10 Best Sales Ideas for your WooCommerce Store

Last updated - July 28, 2022

How to boost my WooCommerce sales? If your mind is preoccupied with this question, then it’s time to relax and take a deep breath. Because this article shares some of the best ideas and practices to increase sales in your WooCommerce online store.

Best Sales Ideas for your WooCommerce store

Most store owners often lose focus by implementing complex marketing techniques to increase conversions. The fact is that simple ideas, if done right, can bring the maximum conversions.

1. Dynamic Discounts

Discount is a time-tested sales booster. However, if you offer a plain discount, it does not bring you more conversions. Because every store offers a discount these days. There is nothing new. Instead, try implementing a dynamic pricing and discount strategy on your WooCommerce store. Plugins like WooCommerce Discount Rules can help you implement dynamic pricing easily.

So what is dynamic pricing? Simple. Just a motivation to buy more to get more discount. Example: Get 10% discount when you buy 3 to 5 quantities, 20% for 6 to 10 quantities.

Customer gets the motivation to buy more.

Every customer is unique and so is their shopping behavior. So why not your discount also be specific to every customer. When a customer makes a bulk purchase, offer a bulk discount. When a customer abandons the shopping cart, offer cart discounts or offer free shipping.

You can offer a number of different dynamic pricing types in your store that can bring more conversion.

Find more information on dynamic pricing strategies for WooCommerce here.

2. Buy One Get One Free

The word “free” is a favorite word of shopaholics everywhere. The term gets more powerful when you combine it with an offer like ‘Buy One Get One Free’. So, what makes BOGO’s special?

  • Nothing sells better than ‘Free’- Shopping fanatics are obsessed with free discounts. A research by Dan Ariely, a Duke behavioral economist (previously at MIT) says that “free” is far more effective than “almost free.”
  • BOGO discounts help to clear pending inventory stocks without affecting your profitability.
  • By far the potential discount idea to make quick WooCommerce sales conversion is BOGO.

But wait! There are hundreds of different ways to create BOGO offers. A wrong or a complex BOGO offer might cost you dear! So learn how to create a perfect BOGO offer for your store before jumping right away.

3. Rewards

How many times have you missed out on a reward from an online store?

Well, you won’t find many instances of missing when someone offers a reward. Because it is rightfully yours and make you feel special. Isn’t it?

No shopper will miss out on the opportunity to redeem a coupon code when you offer it as a reward.

Creating reward strategy is the best way to ask your customers to shop for more. A simple way to start a reward program is to offer purchase history based coupons. However, you should consider implementing a loyalty program for your customers and start offering them points that could be redeemed.

You can consider using a points and rewards extension that will help you get started with a proper loyalty program for your store.

You can read more about WooCommerce coupon strategies here.

4. Win back campaigns

Acquiring new customers is a costly affair. It is a painful truth. While a store should not stop its efforts to acquire new customers, it cannot always rely on new customers entirely for revenue growth.

The best way to boost revenue is to increase the Average Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customer. That is, the existing customer base. Customer retention is what brings you repeated sales.

And how do we do that? Most store owners resort to sending a barrage of newsletters to existing customers. This might not be the best idea, given the fact that average open rate for a newsletter is less than 2%.

The best solution is to implement personalized, win-back campaigns. Implement an eCommerce Marketing Automation solution that can automate the sending of the win-back campaigns with a personalized message if a customer did not visit your store for 30 days.

You can even send more targeted emails based on their previous purchase behaviors, which can bring more repeated sales and conversions.

5. Customized Transactional Email

Do you know that the transactional emails, like order confirmation notifications, have more than 60% open rate?

Have you ever thought of making better use of these transactional emails to convey more? If you have not, then it is time to supercharge your order notification emails.

Example: You can send a discount code for the next purchase of the customer. There you ensured a repeat purchase!

You can also add a product recommendation. Consider using an email customizer plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to customize your emails and include more information.

Caution: Never include too much of promotional content in transactional emails as it may lower your brand credibility and also will affect email deliverability. Provide customers with a simple call to action like ‘add to cart’ button if you are up-selling.

6. Re-target

Well, this includes a cost as re-targeting the customers that have visited your site requires a paid marketing strategy using Google or Facebook. However, instead of running a generic promotional ad across locations, you can consider re-targeting only those customers that have visited your website.

A re-target based promo gives you a better conversion scope than a generic campaign. And it can lower your ad spending a lot, at the same time, enabling you to target only the audience that showed an interest in your products.

7. Active Social Media engagement

How frequently do you engage in social media (exclude your personal engagement)? A most common mistake store owners make is that they “promote” products instead of “engaging” with customers.

Put yourselves in the customer’s shoe and think of reading a barrage of tweets promoting your products. Soon you will get fed up and skip the content and never bother to read them.

That is where “engaging” comes in. Don’t simply try to sell your products. Give the customers a solution.

Have you ever seen Adidas boasting about the technical feature of their shoes? No. They speak about where their shoes best used. Have you done that?

8. Strategized SEO

Search engine optimization is all that a WooCommerce store needs to get ranked high in the web. How many times have we viewed links on the second page of Google search results?

Most times, people engage themselves in the first 5 links on the first page. Be it on-page and off-page SEO for your WooCommerce website, WordPress provides assistance with SEO plugins. A good plugin to start is Yoast SEO.

The plugin guides you along in setting the meta description tasks, controlling site breadcrumbs, and much more. Also, refer the WooCommerce SEO tips for better insights

Caution: Do not engage in black-hat SEO practices that many SEO agencies recommend you.

Try to write better, useful content that your potential customers or audience would be interested in. Though it might not bring in results at first, it would bring in better traffic in the long run.

9. Website Speed optimization

The threshold for any eCommerce website to get loaded is not more than 2 seconds. No one wants to visit an online store whose website pages are slow to load.

And when we look at the factors affecting website speed, image optimization and server response time tops the list. Being an eCommerce store, the website is sure to have loads of product images. It is a must that you optimize every image on your WooCommerce website to boost your website speed. You can use tools like Optimizilla to compress and optimize the images before uploading them. It is not recommended to try on the fly optimization, as it takes considerable processing time.

Server speed will not directly affect your WooCommerce sales but it does affect your ranking in Google. While there are a number of hosting options available for WooCommerce, try choosing one based on three simple criteria – location of your audience, service quality and catalog size.

10. Better product images

Shoppers, mostly, judge products from its looks. Customers need to see the product images before they buy. The first thing that any customer looks entering an online store is the product images. Upload attractive, quality images that highlight your product.

If the product images aren’t good, the chances of customer skipping your site is quite high.

The above aspects aren’t the only available ideas to boost your WooCommerce sales. But, I bet no other sale boosting technique will be as simple as the above ones.

Share your ideas in the comment section and let us grow the WooCommerce community together.

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