7 Best WooCommerce Roles & Permissions Plugins (2024)

Last updated - January 20, 2024

User management is one of the concerns of a website owner. WordPress offers a functional user management option that allows you to manage capabilities of each user. When it WooCommerce, user roles provides great scope in store management and personalized pricing. However, the default options of WordPress and WooCommerce user roles can be extended to achieve more complex business scenarios for an online store. In this article, we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce roles & permissions plugins that will help you make your store better. Let’s understand the features of these plugins and see how you can utilize for better user experience.

Roles & Permissions for WooCommerce

One of the advantages of WooCommerce is that it is flexible to help you create a store suiting your business model. If you are creating a B2B store using WooCommerce, this plugin could be really helpful to manage capabilities of both store managers as well as customers. In a B2B store, it is often the case that customers need to provide different access levels within their team. In such scenarios, this plugin could be extremely helpful.

WooCommerce Roles & Permissions Plugins
If you want to provide different access levels to a B2B customer account, this plugin will be a great option you can try out.

So, instead of the general customer account, you can create a customer account for the company itself, which will have different layers of access. Based on the role of an individual user in a company account, they will have different permissions and capabilities. So the company’s admins or owners will be able to control how different users will be able to access the store. For example, they will be able to provide purchase capabilities for certain users.

In addition, the plugin offers detailed reporting features as well. The single site subscription of this plugin will cost $99.

Groups for WooCommerce

When you want to control capabilities on your WooCommerce store, you can try this plugin. The plugin will help you assign customers automatically to groups based on their purchase. It helps you create memberships on your store, and let customers selectively access your resources.

This plugin helps you create memberships for your customers on your site based on a product they purchase (mostly a subscription).

You have to use the plugin along with the free Groups plugin, available for download in the WordPress repository. This free plugin lets you use the existing capabilities of WordPress as well as create custom ones for groups. The capabilities that you assign to a group will be automatically assigned to members in that group as well. Overall, this will help you control how users access your posts and pages. For example, you can provide access to a particular post only to one group, and anyone not part of that will not be able to access that post.

User Role Editor

You will be able to upgrade the user role management option on your WordPress site using this plugin. It allows you to create new roles and assign varied capabilities selectively to these roles. Moreover, you will be able to edit existing roles if you require to modify their capabilities. You can use the free version of the User Role Editor plugin, which provides different capabilities, though the pro version comes with a lot of advanced features extra.

WooCommerce Roles & Permissions plugins
This plugin is a powerful option among WooCommerce Roles & Permissions plugins to help you create and modify WordPress user roles on your store.

The pro version helps you create extensive content restrictions where different users will have different access to posts and pages based on their IDs, categories, etc. Similarly, you can selectively display menu items, or block editing capabilities for specific users. The plugin also provides shortcodes to help you manage content restriction for selected roles. Also, with the premium plugin, the interface will be advertisement free and you will get privilege support.

There are different types of licenses available for this plugin with the Personal option starting at $29.

PublishPress Capabilities Pro

This plugin will help you manage how different users will be able to handle permissions to access WordPress posts, pages, media, etc. It will let you create and edit user roles and allot varied permissions for each role. Moreover, the plugin helps you to easily migrate roles and permissions from one site to another.

WooCommerce Roles & Permissions plugins
For each of the user roles on your WordPress site, you will be able to selectively assign capabilities.

By default, you won’t be able to change the capabilities of user roles on your site. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to modify permissions for each of the user roles on your store. In addition, you can create new roles or copy an existing user role already available on your store. Roles can be added to a single site or to an entire multisite network. Overall, you will have excellent control over how different users will be able to access content on the site.

Capabilities has a popular free version. The Pro version is compatible with the custom statuses created by other plugins such as PublishPress Permissions. This means it will let you allow selective access for user roles to assign posts to one of the custom statuses. Also, you will get priority support with the Pro version, which has a starting price of $59.

MemberPress Members Plugin

Generally, the default capabilities of WordPress user roles can be modified through coding. However, this plugin will help you make modifications to WordPress user roles without the need to write code. As a result, you will have better control over WordPress user roles and different capabilities of users. You will be able to create new user roles as well as edit existing ones or delete them. Also, you can selectively assign capabilities for each of the user roles.

WooCommerce Roles & permissions plugins
This is a free plugin that will help you create new user roles as well as edit and modify existing ones.

The plugin gives you the flexibility to assign multiple roles to the same user and selectively remove the capabilities from any user role. It also offers shortcodes to define content access, and widgets to display user data and login form on the sidebar. You can use this plugin to create a private store as well. The plugin offers seamless integrations with several other plugins and helps you with different use cases. Furthermore, the plugin will also help you create a private store as well. You can download the plugin for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

PublishPress Permissions

If you are looking for an advanced plugin to help with setting up content permissions on your site, this plugin could help. You will be able to set up custom viewing access for posts and categories based on users or user roles. For any specific post or custom post type, you can decide who will be able to view it. Similarly, you can control editing rights as well for any of your posts, custom post type, category, tag, etc.

WooCommerce Roles & Permissions plugins
You will be able to control how different users view, edit and create content on your site.

In addition, you can use this plugin to control content creation rights on your site as well. Another interesting feature of this plugin is that it helps you create user groups. Instead of creating a separate user role and assigning user individually, you can add users to a group and provide a custom permission. This will reduce a lot of manual work on your store. Also, the plugin helps you provide restricted access to media library as well as content snippets. The plugin has another feature to create custom statuses for your posts and assign permissions selectively.

For $59, you can get the Business version of the plugin.

Advanced Access Manager

This is a comprehensive option to help you control varied aspects of your site. You will be able to control the access to your site based on specific users or user roles. It also allows restrictions based on whether a user is registered or just a guest user. The plugin is quite flexible for customization, and developers can easily make code-level modifications with hooks available. Moreover, the intuitive user interface will help you set up different levels of user control effortlessly. The basic plugin is free to download in the WordPress plugin repository.For additional features, you can get separate add-ons depending on your requirement.

WooCommerce Roles & Permissions plugins
A comprehensive option, this plugin offers great control to manage access and permissions to your WordPress resources.

One of the basic features of the plugin is that you will be able to control who has what access to your WordPress admin. It also allows you to manage all WordPress user roles and permissions along with an option to create temporary user accounts. You can provide selective access to your content with a premium add-on. The plugin offers several option to create restricted content access based on page url, user’s IP address or even the referring domain. Overall, this is a great option to control access to your WordPress site resources.

Add-ons are available starting from $39.

Hopefully, this article has helped you know more about some of the best WooCommerce Roles & Permissions Plugins. Leave a comment if you have a query.

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