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Last updated - October 28, 2021

If you have decided to create a new website, WordPress will be one of the obvious choices. This is due to the fact that WordPress is hugely popular around the world, and is cost effective and relatively easy to set up. Now, if you are an absolute newcomer to the world of WordPress, how will you take your first steps? In this article, we will present a few WordPress tutorials that will be quite helpful for absolute beginners of WordPress.

WordPress Codex

WordPress Codex is one of the most comprehensive resources for a beginner. You will find a detailed documentation of different aspects related to WordPress here. There are documents to help you understand how to use WordPress, and also how to handle plugins, and themes. Furthermore, you will find information on security aspects, fixing bugs, and also about contributing to WordPress. If you are a serious learner of WordPress, you cannot miss WordPress Codex.

WordPress Codex is a great resource to get basic to advanced knowledge on core WordPress.

WordPress Basics – Simply Explained (PDF eBook)

If you are looking for a simple introduction to WordPress detailing all the basic concepts, LearnWoo’s PDF eBook on WordPress basics could be really helpful. We have tried to keep it really simple for absolute beginners of WordPress, and have included all the essential aspects to get you started with a new website. In addition, you will get step-by-step instructions to integrate WooCommerce, and to get your online store up and running in no time. The tutorial also covers basic SEO, marketing, security and performance aspects of a WordPress site as well.

LearnWoo’s WordPress basics tutorial helps a lot in setting up an eCommerce store using WordPress.


WPBeginner is one of the most popular resources to know about WordPress concepts and customizations. For a WordPress newcomer, the tutorials and guides offered by WPBeginner will be extremely helpful. You can get help with starting a site, an online store, or a even a simple blog from WPBeginner’s vast resources. In addition, you will find advice on finding the right hosting solution, SEO tips, performance optimization tools, etc.

WPBeginner offers a downloadable toolkit that covers a lot of WordPress products and resources.

WP 101

If you are looking for professional WordPress training videos, look no further than WP101. There is a wide range of seamlessly edited videos to help you understand all the essentials of WordPress. You can find a wide range of courses to get your fundamentals right. After that, you can proceed to more advanced courses as per your special requirements. You will find more specialized courses on WooCommerce, Jetpack, Yoast, etc., as well.

WP101 offers professional courses to help beginners learn WordPress conveniently.

The Tao of WordPress

The Tao of WordPress is a comprehensive guide to help you learn WordPress thoroughly and methodically. It offers all the basic knowledge that one requires to understand WordPress, such as hosting, plugins, themes, etc. In addition, you will find a lot of examples and use cases to understand the scope of customization of WordPress. It also includes several interesting tips, concise notes and links to external resources.

With the Tao of WordPress ebook, you will get a responsive WordPress theme as well.

WP Apprentice

There are several courses available for beginners of WordPress on the WP Apprentice site. You can try the WordPress essentials to get a basic understanding of getting started with WordPress and also to understand how to organize your website. Once you have a basic understanding of WordPress, you can try out their different advanced modules aimed for eCommerce development and design aspects.

You can get your WordPress basics right with the WordPress Essentials course of WP Apprentice.

WP Kube

WPKube offers a “complete beginners guide”, if you are looking for a simple WordPress tutorial. This tutorial covers the fundamentals of WordPress right from selecting a hosting plan to customizing your site’s functionality with plugins. The site also offers a range of guides and articles on different related categories such as themes, plugins, security, etc. You can also understand the different aspects behind choosing the right hosting plan for your site as well.

There are several guides, tutorials and articles on WPKube to help you in your WordPress journey.

How to make a website – WebsiteSetup

WebsiteSetup is a popular resource for new website owners and those who are planning to get started with a website. They have a simple, step-by-step guide to help absolute beginners understand the basic steps to create a website. It takes you through the fundamental aspects of site building such as choosing a platform, selecting a domain and host, and tweak the site design. You can consult with the author through email for any doubts or issues you may be facing while setting up your site.

If a simple and easy-to-follow guide is what you are looking for, WebsiteSetup will be a great option.

Hostinger WordPress Tutorial

Hostinger offers a comprehensive WordPress tutorial that could be helpful for beginners to get started with WordPress. You will be able to understand all the basic aspects right from installing WordPress to optimizing site performance. In addition, you will find guides that will help you familiarize yourselves with other CMS such as Drupal, Joomla, etc. Furthermore, you can find video tutorials and webinars as well.

Apart from offering some of the best hosting services, Hostinger also offers informational tutorials on WordPress and other content management systems.

WordPress TV

WordPress TV is an Automattic production, and is a great resource for WordPress training videos. You will find guides and helpful use cases suitable for beginners and experts here. Some of the useful videos for website owners that you will find here are on topics such as design, keyword research, social media marketing, etc. In addition, you can find a lot of videos related to WordCamps. You will also find several business owners sharing their experiences here.

WordPress TV is a popular resource for WordPress related topics and business insights.

We hope these WordPress tutorials will help you in setting up your first website. If you have any queries or concerns, do let us know in the below comments field.

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