10 Best WooCommerce B2B Plugins

WooCommerce B2B Plugins

Last updated - March 6, 2023

WooCommerce is a preferred platform for creating online stores thanks to its flexibility to suit any business idea. If you are planning to create a B2B or wholesale store, you may have to integrate some additional tools or plugins to set it up properly. In this article, we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce B2B Plugins for your store.

ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode, Wholesale & Role Based Pricing

With the ELEX Catalog Mode plugin, you can manage several aspects of B2B sales on your WooCommerce store. It will help you create special pricing for customers based on their user role on your store. It also helps you remove the Add-to-Cart button for general customers, and provide the eCommerce functionality only to registered B2B customers. You can set role-based pricing and discounts for individual products and variations as well. The plugin also helps you convert your entire store into catalog mode in a single click. Moreover, you can combine it with the ELEX Request a Quote plugin for comprehensive B2B store management.

WooCommerce B2B Plugins


  • Create special pricing for B2B customers on your store.
  • Configure role-based pricing for individual products and variations.
  • Convert your store into catalog mode.
  • Supports customer specific pricing.

The cost of the plugin is $79 for single site.

B2B for WooCommerce

With this plugin, you will be able to optimize your store for both B2B and B2C customers. You can create customizable registration forms to help customers sign up to your store. The plugin also has options to control the product visibility on your store based on the customers’ user roles. It also has options to help you set different pricing patterns including tiered pricing based on user roles. It also helps you incorporate a Request a Quote option on the store.

WooCommerce B2B Plugins


  • Customizable registration forms to collect all the required information from your B2B customers.
  • Display or hide products based on user roles.
  • Configure diverse prices and price adjustments for user roles and customers.
  • Request a Quote form on the store.

The plugin has a price tag of $149.

ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin

This plugin helps you add a Request a Quote button on your WooCommerce store to facilitate customers to ask for a quote for products they like. Depending on your store strategy, you can display this button with or without the Add to Cart button. When customers click the Add to Quote button, the relevant products will be added to a quote list, which you can further customize according to requirements. The plugin also offers automated notifications that will ensure the best customer experience. There are dynamic tags available to customize the notifications further.

WooCommerce B2B Plugins


  • Easily add Request a Quote button to Shop page and individual product pages.
  • Customize the quote request form to collect all the required details from the customer.
  • Restrict the feature only to specific customers.
  • Option to add a quote widget similar to mini cart.
  • Customizable notifications to customers and store admins.

The plugin will cost you $59 for a single site.

B2B & Wholesale Suite

This is a comprehensive solution to set up a wholesale or B2B store using WooCommerce. It handles almost all aspects of a B2C store including product pricing, discounts, quote request forms, user registration, etc. The plugin has options to handle pricing easily (including tiered pricing) for specific customer groups. It also offers several options to restrict access for guest users on your store. Also, the plugin helps to create Request a Quote options and wholesale order forms. There are also smooth option to customize the registration process on the store.

WooCommerce B2B Plugins


  • Easily create wholesale pricing specific to different user groups.
  • Customizable Request a Quote forms.
  • Easy registration options for general customers as well as B2B ones.
  • Can save shopping lists to let customers make repeat orders easily.

The plugin costs $149.

B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce

This is another all-in-one plugin that will help you handle all the B2B and wholesale requirements for a WooCommerce store. It has a feature to let customers add products to a quote list to get the pricing from the store owner. In addition, it offers features to set up specific pricing for different customers. The plugin also has options to let wholesale customers seamlessly register to your site along with options to restrict access to guest users.

WooCommerce B2B Plugins


  • Handles diverse aspects of a B2B WooCommerce store.
  • Helps customers add products to a quote list.
  • Let wholesale customers register easily.
  • Set minimum and maximum order value.
  • Ensure personalized experience to your customers.

The cost of the plugin is $99.


