4 Best WooCommerce DHL Express Premium Plugins for Real-time Rates and Label Printing

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Last updated - February 24, 2020

DHL Express is a leader in international shipping services. They offer services across the globe, which are quite reliable and trusted by a lot of merchants. In addition, they offer great support for small businesses that make it much easier to start the shipping process for your company. When it comes to integrating DHL Express services to your WooCommerce store, you will find quite a few solutions that you can rely on. In this article, we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce DHL Express premium plugins to display real-time shipping rates and assist in label printing.

How to create a profitable shipping strategy for your WooCommerce store?

Advantages of using DHL Express

When you dig deep into the features of DHL Express, you will find several features that might prove to be advantageous over other prominent carriers. Let’s take a quick look at some of these features before moving on to plugins.

Single point of contact

DHL offers a single point of contact to take the responsibility of your shipment door to door. This helps you be in control of your shipment all the time and saves yours from a lot of hassles normally associated with shipping. Moreover, DHL helps you track your shipments accurately at all times with their large global network. For this, DHL agents use handheld scanners to enter shipment information at various checkpoints.

Fixed prices

Unexpected charges from shipping carriers can really rock your boat when it comes to financial management. With DHL, you will face no such problems as their quoted price includes pick-up, transportation, customs clearance and delivery of the shipment to the doorstep. As the charges are stated upfront, you won’t have to worry about getting charged later with some hidden costs.

Better management of international rates

DHL charges the import express charges in your currency irrespective of the currency of the destination. This saves you a lot from the risks of the volatile currency exchange rates. When you know what you are paying before confirming a service, you take decisions more assuredly.

Easy International Imports

With the help of DHL Import Express, you can use the same account to import products from over 200 countries. This will give you a lot of flexibility in procuring products, and make it easier to manage the accounts. Moreover, the full-itemized invoice helps you manage imports in an easier and time efficient manner.

1. ELEX WooCommerce DHL Express / eCommerce / Paket Shipping Plugin with Print Label

This plugin is one of the best ways to integrate multiple DHL services to your WooCommerce store. More importantly, ELEX (previously XAdapter) is listed as an official partner on the DHL website. Primarily, the plugin helps you integrate DHL Express shipping services to your WooCommerce. This is through options to display real-time rate, print shipping labels, automatic packaging assistance, and shipment tracking. It will work in all countries, where DHL works.

The plugin helps integrate DHL Express to your WooCommerce store seamlessly.

Primarily, the plugin helps you display real-time shipping rates based on the product weight, shipping destination, box dimensions, etc. If you already have negotiated rates with DHL, you can choose to display those. You will be able to enable or disable specific services or choose to rename them. The plugin also allows you to add extra costs to a service if you wish to do that.

In addition, you can generate and print shipping labels, for which the postage will be automatically paid from your DHL account. The plugin also provides tracking information, which will be added to order notes, or will be sent to customers in the order completion emails. From the order edit page, you can create return labels as well with the plugin. Furthermore, it helps you enable insurance with currency conversion option and also helps you switch between live and test modes.

You will also find options for DHL Paket and DHL eCommerce. The plugin is available for purchase at $79 for a single site license. The 5-site license would cost you $109 and the 25-site license $199.

2. WooCommerce DHL Express Shipping Plugin

With the help of this plugin, you will be able to integrate DHL Express to your WooCommerce store. You can generate shipping labels from your store’s backend without hassles. The plugin also provides added features like address verification and insurance. However, please note this plugin requires you to have an EasyPost account to work smoothly. For each label that you generate, you pay 5¢ to EasyPost; there are no other fees you have to pay to access the EasyPost API.

The plugin helps to print DHL shipping labels by integrating with the EasyPost API.

By using this plugin, you can make sure that you are getting the lowest rates, and the best customer support. For a single site license of this plugin, you will have to spend $59. The 5-site license is available for $110 and the 15-site license at $250.

