Best Practices to Improve WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Emails

Last updated - February 24, 2020

Email marketing is a useful strategy for eCommerce marketeers. There is a lot of personalization efforts, which aims to make the shopping experience more comfortable to customers. Artificial intelligence and machine learning principles are getting widely used in such efforts. However, one downside of the whole thing is, too much personalization can become counterproductive. Sometimes customers might get annoyed with your incessant efforts to personalize. In this article, we will discuss some factors that you need to take care of to improve WooCommerce cart abandonment emails. We will also see some of the best WooCommerce tools that will help you with cart abandonment.

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Popular WooCommerce Cart abandonment tools

Before getting into the details of your email strategy, we will take a quick look at some of the popular WooCommerce Cart Abandonment tools. You can also checkout some of the Stripo email templates specifically designed to reduce cart abandonment.

Abandoned Cart Pro for WooCommerce

This popular plugin helps you send emails and text messages to customers and site visitors when they abandon their cart on your site. In addition to sending multiple reminders to the users, the plugin also helps to reward them with offers and discounts. This would encourage users to come back to your sight and complete their purchase.

screenshot of Abandoned Cart Pro plugin
With three built in templates, this plugin helps your abandoned cart email campaign immensely.

The plugin helps you set up a comprehensive strategy for sending WooCommerce cart abandonment emails. You can create an unlimited number of email templates that will be sent at a frequency specified by you. Moreover, you can customize these templates by including customer name, offer coupons, etc. In fact, you will find three default email templates with Abandoned Cart Pro, which will be sent instantly when a cart is abandoned.

By integrating Twilio, you can manage the text message feature also. The plugin also helps you collect information on your abandoned cart. It will also provide details on how many carts were recovered as a result of your efforts.

You can purchase the plugin for a single store at $119. For 5 stores, it will be $199. If you need to use the plugin for unlimited stores, you can get it for $249.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

You can send personalized emails and custom offers to customers to recover abandoned carts using this plugin. Even users who have made a purchase with guest login can be contacted this way, if they have provided you their email id. One of the main advantages of this plugin is that you can create a strategy that will be only applicable to certain user roles. You can read more about WooCommerce user roles here.

With the help of this plugin, you can devise effective strategies to recover abandoned cart.

The plugin provides a lot of flexibility with regards to sending emails. You can link email templates to any cart, and choose a schedule to send emails. If required, you can customize these templates to suit the specific situation. As expected, you can include discount coupons to your email templates as well. It also provides email notifications every time it recovers an abandoned cart.

With the detailed reports, you can be informed of your conversion rate as well as the impact of ending abandoned cart emails. Also, with WPML compatibility, you can send mails in the language of your customers. The single site subscription of the plugin is €79,99.


Conversio is a SaaS tool that will help a lot with your efforts to recover abandoned cart. It will help you identify your users better so as to help you engage them better on your site. Moreover, it helps in recovering abandoned cart in a professional manner. Furthermore, it has options to follow up with customers so that you can increase the number of loyal customers on your store.

Conversio is a SaaS tool that will help with customer relationship management as well as in recovering abandoned cart.

Conversio offers in-built email templates to help you recover abandoned cart. And with its follow up features, you can easily up sell to existing customers. Setting up newsletters and periodically sending them to users is another useful strategy you can manage with this tool. Also, it helps you highlight positive reviews on your site, so that your conversion rate will increase. The option to take automated feedback too help in retaining customers more efficiently.

A basic plan of Conversio would cost you $20 per month, and if the annual plan you will get for $200. There are several pricing options that will suit small businesses to large enterprises. Check their website for more details.

Best practices to follow while sending WooCommerce cart abandonment emails

You must’ve already got a clear overview of some of the best tools for sending reminders to customers when they have abandoned their carts. However, it is important to create strategies that will help you reap the full benefits of these advanced tools. Now, let’s look at some of the expert suggestions while creating WooCommerce cart abandonment emails.

