8 Best Free WooCommerce Pricing Plugins

Free WooCommerce Pricing Plugins

Product pricing is an important aspect to consider for any WooCommerce store owner. Dynamically changing prices and making price adjustments occasionally can all be part of your pricing strategies. In the WordPress WooCommerce ecosystem, you will find several solutions to help you with your pricing strategies. In this article, we will present a list of some of the best free WooCommerce pricing plugins, which you can install on your WooCommerce store.

ELEX Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

Setting up dynamic price adjustments based on several conditions can be a great strategy for your WooCommerce store. You might want to set discounts based on number of items purchased, order weight, etc. This plugin is a great option to set dynamic pricing and discounts on your WooCommerce store. You will be able to set up discounts specific to individual product or product categories. Also, you can set up discounts based on the quantity of products in a shopping cart.

There might be scenarios where a product has multiple discount rules applicable to it at the same time. In such cases, the plugin helps you by displaying a pricing table on the product that will help your customers be aware of all the available offers. One of the standout features of this plugin is the maximum discount option. For every discount rule that you create on your store using this plugin, you can set a maximum discount amount. So when a rule is applied the total discount value won’t go further than this threshold that you set.

The plugin offers different types of discount options. You can set up a flat rate or percentage discount by specifying a value in the plugin settings. You can also assign a fixed price to your products as well if required. The plugin also helps you schedule a discount for a specific period of time. You can simply specify the start and end date on that specific rule. The free version of the plugin also helps you to set up discounts based on user roles.

Pricing Deals for WooCommerce

This plugin, available on the WordPress plugin repository offers great options to create discounts and bulk pricing options on your store. One of the popular one among free WooCommerce pricing plugins, you can easily create bulk pricing discounts using this plugin. The plugin offers different types of discounts such as percentage discount, fixed amount discounts and package pricing. In addition, the plugin offers an option for catalog pricing as well.

The plugin helps you set up bulk discounts and BOGO offers easily on your store.

You can easily set ‘buy one get one’ (BOGO) discounts using this plugin. Also, you can offer discounts to cheapest or most expensive item in a cart. The plugin allows you to schedule discounts for a specific period of time on your store. It will also help you display the offers on your store with the help of shortcodes. More importantly, you can choose how you want to offer discounts on your store. You can either offer it as coupons, or apply the discounts automatically to your products.

ELEX Role-based pricing plugin

If you are looking to set up a pricing strategy for a wholesale store, this plugin can be a great option for you. You will be able to create unique pricing for your products based on user roles. That means you will be able to offer different price for the same product depending upon who is seeing the product. This is really useful for wholesale merchants who create multiple deals with retailers based on the purchase quantity and the like.

One of the popular free WooCommerce pricing plugins, it also helps to convert your WooCommerce store into catalog mode. In a single click, you can remove the add to cart functionality from your store. This can be done for all the customers, or only for specific customer groups such as guest users. Again, this option can be quite helpful for wholesale strategies, where you want only registered customers to be able to make a purchase from you.

The plugin helps to assign tax classes and tax display options as well on your WooCommerce store. In addition to setting up product prices, you can also use this plugin to create role-based price adjustments on your store. You can use the plugin to create custom user roles on your store, in addition to the default ones offered by WordPress. Please note the free version of the plugin supports only simple WooCommerce products.

Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

This is relatively a new plugin in the WordPress plugin repository that can be used to set up varied discounts on your WooCommerce store. You can create a range of rules on your store and enable or disable them as per your requirement. The discounts can be percentage based, or by a flat rate value. You can also set a fixed price to your products using this plugin.

The plugin is good at setting up bulk discounts as well. It offers a customizer to help you set up bulk tables on your  store. You can simply create a bulk rule for a product or category and then enable the bulk table settings. It also helps in setting up role-based prices and buy one get one offers on your store. For BOGO offers, the free product will be added automatically to the cart when the associated product is selected by the customer.

Price based on country for WooCommerce

When you sell your products to multiple countries, it is important to display the prices in the respective currencies. This plugin will help to automatically convert the prices of your products based on the location of the customer. The plugin uses the geolocation feature of WooCommerce to determine the country of the customer.

Being able to display prices based on the country of the customer, as well as receiving payments in multiple currencies can be quite helpful for your WooCommerce store, if you are doing business internationally.

The plugin determines the right price of the product in a particular currency in two ways. One, by calculating the correct price based on the exchange rate. And, two, by setting up the price manually on the settings. When the customer enters the billing address, the price in the order details will be updated based on the selected country. As the plugin allows you to receive payments in different currencies, you can reduce the cost of currency conversions.

The plugin also helps in converting the shipping rates in the case of flat rate and international flat rate shipping options. A preferred option among free WooCommerce pricing plugins, it is compatible with WPML as well.

WooCommerce Wholesale Prices

This is another great option to help you set up wholesale pricing on your store. With the help of this plugin, you can make wholesale pricing separately on each product tab. For simple products, you can add a wholesale price directly on the general tab of product data metabox. For variable products, you will have to set up the wholesale price in the data for individual product variations.

The plugin helps you add an additional wholesale price for your WooCommerce products, which will be applicable only to customers registered under wholesale user role.

For a new user to whom you want to grant access to wholesale pricing on your store, you can simply change the user role to the additional wholesale user role. With the free version of the plugin, you can create only a single Wholesale customer user role. However, with the pro version of the plugin, there are options to create multiple wholesale user roles.

One of the preferred features that sets apart this one from other free WooCommerce pricing plugins, is its ease of use. The settings are not quite complicated, and you can add the wholesale price easily to your products. You can choose to offer the wholesale pricing only to a select set of products on your store. The plugin is compatible with a range of third party shipping and payment plugins.

Minimum Purchase for WooCommerce

Sometimes your store strategy would be to encourage bulk pricing on your WooCommerce store. Or, you might want a minimum order value For this, one practical solution would be to offer minimum purchase conditions on your store. This plugin helps you set up minimum purchase conditions based on order quantity or purchase value. Customers will be able to checkout from a store, only if their cart fulfills these conditions.

With the help of this plugin, you can specify a minimum purchase amount or quantity for customers to be able to checkout from your store.

When a customer’s cart does not fulfill the necessary conditions, the plugin will display the reasons on the checkout page. This way customers will be able to adjust the specifics of their cart and be able to go ahead with a purchase. You can create a custom purchasing rule on the plugin settings page, and accordingly set the rule on your store. The plugin will verify if a particular cart fulfills the terms of your rules and accordingly it will allow checkout or display the error message. The plugin allows you to choose a text based or table based format for error messages.

Product Open Pricing

A great marketing strategy when you launch a new product would be to offer an option for customers to determine the price. This plugin helps you do that by allowing an input option for price in the product pages. For the product, you can set a suggested price, or set a minimum or maximum value. The free version of the plugin allows to set this feature only for one product. With the premium version, you will be able to apply this for multiple products.

The plugin is a preferred option among several free WooCommerce pricing plugins, and offers quite a large range of options to customize the frontend. You can optionally enable or disable this option on the shop and category pages. It also allows you to change the input style and patterns as well. Overall the plugin is a good option to try out this unique pricing strategy on your WooCommerce store.

Free WooCommerce pricing plugins to improve conversions

Your pricing strategy plays an undeniable role in determining the conversion rate on your WooCommerce store. Thankfully, you will find a large number of free WooCommerce pricing plugins to set up innovative pricing deals and discounts on your store. Hope this article has introduced you to quite a few free WooCommerce pricing plugins. Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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