Cart2Cart vs LitExtension – eCommerce Site Migration Tools Comparison

Cart2Cart vs LitExtension

Last updated - September 24, 2020

If you have an eCommerce store, there can be scenarios where you want to migrate it from one platform to another. Since there are several different platforms available to run an eCommerce store, it is only natural you may want to experiment according to your evolving needs. But how will you manage the migration process if you are not an expert in web technology? In this article, we will compare two popular tools for automatic shopping cart migration – Cart2Cart vs Litextension.

We will look at some of the common aspects that come into play when you look for a cart migration solution. You should be able to understand how both solutions fare when it comes to these important parameters.

General information

First, let’s get an overview of both services.

Cart2Cart is one of the most popular solutions that will help you automatically migrate your online shop from one platform to another. It makes cart migration especially easy even for users who are not at all familiar with the technical aspects of a website. It supports a over 85 different shopping platforms, and helps you migrate a large range of eCommerce data including products, orders, customers, categories, attributes, reviews, etc. Moreover, the simple and user friendly migration wizard will help you manage the migration process quite effectively. With over 10 years in service, with over 250000 migrations to credit, Cart2Cart is clearly a leader in automatic shopping cart migration.

Cart2Cart provides round-the-clock live assistance with migration setup and any issues. Also, they have a team of sales managers ready to answer all pre-migration questions and help customers make the right decision. All you have to do is choose an automated migration or a Data Migration Package.

Cart2Cart vs Litextension
Cart2Cart is one of the most preferred solutions for easy, automated shopping cart migrations.

LitExtension is another option for automated shopping cart migration. You will be able to successfully manage a shopping cart migration within quick time using LitExtension. It supports diverse shopping platforms and data types. With LitExtension too you will be able to manage the migration process easily even if you are not really tech savvy. Moreover, if you want assistance, they provide an option for an expert personal assistant, who will handle the entire migration process.

Cart2Cart vs LitExtension
LitExtension offers automated migration services for different shopping carts.

Ease of use

For a lot of eCommerce store owners, the user friendliness of a migration tool is especially important. Let us see how Cart2Cart and LitExtension compare.

Cart2Cart is extremely easy to use even for users who don’t have advanced technical knowledge. You can simply specify the source cart url, which is your old store, and the store data that you want to migrate. Then you can specify the source cart url as well as the platform details and initiate the migration. Within a few hours, your store with all relevant data will be migrated to the new platform. That means you will be able to manage the migration with minimal time and effort. Moreover, you will find the support of a greatly user-friendly interface at all stages of setting up the migration process.

Cart2Cart vs LitExtension
Cart2Cart offers a straightforward process to set up the migration process.

LitExtension too offers a simple migration process. Just like in the case of Cart2Cart, you can specify the source and target urls, as well as the entities you want to migrate. The process is reasonably quick and requires no technical skills.

Cart2Cart vs LitExtension
LitExtension offers a simple process if you are looking for automatic shopping cart migration.


When you compare two software products, it is important to consider the feature set. Hence, we will take a detailed look at the features of both Cart2Cart and LitExtension.

Cart2Cart offers hassle-free, automated shopping cart migrations that could be really helpful for busy store owners. The main advantage of using this service is that there is no need for coding or other kind of advanced technical knowledge. Anybody can easily perform a migration without trouble. More importantly, your existing site will be up and running during the migration process. This would mean no interruption for your customers. Moreover, Cart2Cart supports over 85 different shopping carts. And, you will get a free demo migration as well as round-the-clock customer support.

Cart2Cart vs LitExtension
With a solid feature set, Cart2Cart lives up to its reputation as the migration partner of major shopping platforms.

On the other hand, LitExtension too boasts support for a large number of shopping carts. These include all the popular options like WooCommerce, Shopify, etc., as well as some of the lesser known platforms as well. It provides a demo migration option, so that you will be quite aware of the user interface and the process before initiating a migration. If you don’t have the time to go through the entire migration process, you will be able to get the service of one of their migration experts as well. Also, you can check their detailed documentation and video tutorials to get a better idea on the process.