Optimize the frequency of emails

According to experts, you need to follow an optimized pattern while sending cart abandonment emails. It is best to send three emails, strategically timed, to recover an abandoned cart. You can send the first email as early as within one hour of customer abandoning the cart. The second email can be after 24 hours, and you can send a third one within 3-5 days if no response.

First email

With the first email, you are in fact eliminating some natural blocks in the checkout flow. Moreover, at this point, there are more chances for the customer to be still researching on the product. A well-timed mail from you would clear any doubts in the customer’s mind, particularly if it’s a new customer. Including some interesting reviews of the product might also be helpful at this stage.

Second email

The next email can be sent after collecting some insights about the user. For example, you can have an understanding of the time when the customer is online on your store. If you send the second email around this time, there are better chances for conversion. Moreover, the familiarity with your brand is still not gone, and the customer probably has done ample research on the product as well.

Third email

Now, if your second email has not worked, your conversion chances must have considerably decreased. Typically, you can send another email with a discount offer at this time, if it works for you. You might have to carefully study your analytics reports to understand the conversion potential of the third email though. If it seems like a useful strategy, you can send a third email within 3-5 days. You might want to do some testing before deciding on the optimal strategy here.

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Provide an offer

Rewarding your customers with a good discount as reward would work in many cases. You can offer a considerable discount for the first purchase of a user. This is because acquiring a new customer is generally tougher than getting a repeat purchase. So, an offer on the first purchase would surely be in your cards, if you are actively reminding users who have not converted yet.

Now, another sure-shot strategy to improve conversions is offering free shipping to customers. Apparently, shipping costs are one of the leading reasons for increased cart abandonment. You can read some insights on shipping strategies in this article.

If you are looking to understand how to set up free shipping on your WooCommerce store, here is an article that could help.

Experiment with your email templates

You may have to try out different strategies before really hitting the spot with the right one. All of the tools we have mentioned above help you with customizing your email templates according to your store’s specific nature. On the other hand, there are in-built options too in case you want some help to get going.

You may have to develop unique strategies to target different groups. For example, you can include customer’s purchase history on your store. Or, you can mention how many other customers from the same locality has purchased the product before. Such aspects can be tried on different target personas, and can be continued if effective.

Having a conspicuous Call to Action (CTA) is especially important in all cart abandonment emails. Again, you can try different approaches and use the most effective CTA.

Product image in the template

Another very effective strategy is to include the product image in the email. This provides a psychological impact as the customer would recognize the product readily like your product page. Including the product image will definitely increase the chances of customer clicking to go back to the cart, or product page.

Try cross selling

Sometimes, a customer has abandoned a cart because the product was not really what they were looking for. So, offering some recommendations with similar products on the email too might work. If your email is able to bring the customer back to your site, half the battle is won.

Provide contact options

There are several scenarios where customers didn’t complete a purchase because they needed some additional information. In such cases, if the email includes an option to contact you, it might be really helpful for the customer. By simply providing a reply option to your email, you can achieve this as well.

Try personalization without being creepy

Now, when a user visits your site, you are naturally getting some basic information about the customer including their location. This information can be effectively used in your email interactions, to generate an interest in the user. It can be used to attract attention from the user, and not in a manner that seems annoying or intrusive.

Many times automated emails lose the personal touch even if you are trying to show off what you know about the customer. Instead, you can try a more subtle approach by offering something valuable for the customer without really using personally identifying information. More importantly, GDPR guidelines might create problems when you are collecting personal data for aggressive marketing.

You can read more about GDPR and its impact on our popular article.

Use WooCommerce cart abandonment emails effectively

According to eCommerce experts, you can significantly improve your sales and conversions when you are sending abandoned cart emails. Though it is a proven strategy, you need to apply caution while doing it, in order to not annoy your customer. With an optimized email strategy, you will be able to notice significant changes to your conversion rate. Hope this article has given you some useful tips while creating WooCommerce abandoned cart emails. Share with us if you have a query on the subject.

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