is a list of tips that would help you optimize your WooCommerce conversion rate.

Tawk. To Live Chat plugin helps you manage your customer engagement strategy for multiple sites and customers. From the same dashboard, you can manage all the different websites you are running. It is compatible with most of the contemporary web browsers and mobile platforms. Moreover, it offers a seamless integration with WordPress and makes sure you are able to manage your customers’ queries in real time.

Features of Tawk.To

Tawk.To offers a great range of features to help you set up a useful live chat option on your site. Here is a quick look.

Easy installation and configuration

You can easily install this plugin from the WordPress repository. Then, from the plugin settings page, you can access your Tawk.To account. Select the chat widget and customize it according to the requirements of your site, and you are done!

screenshot of Tawk.To Live Chat Plugin
Tawk.To Live Chat plugin is a very easy to use, free tool that is quite popular among WordPress users.
Completely free

It is completely free, and that can be quite a relief if you are just starting out with your business. And, if you want to remove the branding from the chat widget, you can get a paid add-on for that.

Good online support

Tawk.To offers great online support through email and chat. This is round the clock, so you really don’t have to worry to get help when you need it.

Great flexibility

It offers flexibility to put the chat widget on any page of your choice. You can use a shortcode to manage the widget on specific pages.

Great design options

You can make the widget more interesting to catch the attention of your users. Tawk.To offers customization options for color, content, position of the widget, etc. Moreover, it offers around 27 language choices.

Schedule the display of the widget

Sometimes it may not be practical for you to offer round the clock support on chat. In such a scenario, you can actually schedule when the widget will be displayed. This is a great option, as you can be transparent with your customers on when you are available online.

Unlimited agents

Tawk.To allows you to add an unlimited number of agents to your account. This would enable you to smoothly handle customer queries even in large numbers. Also, it offers an option to group your resources. For example, if you want to segregate pre-sale queries from other support queries, there is an option for that.

Hugely popular

With over 100,000 active installs, Tawk.To Live Chat plugin is one of the most popular plugins in its class on the WordPress repository. Extensive documentation and prompt support too are reasons for the popularity of this plugin.

WP Live Chat Support

This is another popular WordPress live chat solution that is preferred by many sites. It is easy to use, and offers a lot of customization options to make sure your users have the best option to engage with you. WP Live Chat Support offers multiple pre-defined themes to set up a live chat widget on your site. This gives you choice in terms of style and appearance of the chat widget. Moreover, it allows automatic pop-ups and helps you apply animations on the chat. One option that is lacking in the free plugin is the support for unlimited agents.

This is a great option to set up live chat widget on your store as it has different options to customize.

Features of WP Live Chat support

This free plugin too is rich with a long feature list. Let’s take a look at some of the standout features.

Easy to use

One of the reasons for its popularity is the simplicity of the plugin. You can simply install it and configure the options from the plugin settings page. The interface is quite easy to use for both users and site owners.

Option to restrict users

It allows you to try out multiple strategies with the live chat widget. You can allow users to leave a chat anonymously without entering their name or email id. Or, you can limit the display of the chat widget only to your registered users. This way, you can prioritize how you are going to use the live chat facility – whether for pre-sale queries or for support requests.There is even an option to ban specific users based on their IP address.

Different approaches for desktop and mobile

You can selectively disable the chat option only on mobile devices. This would help you manage the customer experience on mobile devices as well. For more information on personalizing customer experience on mobile devices, here is another article that could help.

Manage messages when you are offline

The chat messages you receive while you are online too will be stored, so that you can respond when you are back. Similarly, there is an option to go back to chats that you have missed to respond promptly.

Feedback option

At the end of each chat session, you can ask for feedback from your users. This will help you improve your customer support efforts as your customer base grows. You can also add surveys and polls before or after a chat session.

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio offers a great option to stay in touch with your customers and site visitors. More than just a chat window to respond to customer queries, this one actually helps you approach your site visitors. This way you can use it effectively to generate leads and possibly conversions. In addition, you can use this plugin without registering or creating an account. It also helps you customize the color options for your chat widget to suit the color scheme of your site. Here is an article that could help if you are wondering about the design aspects of your WooCommerce store.

In addition to helping you respond to customer queries, Tidio live chat plugin helps you follow sales leads as well.

Interesting features

Tidio offers a few additional features in its free version that makes it one of the most useful free WordPress live chat plugins at the moment. Let’s take a look at the features.

Follow leads easily

It helps you initiate a chat to any of the visitors at a given time. Sometimes, this can be really helpful in improving the conversions on your store. You can also gain valuable insights by tracking the visitors to your site.

Great customization options

The plugin comes with two out of the box design options. Later on, you can easily change the color schemes according to what is suitable for your website.

Manage offline messages

It might not be possible for you to offer live chat support 24/7. In such a scenario, you might have to manage the queries of customers. This plugin gives you an option to display a form, so that your visitors can send their query via email. Even though a little delayed, you can answer the query and try to follow up the lead that way.

App for mobile devices

Tidio offers a dedicated app for mobile devices as well as desktop browsers.

Unlimited agents

It allows you to add an infinite number of agents to the chat option. This will enable you to handle live chat queries effectively, even when your customer base is growing.

JivoChat Live Chat

This one enhances the whole perspective of WordPress live chat plugins with a plethora of features. It helps your audience engage with you real time, and even offers a callback feature. So, those customers who prefer to talk over the phone might find it a welcome feature. In addition, it helps you compile customer engagement efforts through multiple channels including social media sites. Automatic translator makes it convenient when you have customers and visitors from across the globe. Overall with great features and rising popularity, this one is definitely a worthy competitor to all other choices we discussed.

It helps you manage customer engagement from multiple channels from one location, and offers a unique callback feature.

Features of JivoChat in a glance

This is one of the most interesting options in terms of features. Take a look…

Convert leads

It helps you initiate a chat with your site visitors, so that you can convert leads to sales. Moreover, it offers a callback feature, which visitors can request through the chat window. For some users, this might be a real plus in terms of site experience.

Include social media conversations as well

Another unique feature of JivoChat is that it helps you integrate user communications from your social media channels as well. It offers support for Facebook, Viber and Telegram.

Automated responses

You can pre set responses to chat, so that there is no delay in engaging the customers who use the widget. You can easily set up such automated responses by analyzing the common queries that you receive.

Instant translation

Language is not a barrier with this one. It instantly translates messages from both sides (admin and user), so that there are no lapses.

Option to view what visitors are typing

You can see what users are typing even before they send the message. This would help you to prepare better for your responses.

Live Chat by Formilla

This is another live chat plugin that offers a large number of features to help you track customers efficiently. It gives a more detailed visitor tracking feature compared to the other options we have discussed in this article. You will get a lot of details regarding the site visitor ranging from their country, last accessed web pages, IP address, etc. This would enable you to approach them in a more effective manner. It also has advanced customization features, as well as an option to keep pre-set responses.  Multiple support agents are allowed so that you can easily manage even large number of customer queries. It is pretty easy to set up and you can really try this out for your WordPress site or WooCommerce store.


Live chat plugins are such useful tools for WordPress site owners. It helps you stay in touch with your customers and prospective customers without hassles. There are quite a few free options that you will find to set up a comprehensive live chat option. Rather than just acting as a tool to connect to your audience, they help you take intelligent marketing and sales directions. Hope this list of live chat plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce helps you find the best one for your site.

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