10 Best WooCommerce Custom User Registration Fields Plugins (2020)

WooCommerce offers a great platform to sell products online, and thanks to its cost effective nature, it is one of the most popular options to create an online store. Letting your users and customers register on your site will help in improving customer loyalty and repeat purchases. WooCommerce offers a basic registration form that you can use to get users to register on your site. However, most users would want more elaborate options to add custom fields in registration forms. In this article, we will look into some of the best WooCommerce custom user registration fields plugins.

Custom User Registration Fields for WooCommerce

You will be able to collect more information from your customers by using custom fields on your registration forms using this plugin. The custom fields that you can add include checkboxes, dropdowns, select option, file uploads, date picker, etc. Moreover, the plugin gives you an option to include user roles in your forms so that customers themselves can choose an appropriate role. Furthermore, it gives you the flexibility to make user registration automatic or manual according to your convenience.

WooCommerce custom user registration fields plugins
This plugin helps you add unlimited fields to registration forms on your WooCommerce store.


  • Offers 14 custom fields, which you can use on your registration and signup forms.
  • Include user roles in the registration forms, and conditionally display additional fields.
  • Approve user registrations automatically or manually.
  • Automated notifications to customers and store managers.
  • Display data from registration fields on the My Account page as well as registration emails.
  • Supports other plugins that create custom user roles.

At $49, you will get a single site subscription of this plugin.


If you have a community website, this plugin will help you in creating beautiful user profiles. Along with creating profiles for your users, the plugin also offers registration forms for WordPress. In addition, you can choose what fields you want to include in the registration forms, and organize them according to your requirement. The login experience for your users will be quite interactive with this plugin. And, users be able to login with their social media profiles.

WooCommerce custom user registration fields plugins
You will be able to create frontend social profiles for users with the help of this plugin.


  • Helps you with customizable registration forms, which you can place where you want on your website.
  • Creates a great login experience for your users.
  • Intuitive admin panel that offers easy option to customize forms and fields.
  • Several features to create community websites such as user badges, content restriction, social connect, etc.
  • Several skins and icons to customize the appearance of the forms.
  • Compatible with most popular WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Multiple languages available and translation ready.

The regular license of the plugin has a price tag of $39.


You can use this plugin to create custom registration forms along with memberships and user profiles. The built-in option for creating custom user registration forms can be really helpful for WooCommerce store owners. In addition, there are several templates that will help you get started instantly after installing this plugin. Moreover, it helps to duplicate forms as well.

WooCommerce custom user registration fields plugins
ARMember is a membership plugin that will also help you in creating diverse login forms for your WooCommerce stores.


  • Helps create multiple membership models on your WooCommerce store.
  • Flexible options to restrict content to different membership levels.
  • Customize login forms with different fields.
  • Provide an option to customers to login using their social media profiles.
  • Support for email notifications.
  • Multiple payment methods and payment cycles.
  • Option to hide WordPress login.

The regular license of this plugin will cost you $49.

WooCommerce Registration Plugin

This plugin will help you add different fields to your customer registration forms. It offers several fields such as radio buttons, time and date pickers, text box, select options, file upload and more. Moreover, this plugin provides an option to show these custom fields in your checkout page as well. And based on your requirements, you can opt to display or hide the default fields of WooCommerce. Also, the plugin offers an option to allow customers to login using their social media profiles.


  • Provides you with an option of customizing user registration forms with 14 additional fields.
  • Optionally disable WooCommerce fields, and apply conditional logic to display fields.
  • Include user roles in registration forms.
  • Create new user roles.
  • Manual or automatic approval of new user registrations.
  • User friendly interface with drag and drop option to add new fields.
  • Option to display additional fields on checkout page.
  • Social login option.
  • Custom notifications and messages for user registration and approvals.

The plugin will cost you $29 for a regular license.

Profile Builder Pro

You can customize the user-facing registration, profile and login forms with the help of this plugin. Moroever, it helps you convert a WordPress page into a registration form by adding a shortcode. The GDPR compliant plugin will be all that you need to ensure complete control over user registration management on your store. Also, it provides option to restrict content as well as create and manage new user roles on your store.

