Best 7 WooCommerce Reporting and Analytics Plugins for Data-Driven Decisions

WooCommerce Reporting and Analytics Plugins

WooCommerce undoubtedly has a vibrant ecosystem of advanced analytics plugins, each designed to cater to your specific needs.

These powerful analytic plugins are Metorik, Google Analytics Dashboard for WooCommerce, and YITH WooCommerce Reports, among many more.

These plugins provide WooCommerce users with diverse features to explore and analyze critical data points, empowering businesses to optimize strategies and drive growth.

Are you looking for advanced WooCommerce reporting and analytic plugins to make data-driven decisions? Do you want to get insights on skyrocketing your sales through the roof? 

Advanced analytic plugins are native WooCommerce tools that allow you to easily track customer behaviour and product performance and assess your overall website performance efficiently. These robust analytic features of WooCommerce make it the most popular e-commerce solution. 

There are misconceptions in the market that WooCommerce analytical tools are very complicated to install or use. We need no coding skills or technical know-how to install these plugins.  In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce you to the top 7 WooCommerce Analytics and reporting plugins and discuss why these plugins are so essential for all e-commerce stores.

best WooCommerce Reporting and Analytics Plugins

Why are WooCommerce Advanced Analytics Plugins so crucial to all e-commerce stores? 

WooCommerce has a huge library of advanced tools, including themes, templates, extensions, and plugins.

WooCommerce offers both lite and pro tools. You can use these tools depending on the requirements of your e-commerce store. WooCommerce private store is designed to outperform specific tasks.

Just like that some of these plugins are designed to monitor your website performance and track your overall store progress; these are called analytic plugins.  

Analytic plugins collect and analyze data to provide insights into your WooCommerce store performance. These plugins track the basic metrics and KPIs.

With the help of this data, you can make informed decisions and drive your sales to the next level. However, this data may need to be more advanced for analysis.

To this end, you can get feature-rich WooCommerce plugins for analytics if your business demands them. Advanced analytic plugins are crucial in advanced reporting and analysis to gain insights into an e-commerce business’s overall growth. 

These metrics help you identify your best and least performing products in your sales performance evaluation so you may improve accordingly.

Secondly, analytics enable you to closely monitor your marketing campaign’s effectiveness and forecast and plan your campaigns more effectively.

Thirdly, these advanced tracking tools will allow you to understand better your customers’ shopping behavior to generate more sales and customer satisfaction.

Lastly, advanced plugins help you know the marketing trends and adapt your strategies to stay ahead of the competition. All these features of advanced analytic plugins help you understand your weaknesses, identify your potential, stay updated, make data-driven decisions, and go through the ceiling. 

Top 7 WooCommerce Reporting and Analytics Plugins

Here are the top 10 WooCommerce reporting and analytics plugins that help you gain valuable functionalities to improve your website’s overall performance:

1. Metorik

Metorik is one of the top-rated WooCommerce reporting and analytic plugins, offering remarkable features to track and analyze the WooCommerce store’s overall performance. 

This plugin helps you get real-time data on key metrics like sales, growth, revenue, and customer behavior. By installing the advanced version of this plugin, you can also get detailed product and customer reports. 

metorik analytics plugin

Metorik also enables you to provide personalized recommendations based on customer behavior and purchasing history. With the help of this plugin, you can tailor promotions more effectively and improve your customer experience to boost sales and drive growth. 

Not only this, but this amazing plugin also enables you to use segmentation options like filters, customer groups, and product categories, among many more.

This plugin keeps track of customers’ behavior and dynamic market trends to help gain valuable data-driven insights to make informed decisions. Digital marketers frequently use this analytic plugin to know the weaknesses of their previous campaigns and devise their marketing strategies more effectively.

2. Google Analytics Dashboard 

Google Analytics Dashboard for WooCommerce is also a powerful plugin offering users a simple and engaging way to analyze their Google Analytics data. 

This plugin seamlessly integrates your WooCommerce store with your Google Analytics account and allows you to measure your store’s performance using metrics like sales, revenue, and conversion rates. 

Google analytics plugins

Google Analytics Dashboard gives your website an intuitive user interface that makes your site user-friendly and easy to navigate. 

This plugin is very easy to install and use. It would help if you had no coding skills or technical expertise to make this plugin operational on your WooCommerce store.

With the help of Google Analytics Dashboard, store owners can conveniently identify and assess their data reports by date range, product category, and other segmentation options. 

Moreover, the Google Analytics Dashboard for WooCommerce also allows its users to tailor the Google dashboard to align it with their specific online business needs.

The most important that makes this plugin unique is its ability to display the most relevant data, relieving extra headaches. These features of this plugin make it the No. 1 choice of WooCommerce stores, help them draw their marketing strategies, and make them successful.

3. YITH WooCommerce Reports

YITH WooCommerce Reports is a popular reporting and analytics plugin in the WooCommerce community.

It is a comprehensive suite of powerful tools that make it fit all small and large online stores. With the help of this plugin, store owners can view tracking and analytic resorts on sales, revenue, product performance, customer behavior, and marketing trends. Businesses can select and display KPIs like sales, revenue, and conversion rates from various widgets. 

YITH Woocommerce reports

Like Google Analytics Dashboard and Metorik, YITH WooCommerce Reports also provides advanced segmentation options that enable store owners to analyze data by date range, product category, customer group, and more.

