Better Conversions on Shopify with Facebook Ads and Email Marketing

Facebook ads and email marketing

Last updated - February 24, 2020

Everything is changing, especially in business industries. You might be using one successful strategy for several years, but all of a sudden, it turns out that a new law prohibits using this technique. Such changes happen in marketing industries all the time. Today Google shows your article in top results as it has all the relevant requests, but tomorrow it turns out that you might get banned for using such a strategy.

That’s what happened to email marketing. This approach has been overtaken by other, more effective strategies, including SEO. It seems that email marketing is no longer effective as it used to be. Email marketing was always good at driving a constant stream of traffic to the website. It means that it was supplying businesses with new clients. But today this strategy alone won’t work.

Smart people always try to make the best out of several useful things. If you manage to apply the most valuable features from email marketing and combine them with the most effective features of Facebook advertising, you will receive the best results. In this article, we will reveal some tricks that will help you to combine Facebook and email marketing for better conversion.

Build Customer List for Email Marketing at Shopify

If you are dreaming of a big campaign, you don’t necessarily have to be rich. With the help of a popular online shopping Platform Shopify, Facebook, and email, you can build up a successful business from your home. The key to selling stuff well is understanding the requirements of your clients. Email marketing is the tools that will allow you to establish good contact with your new customers and keep your regular clients satisfied. Smartly created emails with offers and discounts will make better engagement which will benefit your business. 

Shopify allows people from all over the world to develop their web stores to promote, sell, and ship all kinds of products so it is one of the best ways to start marketing on the Internet. Shopify doesn’t require you to invest a lot of money to advertise your products. So you can save money on advertising your Shopify stuff via Facebook. There is an opportunity to advertise your products from Shopify via Facebook. Once your sales channel is set up on Facebook, it creates a Shop section that displays your Shopify products.

WooCommerce vs Shopify
Shopify offers multiple pricing tiers according to your requirements.

Also, Shopify provides access to technical support through phone, live chat, or email. Self-help options are available at the platform. It offers a low startup cost, easy-to-use interface and various features to work with admin panel, add products, edit information, create discounts and process orders. So, this is another option for your startup that doesn’t require big investments and can be successfully advertised via the biggest social media.  

Combining the Best Features from Facebook Ads and Email Marketing

The best strategy is to increase the database of users by using Facebook paid advertising. You will gain leads to your website thanks to the paid advertising. This type of ad guarantees you a flow of new customers that are interested in your products – otherwise, they wouldn’t visit your website. The next step is to create a stronger bond with these users by using email marketing. As a result, new users who visit your site are converted into regular customers.

Advantages of Facebook Paid Advertising

What are the best features of Facebook advertising? First, Facebook has huge coverage of active users. If you are looking for customers, this social network is the place where you can get them. Another excellent feature is the ability to reach the necessary targets. You can adjust the settings of the ad to reach those people who exactly match your criteria.

Surprisingly, it’s cheap and very fast. From the moment you start your campaign, it won’t take too much time to receive the first results. And another significant advantage is that Facebook advertising is increasing your brand awareness. It’s easier for people to buy products if they are familiar with the brand.

To conclude, Facebook paid advertising grant the flow of new customers that visit your website because they are interested in what you offer. Those are not just random customers who accidentally visited your site because they were mistakenly visiting your platform. But now you have to convert these potential clients into regular customers by using simple email strategy.

Email Marketing Features

When you receive a flow of new potential clients, you get their contact information. You need to create quality email content and use it to build a stronger bond between your brand and clients. The advantage of this approach is that you target only those who are interested in what you have to offer. You won’t waste time and resources on people who eventually won’t buy your product.

Using email marketing will help you in informing your regular customers about the different products that you sell. You can create quality creative material to inform your customers about the discounts or sales you have. Marketing specialists on BackLinko advice to combine email marketing and Facebook targeting. Such an approach helps to share more content with your audience to attract more new users and retain the old ones.

How to Effectively Use These Two Strategies

Here you can find step-by-step instructions that will help you to get a better understanding of how this combination works.

Create Facebook AD

Create a Facebook ad by adding a link to the webpage you are promoting. You can change the design of this advert if the standard option does not fit your needs. For example, a standard ad includes one picture from your webpage and a heading, but you can change this picture to a video that shows the best features of your product.

Add Relevant Content

Add text to the posts. It’s better to write a very short text which is relevant to the content that you promote.

Include CTA

Before publishing your add, make sure that you’ve added a well-designed CTA-button to your banner. CTA guarantees the high conversion of your leads. This is very important since people will subscribe to your email list. It’s also important to add “learn more” and “subscribe” buttons.

Collect Emails

When your ad is published and you receive the flow of new visitors, you will also receive their email addresses. Now you can proceed with email marketing.

Create a Welcoming Letter

It’s easy enough to write a welcoming email. You just need to personalize it and add information about your product. That way your subscribers will find out what they can buy. The best idea is to create an email in which you include the most useful links so that your new customers can get started.

Track Your Customers

This means that you have to treat your customers differently. If these are new customers, send them welcoming emails. If these clients are browsing through your pages, but not buying anything, then they need emails with product-centered content so that they might make up their minds. And if these are customers who bought something, you need to make sure they receive information about sales, discounts and other special offers.

When you establish this combination, you will see that you have gain quality visitors that are willing to consider purchasing your products.

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