7 Best WooCommerce Product Import Plugins (2024) Includes Videos

Product Import Plugins

What is a WooCommerce website without a dedicated product page? To launch an ecommerce site, it is necessary to bring a structured and comprehensive product page into the picture.

While it’s possible to use the default WooCommerce settings to import products, having dedicated product import plugins can make the setup way easier.

As the number of products grows, and you need to list out products uniquely, you might need to install plugins to get the job done proactively. Doing single product entry one by one may not be that easy and with plugins in play, you can have multiple features at your disposal to make the import easy.

Here, this blog will introduce you to 7 different plugins and if you have just started with your ecommerce business, we have a little something for you too without the need to pay. 

Well, let’s move on.

What are Product-Import Plugins?

To streamline your inventory management in your ecommerce store and to add a distinct set of products without any hassle, you will need the help of a product-import plugin.

To import product data from your database or another store to your WooCommerce store using product import plugins, you will need them in CSV, XML, Excel, or TXT format. 

Importance of Product Import Plugins for WooCommerce

Adding a product import plugin to your ecommerce site comes with a lot of perks, like:

Increase in Efficiency

In an ecommerce store, you will not just have a handful of products. There’s going to be a huge list of products that come under different categories and criteria. Using a plugin will simplify manual entry. Automation saves time and simplifies product catalog updates.

Lower chances of errors

It is humane to make mistakes when data is being manually entered from one space to another. With the use of product import plugins, as the process becomes easier, it will also help bring down the chances of errors like errors in pricing, miscategorizing products, etc.

Brings flexibility and customization

Product import plugins help import data from multiple data formats into your WooCommerce store. This gives you the ability to store data in formats like TXT, CSV, XML, etc. Customization is also possible depending on the plugin you have chosen for your business niche.

Ensures Scalability

Businesses are always in a state of flux. As it scales up, leveraging the benefits of product import plugins will be ideal. The operations are bound to get more complex and hence it will be ideal to have the plugin in hand to make the process as streamlined and quick as possible.

The Top Best Product Import Plugins for WooCommerce

Product Import Export for WooCommerce


Developer: WebToffee

This product import plugin brings a lot to the table, making it a lifesaver for your ecommerce store. It helps migrate product data to your store in CSV, XML, Excel, and TSV files. The plugin has over 90000 active installations and if it doesn’t work for you; you have got yourself a 30-day buy-back guarantee. 

Some features are:

  • Facilitates effortless migration of products
  • Import of images along with custom metadata
  • Support multiple formats like CSV, XML, TSV, and Excel files
  • Auto-generation of product descriptions from ChatGPT
  • Schedule automated import/export using FTP/SFTP profiles
  • Bulk edit and modify products while importing

For a single site, the price comes to $69.

WP All Import

wP all import

Developer: Soflyy

Most of us are too lazy to transfer data from one database to another. Even with a plugin, some processes need to be followed. What if I say that you can transfer data to your WooCommerce store with just drag and drop? Yes, WP All Import provides you with just that. Another positive is that you can import files of larger sizes easily with the product import plugin to your ecommerce store.

Some Features:

  • A developer-friendly plugin that helps to write and test PHP codes when setting up your import.
  • Helps import not just products but also data regarding customers, categories, images, etc.
  • The imports can run scheduled timings automatically.

The pricing package starts at $169.

WP Import Export

wP import export

Developer: VJInfotech

An all-in-one solution for all your import and export requirements. The plugin can run in the background, allowing the user to do multiple tasks at the same time. The product import plugin also gives you the benefit of pause and resume, which helps in not losing the imported data when you pause the transfer for a while. 

Some features are:

  • Multiple format support
  • Support to pause and resume import of data
  • Powerful filters that help filter all kinds of data
  • Import log available for debugging data
  • 17+ AddOns builtin

You can purchase this product import plugin for $249

Product CSV Import Suite


Developer: WooCommerce

Creating and updating products manually is a tiresome process and look no further as WooCommerce presents you itself with the Product CSV Import Suite. You can import thousands of products all at once. 

Some features are:

  • Works with WooCommerce Product Vendors, WooCommerce Subscriptions, Google Product Feed, etc.
  • Update custom product fields of several products simultaneously.
  • Import data into custom taxonomies.

This product import plugin is priced at $59/year.

WooCommerce Product Import Deluxe


Developer: VisserLabs

Uploading products to the ecommerce site has never been this easy. This product import plugin gives you the benefit of importing multiple file types. All you have to do is upload the spreadsheet with the product data and the plugin will handle the rest.

Some features are:

  • Native WooCommerce fields & custom field importing
  • Product attribute control support
  • Import Product Data: Simple, External, Variable, Variations

Pricing will come to $79.

Import Export Suite for WooCommerce


Developer: WebToffee

This is a complete import and export suite for WooCommerce, where you can migrate product data and data related to customers, orders, reviews, coupons, subscriptions, etc.

The plugin supports all the default fields of WooCommerce custom fields and hidden metadata. It supports CSV and XML file formats and also aids in automating update schedules.

Furthermore, the plugin also offers convenient filters enabling you to choose the data you want to move selectively.

Some features are:

  • Easily manage the migration of products, customers, orders, coupons, reviews, and subscriptions.
  • Filters to help you choose what data to migrate.
  • Automate update schedules.
  • Import data via FTP/SFTP, URL, and local storage.
  • Bulk update options.
  • Support XML and CSV formats.

The price of this plugin suite is $129.

WooCommerce CSV Import Plugin


Developer: Extendons 

To simplify your product management at your ecommerce site, use the WooCommerce CSV Import plugin. In a single click, not just products, you can import everything that concerns your WooCommerce store. 

Some features are:

  • Import all or specific product categories and criteria
  • Set minimum and maximum entries for import
  • Uses PHP Excel library for product import

The pricing is just $25.

Final Wrap

When it comes to seamless handling of your ecommerce business, it’s best to take the help of different plugins that are available in the market to make your business easy. Product import plugins help you from being entangled with a mess that is otherwise created when done manually. Make use of these plugins and help yourself with less complicated ecommerce store management.


  1. What are product import plugins for WooCommerce?
    Product import plugins are nothing plugins that help in importing product data to your ecommerce site without the hassle of adding it manually and with additional features of segregating based on different criteria and categories.
  2. Why should I use a product import plugin?
    Using a product import plugin will help you in making the transfer fast as well as help in reducing the errors that may usually occur while doing it manually.
  3. Are product import plugins compatible with all WooCommerce themes?
    Most product import plugins are compatible with almost all WooCommerce themes. To know it precisely, you can make use of the customer support of each product-import plugin.
  4. Can I import product images with these plugins?
    Yes, most of the plugins support this feature.
  5. Are there free product import plugins available for WooCommerce?
    WP All Import and Product Import Export by WebToffee provides the basic version of their plugin. But, mind you, the product import plugins will only have limited features.

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