By installing this amazing analytic plugin, users identify the dynamic market trends and customer behavior to make well-informed decisions and make their marketing strategies more robust and relevant.

Furthermore, like Google Analytics Dashboard, YITH WooCommerce Reports seamlessly integrates with third-party tools like Zapier, Mailchimp, and Google Analytics for easy data-sharing. 

Not only this, the advanced version of this plugin also enables you to generate and export reports in a format that perfectly resonates with your brand.

4. WooCommerce Sales Dashboard

WooCommerce Sales Dashboard is one of the best reporting and analytics plugins ever designed by WooCommerce experts and professionals.

It is popular for a good reason. Its robust blend of powerful WooCommerce tools makes it equally beneficial for both small and large online stores. It efficiently records your sales and helps you get valuable insights to make your online marketing campaign successful.

WooCommerce sales dashboard

Installing this powerful plugin ensures an intuitive user interface and makes your website easy to manage and navigate. 

Like other analytic plugins, WooCommerce Sales Dashboard, as its name shows, presents your sales on your dashboard in very simple and intuitive language.

You need no technical know-how to install, use, and understand its format. This exceptional plugin lets you view and understand detailed reports and analytics on sales, revenue, product performance, customer behavior, and more.

Like other plugins, it also provides advanced segmentation options, enabling store owners to filter and analyze data by date range, product category, and customer group. 

5. Admin Custom Order Fields

Admin Custom Order Fields is also an excellent WooCommerce analytics plugin that enables you to make well-informed, data-driven decisions to boost your sales and stay ahead of the competition.

This powerful tool allows you to add custom fields to their website’s checkout and order pages. Admin Custom Order Fields make the checkout process simple and easy to navigate.

Admin custom order fields

Installing this amazing WooCommerce plugin allows you to collect additional information from your website visitors and use this data for internal purposes. 

Admin Custom Order Fields enhance your conversions, boost your sales, and reduce your bounce rates by simplifying your checkout process and using the visitor’s information to entice them to visit your store again.

It adds many functionalities to your website and makes it flexible to cater to the needs and preferences of all types of customers. It runs your store operations smoothly and enables custom fields to be added, including text fields, dropdown menus, and checkboxes.

This feature of Admin Custom Order Fields helps the customers streamline their order management process and leave the site after confirming their orders. Its flexibility and customization options make it an asset for small and large businesses. 

6. WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro is also among the top WooCommerce reporting and analytic plugins that integrate Google Analytics with your WooCommerce store.

It provides a comprehensive suite of powerful analytical tools that collect customer data and give valuable insights into customer behavior and market trends. This valuable data helps you make data-driven decisions.

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

The key features that make it a unique plugin are its ability to track e-commerce events, such as product views, add to cart, checkout, and purchase. The track of such events is the backbone of any store’s digital marketing campaign. 

7. Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce

Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce is a popular reporting and analytic plugin in the WooCommerce business community.

This powerful plugin allows WooCommerce businesses to export their order data from their WooCommerce store easily. Its main features are flexibility and customization options, which help WooCommerce businesses access customer data that fits their needs.

Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce

Moreover, this amazing plugin can export orders in multiple formats, including CSV, XLSX, XML, and JSON. 

By installing the advanced version of this plugin, you can easily import your order, like order date, customer name, and product name, from other systems, such as accounting software, so there is no need to transfer your data manually.

This remarkable feature of this plugin helps you make informed and data-driven decisions. 


WooCommerce Reporting and Analytics Plugins are powerful native tools for WooCommerce businesses. These amazing plugins offer you flexibility and multiple customizable options to boost your revenue and make your online business your success.

WordPress has a library of powerful plugins that make your website user-friendly and easy to navigate. These plugins offer wonderful features like customizable dashboards, in-depth reports, and analytics to help businesses gain valuable insights into customer behavior, product performance, and sales trends.

These valuable insights help you improve conversions and boost your sales to stay ahead of the competition.

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How do I view WooCommerce Analytics?

WooCommerce Analytics

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Revenue to get started.
  2. Navigate to WooCommerce > Dashboard to get started.
  3. Navigate to Analytics > Settings to change these default settings.

How do I add Analytics to WooCommerce?

Installation steps:

Go to your WordPress dashboard.
Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
Search for the desired analytics plugin.
Click “Install Now” and then “Activate.”
Follow the plugin’s setup wizard or configuration instructions provided in the documentation.

What is the best woocommerce analytics and reporting plugins?

There are many plugins for reporting and checking the analytics. The top 7 plugins are

1. Google Analytics Dashboard
2. YITH WooCommerce Reports
3. Metorik
4. WooCommerce Sales Dashboard
5. Admin Custom Order Fields
6. WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro
7. Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce

How do I choose the right WooCommerce analytics plugin for my business needs?

Consider the following:

  • Define your specific analytics and reporting needs.
  • Evaluate the features offered by different plugins.
  • Consider your budget (free vs. premium).
  • Read user reviews and testimonials.
  • Test a few plugins to see which one fits best with your workflow and requirements.

What are the best practices for using WooCommerce analytics to grow my business?

Best practices include:

  • Regularly reviewing sales and customer reports to identify trends.
  • Using customer segmentation to tailor marketing efforts.
  • Analyzing product performance to optimize inventory and promotions.
  • Setting up goals and tracking conversions to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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