8 Best WooCommerce Product Recommendations Plugins (2020)

Product Recommendations

Product recommendations have great power to improve your sales figures. According to studies a significant percentage of purchases that happen on eCommerce is through product recommendations. For an eCommerce store owner, it is important to optimize the the strategy to recommend products. If you have a WooCommerce store how will you manage product promotions and suggestions? In this article, we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce product recommendations plugins that will help you boost sales on your online store.

The default option of WooCommerce

WooCommerce, by default, offers an option to create product recommendations. In the individual product settings page, you can add multiple products as Upsells and Cross-sells. For this, you can access the settings through Product Data > Linked Products.

Simply type the first three letters of the product name, and it will appear as recommendations in the product page.

Product recommendations
You can link upsells and cross-sells to individual products with the default WooCommerce settings.

Upsells will be displayed on the product page as ‘You may also like’.

Product recommendations
On the product page, these options will be displayed as an alternate option to the product the customer is looking at.

And cross sells will be displated on the Cart page as ‘You may be interested in’.

Product recommendations
The cross-sell products that you link will be displayed on the cart page.

WooCommerce also displays products from the same category as Related Products. However, you  won’t be able to specifically choose the products for this section.

Now, the plugins we discuss in this article will help you enhance the product recommendation strategy. They all have some features that you may not find in the default settings. Here we go…

Best WooCommerce product recommendations plugins

Take a look at some of the interesting options below:

Recommendation Engine

Instead of you manually specifying recommendations for each product, you can use this plugin to set it up automatically. Recommendation Engine will take into account factors like a customer’s view and purchase history, products bought together often, etc. The plugin will help you display these different type of recommendations as different sections. This will help to set up better linking between your products based on customer behavior. Moreover, you can encourage customers to check out more of your products.

Product recommendations
This plugin will be of great assistance to set up automatic product recommendations.


  • Display product recommendations automatically based on user parameters.
  • Create related products based on user’s view history and purchase history.
  • Also display products that are frequently bought together.
  • Two separate widgets to show related products by user’s behavior and purchase patterns.

A single site license of the plugin will cost you $79.

WooCommerce Product Recommendations

When you have a large number of categories and products, it is not easy to create relevant product recommendations. In such cases, this plugin could be a great help as it assists you in setting up effective upsells and cross-sells. With this plugin, you will have the control to place the recommendations at more than 20 different locations on your WooCommerce store. Moreover, it offers detailed analytics insights to help you optimize your marketing strategies. Furthermore, you can create upsells and cross-sells in bulk, and based on several conditions.

Product recommendations
This plugin offers diverse types of suggestions to present more products to your customers.


  • Present product recommendations in different formats to customers.
  • Options to display recommendations at different locations on your website.
  • Options to list out best sellers, top rated, and ones that are frequently bought together.
  • Provide recommendations to customers on the product pages, checkout page, or even after the purchase.
  • Offer rewards like free shipping to customers to increase order value.
  • Detailed analytics insights.

At $79, you will get a single site subscription of this plugin.

WooCommerce Products Compare

One of the features that you may have noticed in several eCommerce stores would be a product comparison option. Customers would be able to compare the features of different products and take an informed purchase decision. Moreover, this will be a good strategy to make your customers aware of some other products you have on your store. On the category page, customers will be able to simply select the products they want to compare.  In addition, you can show  the product comparison option on any other pages on your site as well.

Comparing multiple products side by side can help customers reach a purchase decision more easily.


  • Display product recommendation tables on category pages and custom locations on your store.
  • Provide detailed information on product price, ratings, descriptions, stock status, etc.
  • Encourage customers to spend more time on your store.

Purchase the plugin for $49.

Products of the Day

A great way of recommending products on your WooCommerce store would be to choose and display specific products daily. This will help you promote different products on different days depending on their popularity fluctuations. Interestingly, the plugin will help you choose and set different products for different days of the week.

Product Recommendations
You can display different products on different days as highlighted options.


  • Helps you display a product or set of products for the day on your WooCommerce store.
  • Intuitive user interface to help you assign different products to different days.
  • Option to choose between add to cart link or image thumbnails for the display.
  • Control the number of products displayed on the widget.
  • Sort the products in any order.

Get your copy of the plugin for $49.

Cart Add-ons

This plugin will help you more options to display cross-sells on your Cart page. You can define category or product specific matches to be displayed according to your store strategy. It allows you to set default options if no products are available to display according to your advanced conditions.

screenshot of Cart Add-ons to promote products
Adding product recommendations on the cart page can help a lot in increasing the average order value on your store.


  • Set up product level upsells and cross-sells on your store.
  • Define category specific or product specific display.
  • Option to set default products to display when the other conditions are not applicable.
  • Set a maximum number to display.

The plugin costs $29.


This plugin will enable you to create personalized recommendations on your WooCommerce store. It will let you suggest products to customers based on their specific behaviors and interaction patterns on your site. You will also get control to arrange the recommendations in different sections or locations. Moreover, this plugin enables you to send purchase recommendations to customers through custom email templates. You can even automate your email campaigns, and also get detailed analytics insights on the entire product strategy.

Product recommendations
This plugin makes it very easy to create personalized product recommendations on your store.


  • Recommend products according to the tastes of individual customers.
  • Display recommendations at different locations on your site.
  • Create and execute an email strategy for product recommendations.
  • Easy to use even without coding knowledge.
  • Actionable analytics insights to improve sales and revenue.
  • You can start with a free trial and later opt for a pricing plan starting from $9.99 per month.

CM Context Related Product Recommendations Plugin for WordPress

You will be able to display related products through a widget on any of your pages or posts with the help of this plugin. It will help you create a database of cross-sell products and show them as effective recommendations. The plugin offers you an option to display recommendations at the bottom of every page, or anywhere on the page by filtering specific categories. Moreover, it offers several customization options to modify the appearance of the recommendations widget.

Product recommendations
With the help of CM Product Recommendations plugin, you will be able to configure contextual terms for product suggestions.


  • Create product recommendations based on contextual terms.
  • Filter the products that you recommend by categories.
  • Widget to display recommended products at different locations on your site.
  • Customize the widget according to the page your choose to display.
  • Include an affiliate code in the product urls to earn commissions.
  • Easily export and import products from one site to another.

At $29, you can get this plugin for two sites.

Related Products for WooCommerce

This plugin will help you display recommendations on your product pages based on different parameters. You will be able to display product suggestions based on categories tags or product attributes. Depending on your choice, you can place these recommendations of pages, posts or sidebar widgets. Moreover, the plugin offers different shortcodes, which will help you choose different set of products to display.

Product recommendations
A simple option to set related products, this plugin is quite popular in the WordPress repository.


  • Display related products in different sections on your store.
  • Choose different locations to present product recommendations.
  • Shortcodes to help you manage recommendations effortlessly.

You can download the plugin for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

We hope these WooCommerce product recommendations plugins will help you create an effective strategy to promote your products. Leave us a comment if you have a query.

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