For Wholesale shop owners, the Whols WooCommerce wholesale plugin offers a powerful solution for establishing wholesale prices on their products. By simply completing a quick registration form, wholesalers can access exclusive rates. With this intuitive plugin, store owners have total control over their wholesale pricing and streamlined operations within their business.

This exclusive WooCommerce wholesale plugin is the ideal choice for store owners who want to boost their bulk-selling profits and simplify the approval process. 


  • Streamline the registration process for wholesalers
  • Provide free shipping options for the wholesalers
  • Ability to request wholesale membership
  • Assign wholesale roles for existing customers
  • Create exclusive prices for both Simple and Variable products
  • Hide wholesale prices accessibility from guest users
  • Option to exclude General Products from Wholesaler Accessibility. 

Starting at only $79 a year for one website, you can take advantage of Whol’s unbeatable pricing packages. Or, if you’re looking for an even better deal, grab the lifetime purchase options starting from just $199!

Wholesale For WooCommerce

This is a simple and effective option to handle B2B and wholesale businesses using WooCommerce. Store owners will be able to handle both general retail sales as well as B2B sales. The plugin provides an option to protect the wholesale purchase area using a password so that general customers won’t be able to access that area. You can create custom pricing for wholesale customers using user roles. In addition, the customizable wholesale registration form will make it easy for customers to register on your store.

WooCommerce B2B Plugins


  • Helps you manage all aspects of your Wholesale eCommerce store.
  • Create a smooth registration flow for your customers.
  • Offer a private store for wholesale customers along with tiered pricing.
  • Option to set minimum quantity requirements for purchase.

The plugin has a price tag of $99.

Wholesale Tiered Pricing

Based on user roles and quantity, you will be able to create tiered pricing on your WooCommerce store for wholesale customers. The plugin offers 5 different price adjustment options to easily customize your store pricing. There are also options to set minimum quantity requirements, and hide the add to cart button and price.

WooCommerce B2B Plugins


  • Create tiered pricing on your store for wholesale customers.
  • Control the price based on the customer or user role.
  • Make price adjustments in bulk.
  • Option to apply discounts and minimum quantity restrictions.

You can get this plugin for $99.

Wholesale Prices & Tiered Pricing

This plugin makes it easy to handle pricing for wholesale stores. By categorizing users into different groups, you will be able to create tiered pricing on your store. In addition, you can set up discounts based on user, group, product or category. The plugin also has a price import and export tool, and an option to hide pricing details.

WooCommerce B2B Plugins


  • Create wholesale and role-based pricing.
  • Display a tiered pricing table on the product page.
  • Create rules specific to users, groups, products or categories.
  • Easy to manage customer groups.

The plugin costs $99.

Roles & Rules B2B for WooCommerce

This plugin makes it easy to set up role-based pricing rules in your WooCommerce store. You can set bulk pricing for specific products, categories or subscriptions. Also, you can set up dynamic discounts on your store. There are options to create registration forms for B2B customers as well as creating private shopping area. The user interface is smooth and the plugin is easy to configure.

WooCommerce B2B Plugins


  • Set up rules to manage user roles effectively on your store.
  • Set discount rules for products, variations subscriptions, etc.
  • Option to add coupon discounts automatically.
  • Custom forms for user registration.

The plugin costs $79.

Wholesale Order Form & Requisition Lists

This plugin helps to incorporate a wholesale order form on your WooCommerce store. This order form will make it easy for customers to order products in bulk. The plugin is Ajax enabled and makes the user experience quite smooth. Another interesting feature is the option to let customers save their frequently saved items for faster ordering next time.

WooCommerce B2B Plugins


  • Wholesale order form to ensure easy bulk ordering.
  • Ajax enabled for seamless filtering.
  • Requisition lists can be saved for faster future orders.
  • Easy to manage with shortcodes.

You can get this plugin for $79.

We hope this article on the best WooCommerce B2B Plugins will help you with your B2B selling strategy. To resolve any doubts or queries, leave us a comment below.

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