3. DHL WooCommerce Plugin

If you are doing business in Nordic countries, this plugin could be relevant to you. This plugin helps you integrate your WooCommerce store with DHL and other carriers. It helps you transfer data that contains customer and shipping information. As soon as an order is placed on your store, it creates a freight note in Unifaun. As per the Unifaun website, DHL multi-shipping is handled by Unifaun in Nordic countries as it is the local carrier.

The advantage of using this plugin would be that it helps you automate your complete logistics flow. This means you will be able to save a lot of time required otherwise for manual efforts. The plugin provides an option to choose between manual and automatic sync of relevant data to Unifaun after customers place orders on your store. This plugin is developed by Wetail.

4. Shippo

You can use Shippo to access multiple carriers for your shipping needs. In fact, using Shippo, you will be able to find the best shipping options from carriers like USPS, DH, and FedEx. You need to create a Shippo account, which is free without any charges for signup. However, for every label that you print, you will be charged 5¢ by Shippo. Moreover, you can even print shipping labels for free for the first 90 days after registration.

Shippo offer dependable shipment tracking with address validation and automatic order importing. You will also find convenient features like scan-based return labels, international customs forms, shipping insurance, etc.

You will find a seamless integration between Shippo and WooCommerce. Once integrated, you can import your order details to Shippo through this integration. And, when you create a label on Shippo, it provides tracking code and other information back to your WooCommerce store. Basically, any changes on your WooCommerce site, including address details or order information, will get reflected in Shippo too.

A free option from WordPress Plugin repository

All the DHL WooCommerce integrations that we have discussed in this article are all premium options. Now, let’s look at a free option too, which you can download from the WordPress plugin repository. Please note, this one offers integrations with DHL Paket and DHL eCommerce.

DHL for WooCommerce

This plugin helps you print DHL labels for domestic and international shipping needs through DHL Paket and DHL eCommerce. It will create tracking codes automatically for the shipping labels that you create. Moreover, it facilitates additional services like visual age check by DHL Paket, or cash on delivery in select countries by DHL eCommerce. Options like customers specifying the time and location of delivery, are also supported with this plugin.

This is the official integration of DHL for WooCommerce for services under DHL Paket and DHL eCommerce

Moreover, you can customize specific DHL services by changing their names or adding additional handling charges. It also gives you a chance to delete or print the labels again, in cases where there is trouble with the printing process.

Why DHL is preferred by small businesses across the globe?

DHL is preferred by a lot of small businesses across the world. This is due to some of the specific advantages that it offers to these businesses. Let’s take a quick look at some of these aspects that make DHL a reliable partner to small businesses particularly.

Convenient options

A lot of businesses prefer DHL solutions due to the relative ease they experience in managing their shipping requirements. DHL offers great help in choosing the right service based on the specific shipping requirements of a business. This provides a lot of assurance to small business owners who are cautious with their financial investments. Moreover, for international destinations, DHL offers great support in customs handling. The tracking options they offer too are top notch, as shippers are always aware of the whereabouts of their packages.


Over the years, DHL has developed to become one of the most reliable names among shipping carriers. Their network ranges to over 220 countries, with approximately 2.6 million customers. More importantly, the real time shipment management process of DHL assures merchants to continuously rely on them. DHL continuously monitors the shipping process and rectifies any troubles pretty quickly.

Flexible payment options

DHL offers several payment options that will help you be in control over your business all the time. From a small business owner’s perspective, this is extremely useful to save time and efforts. When you have a DHL account, you will find the regular invoicing options really beneficial too.

Helpful with international shipping

DHL helps a lot in addressing the challenges of shipping internationally. It can help equally in global customs handling as well as in managing local export and import requirements.

Use premium WooCommerce DHL Express plugins for integrations

You might have got a fair idea of why DHL is a preferred shipping option for several online merchants. If you are maintaining your eCommerce store on WooCommerce, and you need a tool to integrate, you will a few good options. Hope you got a solid idea on the best WooCommerce DHL Express plugins through this article. Please leave a comment if you have a specific insight to share about DHL WooCommerce integration.

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