8 Best WooCommerce Image Zoom Plugins (2024)

WooCommerce Image Zoom Plugins

Last updated - January 19, 2024

An eCommerce store should offer a detailed view of products to customers. For certain products, the purchase decision is influenced primarily based on the product image. WooCommerce offers decent options to display product images. However, if you want to enhance the image display to offer a better viewing experience for your customers, there are plugins for that. In this article, we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce Image Zoom plugins that you can use.

Product Image Zoom Plugin for WooCommerce

This plugin will help your customers view your product features in great detail. Along with image zoom, you will also find lightbox option and 360 degree rotating image. All this will help your customers take a good look at your product before deciding whether they want to click the purchase button. Overall, greater attention to product image features will make your site be more engaging for customers. Consequently, it will have a positive impact on your conversion rate as well.

WooCommerce Image Zoom Plugins
This plugin will enhance your product image display with magnifier, lightbox and 360 degree image rotation.

When you first install this product, all your products will be automatically enabled for the image enhancement features of the plugin. However, you can create exceptions for products or categories as you wish. For the magnifier, you can customize different types as well as animations from the available options. Also note, to enable 360 degree rotation of the product, you need to use 360 degree images. The single site subscription of this plugin will cost you $49.

YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier

Even the minutest details of your product can be presented to your customers using this popular option among WooCommerce image zoom plugins. Magnified images will help customers to understand specific details of certain products, which normal images could not. By helping customers understand the nuances of your products, you are essentially improving conversions and reducing chances of returns. Moreover, with the help of this plugin, customers will be able to look at a product from different perspectives as well.

WooCommerce Image Zoom Plugins
With the YITH Zoom Magnifier plugin, you will be able to apply customizable image zoom options for all your products or only for selected ones.

The plugin gives you the flexibility to place the zoom box according to the layout of your store. You can selectively disable certain products or categories from using this feature. Moreover, you can also display a slider with image thumbnails using this plugin. Also you can customize what all elements you need to display on the image slider. The plugin is compatible with WPML and offers integrations with several other popular YITH plugins. For a single site subscription of this product, you will have to pay $59.99.

WP Image Zoom Pro

With diverse configuration options, this is one of the most recommended options among WooCommerce image zoom plugins. It is a responsive option that will let you present your products with great detailing to your customers. Along with a mouse wheel zoom option, the plugin will also help you change the position of the zoom window.

WooCommerce Image Zoom Plugins
Loaded with great features, this plugin will help you display your products in the best manner possible.

The plugin works great with WooCommerce variations and offers great adaptability when customers shift from one variation to another. If you have a portfolio page, you can use this plugin to magnify all the image displayed there. The plugin is fully compatible with several popular solutions in the WordPress ecosystem and will help you offer a superior experience to your customers. Moreover, if you find any conflict with a theme they are using, the support team will help you in finding a solution quickly. The Personal plan with automatic updates and dependable support will cost you $78.90.

WooCommerce Zoomifier

This plugin provides you with a zoom option, lightbox and a customizable slider to display images on your WooCommerce store. Your customers will be happier when they try to understand your products, and also will be more certain with their purchase decisions, thanks to this plugin. The plugin is fully customizable and is mobile friendly. Moreover, it supports variable products as well as translations.

WooCommerce Image Zoom Plugins
Enhance the user experience on your WooCommerce store with the help of several advanced image zoom features.

More importantly, the plugin offers a very smooth magnifying experience with a range of advanced features. It offers different cursor types and zoom types, along with several options to customize the position and size of the zoom container. You can also customize the lightbox and slider with different features to make it suitable to the overall design language of your website. The plugin will definitely help in making your site more customer friendly and also gives it a professional outlook.

WooCommerce Product Zoom Slider

This plugin offers two different approaches to magnify product images on your store – click to zoom and hover to zoom. It offers an asynchronous progressive loading of images to ensure the best user experience on your website. By default, the plugin offers the click to zoom option, which several popular eCommerce companies use. You can choose the hover to zoom option, if you notice it is more popular with your customer base.

WooCommerce Image Zoom Plugins
This plugin will provide you options to apply diverse zoom effects on your WooCommerce store, so that your customers can have a better understanding of your product features.

The plugin offers vertical and horizontal scroll for image galleries, which again is something you can choose according to your preference. Moreover, the latest updates of the plugin comes with an option to modify the size of thumbnail images from your WordPress admin itself. The plugin is quite easy to install, and has user friendly configuration options that even a new user of WordPress can easily manage. It is mobile friendly and is compatible with most popular themes in the WordPress ecosystem. Furthermore, the reliable support team will assist you quickly with any issues, and is always willing to take your feedback in adding new features. You will have to spend $159 to get a regular license of this plugin.

Mega Zoom & Pan Image Viewer WordPress Plugin

Several types of eCommerce store rely on high resolution images to display product features. Car sites, clothing stores, fashion boutiques, etc., would want to display the best possible images on their stores. This plugin offers several options to let you showcase your products in the best possible manner. Some of the display and customization features of this plugin includes zoom, scroll bar, markers, etc. You will get three display types with the plugin – full screen, responsive and lightbox.

WooCommerce Image Zoom Plugins
This is a feature rich option to set up zoom effects on your product images to make them more customer friendly.

It also offers a customizable control buttons bar, which you can place as per your requirement. Moreover, you can change the order of these buttons or disable them altogether. Another interesting feature is the optional arrow buttons that let customers rotate the image to get a clear perspective from all directions. The plugin is quite easy to install and you can configure it to different zoom levels as per your need. You can refer to the detailed documentation to understand all the features of the plugin. The regular license will cost you $49.

Zoom Magnifier for WooCommerce

With the help of this plugin, you can let your customers take a closer look at your products with the help of image zoom option. You can place the zoom option in the image box itself or as a separate option beside the image. The plugin offers an option to disable the zoom magnification option for selected products or categories. It is mobile friendly and provides you an option to magnify images on users smartphones as well. Moreover, the plugin offers an option to set the height and width of the zoom box. Furthermore, it also offers support for multiple languages. For a single site license of this plugin, you will have to spend close to $35.

Best WooCommerce Image Zoom plugins
Zoom Magnifier provides you simple options to let your customers view your products in close detail.

WPB WooCommerce Image Zoom Pro

This is another plugin that offers customizable options for image zoom along with product slider options. In addition, you can also use two styles of zoom lens as well. Moreover, the color of the zoom lens is also customizable. Also, the plugin offers zoom option for product gallery images as well. As you have seen with several other plugins in this list, the plugin gives you a chance to exclude specific products or categories from the zoom option. Also, you will find support for product variations.

WooCommerce Image Zoom plugins
This plugin has simple settings and powerful features to help you showcase your products effectively on your WooCommerce store.

The plugin is quite easy to install and configure. It has several options to add different visual effects while setting up the zoom option. If you need any help in configuring, there is video documentation as well as free support. The price of a single site license is $29.

Hopefully, this article offered a glimpse into the features of some of the best WooCommerce Image Zoom plugins. Leave us a comment if you have a query.

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