WooCommerce custom user registration fields plugins
A feature-rich option, this plugin will help you create customizable login forms with an easy interface.


  • Create customizable login forms with the help of a shortcode.
  • Email confirmation step and minimum password strength enforcement during user registration to ensure security.
  • Option for automatic or manual approval of new registrations.
  • Drag and drop interface that will help you create reorganize fields effortlessly.
  • Option for customers to choose avatars for their profiles.
  • Content restriction based on user roles.
  • Support for more than 25 languages.

For a single site, you can get the Hobbyist version of the plugin at $69.

Ultimate Member

This is another plugin that offers a great list of features to create memberships and user registration options. It also offers options for user role editing and restricting content as well. However, the signature trait of this plugin is the range of visually appealing frontend features while providing versatile features in the backend. Moreover, it offers a bunch of add-ons, which will provide you with the flexibility to add only the features that you require.

WooCommerce custom user registration fields plugins
In addition to offering membership levels, you can use this plugin to create customizable login and registration forms as well.


  • Create multiple registration forms for your website.
  • Range of custom form fields available with conditional logic.
  • Approve new registrations manually or automatically.
  • Assign user roles specific to a registration form.
  • Fully customizable login form with password reset and anti spam.
  • Help users customize their user profiles on your store.
  • Create and manage user roles on your store.
  • Customizable templates for email notifications.

To get an Extensions Pass of this tool with 20 add-ons, you will have to pay $249.

User Registration

This is one of the popular WordPress registration form plugins that you can use for your website. The drag and drop form builder is extremely easy to use, and even WordPress beginners can manage it easily. In addition, you can create unlimited forms with the simple yet functional design using this plugin. In order to make forms more interactive, the pluggin allows you to create multi-part forms and also offers a customizer to make design changes. It also offers conditional logic to display specific fields.

WooCommerce custom user registration fields plugins
A feature-rich plugin, you can use this one to create multi-part forms on your WordPress site.


  • Create unique registration forms and display them anywhere on your site with the help of shortcodes.
  • User-friendly interface with drag and drop builder.
  • No limits in the number of registration forms you can create.
  • Supports multiple column layout for registration forms.
  • Email notifications for new user registration.
  • Google reCAPTCHA to avoid spam.

The Personal license of the plugin costs $69.


A simple and powerful plugin, RegistrationMagic will help you create unlimited WordPress registration forms. You will be able to create unique registration forms with specific set of fields and configuration. Moreover, it offers an overview of all form submissions with the help of a unique Form card. Interestingly, this plugin will give you a chance to analyze your forms comprehensively to improve your interactions with users.

WooCommerce custom user registration fields plugins
This is a comprehensive option among WooCommerce custom user registration fields plugins with unique features and analytics options.


  • Helps you create unique registration forms.
  • Analytics insights to improve your user registration process and enhance form conversion rate.
  • Custom registration statuses and OTP login options to provide better user experience.
  • Simple and functional user interface.
  • Dependable support.

A single site license of this plugin will cost you $89.

WP User Manager

If you are looking to create a community website, this plugin could help. The features are quite powerful, though you can set it up easily. And, you can create and display custom forms anywhere on your site, thanks to shortcodes support. Moreover, it offers custom fields and a drag and drop editor to create and organize them.

WooCommerce custom user registration fields plugins
Offering smooth integration with WooCommerce, you can use this plugin to create appealing user profiles and registration options on your store.


  • Create customizable registration forms and place them wherever required on your website with shortcode.
  • Add custom fields and organize them the way you want it.
  • Create beautiful user profiles with custom avatars.
  • Restrict content per post or page.
  • Smooth integration with WooCommerce.

The Starter version for one website is priced at $49.

Registration for WooCommerce

This is a free option that you can use to improve the default registration forms of WooCommerce. It offers simple configuration options, and offers reliable support. You will be able to collect users’ first name and last name during the registration process with this plugin. Moreover, it will enable you to have separate forms for registration and login.

WooCommerce custom user registration fields plugins
This is a simple, free option to enhance WooCommerce registration forms.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some solid options for WooCommerce custom user registration fields plugins. Leave a comment if you have a query.

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