How to Find the Best WooCommerce App to Manage your Store

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Last updated - October 9, 2020

When you are running a WooCommerce store, you need to be connected to it all the time. Any lapse in responding to store events might lead to dissatisfaction among your customers. A good WooCommerce app can help you deal with such a scenario quite effectively. As your store is available on your mobile all the time, you can take actions instantly whenever needed. This article introduces you to some of the best WooCommerce apps that will help you monitor the store all the time. You will also find some tools that can help you with effective store management as well.

The search for the best WooCommere App

Even for a short time when you are away from the store, there might be new events happening on your store. A good native mobile app will ensure that you are always in touch with the happenings in your store. First, let’s take a look at some of the popular options currently available in the market. You may also want to check our article on best mobile apps.


WooCommerce iOS

WooCommerce offers an iOS app that is really helpful to access your store through your iPhone. You really don’t have to go to your computer every time you want to see something in your store. Instead, you can access your product catalog and performance insights on your iPhone itself, using the app. The iOS app enables you to view various store reports at different time intervals. These include your store revenue, best selling products, orders and customer information. With its compact design, the app presents information in a visually impressive design and layout.

WooCommerce iOS app helps you be in touch with your store all the time.

The app updates you on your product catalog consistently while you are on the move. This enables you to take required action as and when necessary. You can even get into the details of a particular product, such as low stock value, using this app. The app also enables you to search the orders and view details such as customer information, order status, and shipping details. In the case of registered customers, you can see their order history and have a clear understanding of the value they add to your store. Moreover, you can connect to multiple stores using the app. Switching between different stores too is quite easy with the user-friendly design of the app. Setting it up is also quite easy as you can simply enter your store information and the unique WooCommerce API to import store details.

WooCommerce Mobile Assistant

This android app too, like the other ones discussed in this article, lets you access real-time store reports on your phone. You can also monitor your products, customers, and orders from your phone. In addition, you will get notifications on new customers, orders, and changes in order status. The app offers great options to filter data the way you want to see it on your mobile. Moreover, it has an intuitive interface and a creative representation of store statistics. This app can definitely help you stay in touch with your store’s everyday events and performance reports.


StorePep is a great android WooCommerce app to keep connected to your store all the time. It smoothly integrates with your store and helps you stay in touch all the time. You will get a notification from this app every time a new order is made on your store. This will be really helpful to enhance the fulfillment process in your store. You will be able to initiate the delivery process, wherever you are. In addition, you will get real-time alerts for other changes on your store such as adding a new customer, changes in order status, low stock or out of stock. For instant alerts, you need to install this WordPress plugin too.

This native Android app is a great option to monitor and manage your WooCommerce store.

While real-time alerts help you a lot in responding to store events promptly, that is not everything this app is capable of. It helps you a lot in monitoring the performance of your store all the time. The app dashboard provides you with insightful reports that you can view selectively using filters. You can easily view store data such as total sales, daily average sales, and refunds, etc. Additionally, you can also take a quick glance at orders filtered by their status. Also, you can view the top selling product at a particular time on the dashboard. This will help you be on top of things all the time, and identify any gaps in the functioning of your store.

It helps in store management too

Though it is not a comprehensive solution to all aspects of WooCommerce store management, this app can offer good assistance. You can easily manage some of the daily aspects of your store even when you are on the move. You can edit order details, and update the status of an order using this app. StorePep app will also help you view shipping addresses on Google Maps for quick navigation. And if you want to edit the shipping address, or add order notes, those are also possible. You can view customer details and contact them directly from the app. In addition, you will able to view and update basic product information such as description, price, stock value, etc.

Some popular apps for external services

When you talk about WooCommerce apps, it’s not only about the store management apps that will help you connect your store to your mobile. There are quite a few external services that can help WooCommerce store owners a lot. Here is a list of apps that will help you with daily activities on your WooCommerce store


Dropbox helps you organize all your files in one place. Everything will be synced to all your devices, and that means you can access whatever you want at all times. It also makes collaborations easy, as you can easily share designs and presentations. In addition, features like Dropbox Paper helps you share ideas more effectively. It would bring in a lot of scope for transparency and real-time feedback in your work interactions.

Dropbox makes it mighty easy to share files and ideas among your team.


Trello is another app that will help you tremendously in organizing your work matters. With linearly aligned cards, you get a visual perspective of all your work on one screen. You can easily create to-do lists and work in progress to have it all mapped in front of your eyes. And, you can share these easily with all your team members so that everyone gets a decent idea of the developments. For example, your marketing, sales and design teams can create their own boards, and share with each other if required. The project management team probably can include all the important details from each of these and create one of their own. The ease of use and the attractive visual layout makes Trello a favorite of companies of all sizes. You can signup to Trello for free.


Evernote is another popular app that will help you a lot in managing hordes of information related to your WooCommerce store. You can keep on collecting relevant information concerning your store from diverse sources, and keep them all in one place. And, if you want to enhance any of the points, you can do that in style with Evernote! You will be able to add links, checklists, attachments or even audio recordings to your notes. It will actually help you keep a track of an entire project from its brainstorming section to success metrics analysis.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers a safe place to store all your files. The advantage of this one is that you can store any type of file that you need. This means all your drawings, designs, presentation, images and videos can be stored and accessed from one place. This can be especially useful to WooCommerce store owners when you have multiple files associated with each different product in your catalog. For example, you may have a video demonstration and an instruction manual PDF for a particular product. If you can access all such files related to a product at one place, it would really be a boon. Moreover, you can easily share these files with others and let them work on them without delay.

Saving and sharing store information in multiple file formats have become quite easy with Google Drive.


Social media marketing has become a necessity for all types of businesses. For WooCommerce store owners, it particularly enhances the reach of products to potential customers. These days, with the popularity of diverse social media channels, you may want some assistance to manage it all. That is where HootSuite comes into the picture. It helps you immensely in scheduling and managing social media content much more effectively. HootSuite gives you the power to schedule social media posts across channels automatically. Needless to say, this helps you save a lot of manual effort and time. You can even create a bank of content that is approved so that your team can share them at will.

Moreover, it provides great reporting tools to help you with an accurate assessment of your social media efforts. This enables you to improvise on effective strategies and get rid of the ones that didn’t work. Furthermore, it helps you monitor social media channels to understand what others are talking about your brand. Overall, this is a great tool for WooCommerce store owners to stay on top of their social media strategy.


The buffer is another social media platform that will help you organize all your social media activities in one place. It helps you schedule posts and keeps track of the ROI of your efforts too. With Buffer, you can configure a sharing schedule for your social media posts and rest assured. In addition, you will be saved from the hassles of logging into multiple social media accounts. And slowly and surely, your online presence and social media influence will rise. Furthermore, it gives you insightful analytics data for all your efforts. And this definitely would enable you to understand which social media platform is working for you. Accordingly, you can create a strategy based on that, and if needed, pay more attention to boost your presence in other channels. Image Creator, Social Media Calendar, Video and Gif Uploader, etc., are some of the added features you can utilize with Buffer.


When you talk about a WooCommerce app, there are multiple ideas around it. There are mobile apps that you can build so that your customers can access your site more readily. Then there are apps that help you stay connected with your store all the time so that there won’t be any delay in your store activities. The third set of apps may be the external ones that will assist you in handling your store functions. This article has focused on the latter two types of apps – syncing your store and external apps. We have tried to include some of the most popular options that WooCommerce store owners can try across devices. Let us know if you want to add an insight, or if you have a query. Meanwhile, here is another article that might provide you with some additional insights.


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