The Best Sports WordPress Theme Examples You Could Use for Your Website

Sports WordPress Theme

Have you ever noticed why sports is a billion-dollar industry in the global market? Certainly, every sports fanatic or sports enthusiast can catch what I am trying to say. According to the Global Sports Market Report (2021 to 2030), the global sports industry is expected to produce a high lap with a 13.5% Compound annual growth rate and will make around $440.77 billion. Well, these stats are enough to explain to you why you should opt to invest in this market.

If you are also a sports enthusiast planning to build an online sports website, we have got something fascinating for you. This blog will cover some of the most irresistible and visually appealing themes that you can use for your next sports project. Why are themes essential, and how to choose a perfect theme for your online sports business website? Yes, we have covered the basics too. Let’s get started.  

Why is selecting an appropriate theme for your website necessary?

It is hard to recognize the fact that, despite offering impressive and catchy content to the users, most websites fail to achieve their expected milestones. Why? The reasons are hidden deep in human psychology. How do we, as a human, respond to the given information? 

With our senses, right! 

Visualization is the key, allowing readers and viewers to connect with the content. Sports is all about creating indelible moments, and this is achievable with winsome graphics and visualization techniques. It is a must for people trying to set a solid benchmark in the field of online blogging or eCommerce platforms.

When users try to interact with your website, the first thing to which they come across is your theme. It directly influences the user experience and hence becomes an integral element of your website. 


Consider an enthusiast runner in need of training equipment; visit your page. How will they feel motivated to purchase the equipment you are trying to sell? By attracting visuals, right? They envision the entire scenario before purchasing the product, from its applications to its appearance. 

Practically speaking, a theme helps you present precisely what you like to deliver to the users. How to select an appropriate theme for my sports website? Some significant standards that you must look for before picking a theme are provided below:

  • Start with a ‘Keep it simple’ attitude and try to extrapolate what portrays you the most.
  • All the flash animations or fancy features are fantastic until they are not messing with the entire idea you want to convey to your users.
  • Do not forget to check the developer support available for your chosen theme.
  • With 5.07 billion active mobile users globally, it becomes crucial to review your website’s functionality on a mobile phone. In short, your theme must be mobile-friendly and easily accessible. 
  • With over 54,000 plugins available on WordPress, do not forget to check the theme compatibility for different plugins and extensions crucial to your website idea.
  • Do check your website theme for cross-browser compatibility for improved user experience.

Must-have Features for Sports Websites to Make an Impact

I totally acknowledge all that you have planned for your sports website interface. Still, before choosing a theme, it is suggested to work on the elements that you are going to add to your sports website. In the above section, we have tried to cover aspects related to a sports eCommerce website. However, if you want to demonstrate sports information on your website or try to make a blogging website dedicated to a single sport, you must focus on unique ideas that can help you increase traffic.

Let’s focus on some more attributes which may add significance to your website.

Adding a players’ gallery or list, forthcoming event countdowns, league tables, tournament brackets, latest ranking table, and fixtures & results can add value for your users. Of course, you can also provide informative content to the users associated with any individual sport. WordPress offers various plugins that make adding features to the website effortless, like Super Socializer and Social Slider Widget can be used for simple social media feeds.

Five best sports WordPress themes for your website

Be Theme

BeTheme is among the most versatile WordPress themes. It comes with 650+ pre-built websites along with a stock full of design elements and power tools. It assists you in designing an entirely tailor-made theme that practically fits all your requirements. It enables you to use a 100% beginner-friendly environment, 200+ elements to build and a highly detailed video tutorial for better clarity. It suggests hundreds of pre-built websites that are specifically designed for sports and provides attractive designs for Sports Products, Yoga, Sports clubs, Gym, and Extreme sports. In terms of customizability, the theme supports various Page Builders like, Elementor, BeBuilder, and WPBakery. Apart from this, BeTheme’s video tutorial section is highly informative and covers topics like WooCommerce Attribute Swatches, Custom Product Template (Muffin Woo Builder), and BeCustom Branding Tool, etc. 

Flex Mag

Sports WordPress Theme

Flex Mag can be the best choice for you if you are striving to make an outlandish website that seizes the inquisitiveness of sports enthusiasts. Flex Mag is well-known for its mobile-first approach and comes with HTML5 and CSS3 code to pump up your website’s speed, making it more SEO friendly. Just a power container, which allows Customs fly-out navigation, Fully-responsive and Mobile ready elements, Stunning featured post options, Different article layouts, Mega Menus, and most importantly, the Custom scoreboard option that fits well with user information like sports news, announcements, press releases, and current ranking features.   


TrackStore is the most preferred choice among young sports aficionados endeavoring to showcase their athletic pursuits through an online sports store. TrackStore theme offers multiple opportunities that add new dimensions to the online sports store. Exceptional shopping features, attractive cart page layout, appealing pop-up styles, and order tracking functionality are some of the most lucrative features making it an ultimate preference for new businesses. Apart from this, TrackStore theme also offer user-oriented Wishlist features, Multiple single product layouts, remarkable product showcases, Product carousels and sliders, Full-width drop-down cart, user dashboard templates, and a lot more components are available here to upgrade your enterprise to further productive levels. 


Sports WordPress Theme

Do you wish to create a professional sports website exhibiting a particular club or league? Essentially, fan sites dedicated to particular clubs that reveal all the relevant information like the latest matches, upcoming schedules, series, league, results, fixtures, or even highlights are more likely to grab users’ engagement. You can also prefer such space to offer highly-researched yet intriguing content to the user about a particular sport. Though Oxigeno seems a bit lusterless in terms of vibes, it suits more to an austere taste. Still, the preferences are personified, especially when it comes to visualization. Oxigeno offers you countless alternatives that are readily available to the website makers, like free Google fonts, custom-created icons dedicated to a single sport, and menus & headers for a better visual experience for the users.  


If you have the ability to visualize, it brings a stylish, fashionable, and urban look to your sports website. Rey themes deliver a clean mark following web standards that makes it extremely SEO Friendly. Apart from this, Built-in SVG support, automation support, and a single source for your Adobe and Google fonts are among the fundamental features of this theme. Of course, it also offers you some added attributes like a phenomenal entrance animation (best fit for a sports website), global section option, section-skew, and slider navigation option for better user comfort.  

To Wind Things Up:

The themes mentioned above are flawless in terms of performance, website speed, plugins & extension support, and visualization. However, these are not the only ones. Multiple themes like Whistle Sport, GoodLife, and other relevant themes dedicated to a single sport like Endurer can also be among the most preferred alternatives. To do adequate justice to this task, your theme selection must strictly depend on the information that you are willing to deliver to the visitors. 

All you have to do before picking up the suitable theme is to rethink your ideas strictly according to the functionality of the website and its compatibility with mobile phones. To these facts, I hereby wrap up the blog by stating that in any case, you should never overlook the user experience and visualization. Wishing you the best accomplishments with your forthcoming sports projects.

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