Cart2Cart vs Litextension
Litextension promises uninterrupted uptime while the store data is getting migrated.


Here is a look at the important services offered by both tools


  • Data Migration Packages
  • Recent Data migration.
  • Remigration service.
  • Migration insurance.
  • Migration preview.
  • Import to CSV.
  • Migration from database dump.


  • CSV Files migration
  • Custom field migration.
  • Subscription migration.
  • Remigration.
  • Database dump migration.

Custom migration opportunities

Online stores will have diverse features depending on the products and target market. So while migrating your store from one platform to another, you may have some custom requirements. While analyzing cart migration tools, it is important to see how they can handle customization.

Cart2Cart provides customized services for specific cases. They will help you export data from your online store into a CSV file. This option is useful when you want to migrate from unsupported platforms. In that case, you can export store data into a CSV file and then import it to a target platform supported by Cart2Cart automatically. This will help in safer and more optimized data processing and management for your store. You can check a demo migration before performing the actual migration. The cost will be dependent on the volume of the export.

Cart2Cart vs LitExtension
You can request for migration customization after registering with Cart2Cart.

In addition, Cart2Cart also offers migration from database dump for selected shopping carts. The pricing for customization starts from $29.

LitExtension too offers customization options. You can request for shopping cart installation or to change DNS or to switch domain. The pricing for shopping cart installation is fixed at $50 for DNS change and domain switch, the cost will be $99.

Customer support

For a migration service, prompt customer support is an essential feature.

Cart2Cart offers excellent customer support over phone, email and live chat. In addition, you can opt for a range of service packages depending on the scope of your migration. You will get migration assistance and fixed hours of technical support for all their packages. In addition, you can access the services of their experts for custom consultation and to resolve your business queries. One of the definite reasons for customers going back to the migration service of Cart2Cart is obviously their reliable support team.

Cart2Cart vs LitExtension
Based on the complexity of your migration, you can choose a support service package from Cart2Cart.

LitExtension offers multiple options for self service in the form of documentation and video tutorials. If you are not able to resolve an issue with your migration, they do offer an option to raise a support ticket. You will also find a live chat option on the site.

Cart2Cart vs LitExtension
For customer support, you can primarily rely on the LitExtension Help center.


Pricing is a major concern when you look to pick a software product.

Cart2Cart migration prices start from $29, and it will increase based on the volume of your data. You can perform a free demo migration to get the exact cost for your migration. They also offer different support service packages that you can choose according to your specific requirement. The advantage of choosing a data migration package will be that you will get the support of a migration expert. It means that customers get the necessary customizations and don’t handle the migration at all. You simply purchase the right package and check the results. In addition, you will get the support of an Account Manager who updates you on the progress of your migration.

Cart2Cart vs LitExtension
Cart2Cart offers reasonable pricing packages that you can choose according to your specific needs.

LitExtension charges are based on the volume of data that you want to migrate. The Basic Migration package costs starts from $19. The pricing will be different for the All-in-one service though. When we tried to find an estimate for Shopify to WooCommerce with 100 products, 100 customers and 100 orders, the Basic migration cost has come to $19, and the all-in-one service to $149. You can check their pricing page to get an estimate.

Cart2Cart vs LitExtension
You can get pricing estimates for LitExtension based on the number of entities you want to migrate.

Which one to choose?

Cart2Cart is a hugely popular name when it comes to shopping cart migration. They have been in the domain for quite a long time and offers a great range of services suitable for different stores. Moreover, a lot of popular eCommerce platforms has recommended Cart2Cart to be a recommended migration partner. And they offer dependable customer support and expert assistance to ensure that your migrations are processed efficiently. If you are looking for a well-known name to manage your shopping cart migration, you can surely opt for Cart2Cart.

LitExtension is a relatively new player to the market. They do have a range of services similar to Cart2Cart. If you want to try out a new player in the market, you can give it a try.

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