5 Ways to Do Competitor Keyword Analysis in 2024

Competitor Keyword Analysis

Last updated - January 5, 2024

Having the perfect command of the keyword analysis of all your competitors is one of the greatest advantages SEO and digital marketing professionals can have in their business. The power of matching your keywords with your competitors’ keywords will help you find the best performing or the golden keywords that would certainly help you align your strategy more aptly. 

Finding the competitor keyword game is always high, considering hundreds and hundreds of competitors using different keywords to outpace others. There are tons of tools that you can put to use to get the best analysis of your competitors’ keywords. But often, the process or strategy being made is not sufficient. But there are some game-changing ways to do so without spending hours analyzing your competitors smartly and attractively. 

Understanding Keyword Analysis of Competitors 

A competitor keyword analysis is a process of understanding what your competitors are searching for or what keywords they are using to outrank their competitors. This keyword analysis of your competitors is both for SEO and PPC campaigns, and this will also help you in getting the highest intent keywords for your business to work and get the results just in time. 

No matter what campaign you run, finding keywords through competitors’ analysis will give you the perfect results of what decisions you’d need to make and how you will outpace your competition in the industry or niche. However, despite the incredible potential it holds, generally, people are doing it the wrong way and making some of the common and obvious mistakes that must not happen in the first place. So, with this being in focus, here are some credible and proven methodologies with which you can get the perfect insights regarding what keywords your competitors are using. Moreover, you can elevate your lead generation and conversion process. 

Furthermore, in order to conduct adequate keyword research and analysis of your competitors in 2022, it is paramount to consider the mentioned factors. With this, you can make the better use of the tools and approaches right needed for your process elevation;

  • Understanding the audience beforehand is a matter of paramount importance. This will give you the perfect insight into your buyer’s persona and help you interact with your audience by using the right keywords. 
  • The other factor to consider is understanding your competitors and what they are doing to upscale their organic optimization strategy. For this, the best for you is to find the perfect competitors for your business and put in the effort. 

5 Ways to do Effective Keyword Analysis of Competitors in 2022 

Here are some of the proven ways to conduct effective and quick competitor keyword analysis for your business. 

Understand the Search Intent of Customers 

The most deadly mistake that a lot of professionals out there are making is that they are running after the high-volume keywords with the hope of getting leads and conversions. However, the actual lead generation process starts when you understand the customer search intent. For this, you need to focus on the target audience’s demographics. For example, understanding what type of questions they ask, problems they encounter, objectives they want to achieve, and the things they want to achieve. 

Determine Your Top 5 Competitors  

It is paramount to understand your competitors, at least the top 5. Now it becomes essential as there are hundreds and hundreds of businesses providing services in your industry or niche. And to find the top 5, you will need to have the following things in mind;

  • Doing competitor analysis on the limited competitors will give you the perfect idea.
  • When finding the competitors, it is pivotal to find the ones with the highest keyword intent. 
  • Look for the competitors who target the same customer base. 

Analyze Competitors URLs 

Another thing worthy of your consideration is understanding and analyzing competitors’ URLs of the top 5 competitors, which will eventually help you understand the keywords they are harnessing for their rankings. Moreover, you will be able to see all your competitors’ organic keywords, rankings, backlinks, etc. 

See Competitors Keyword Analysis Tools 

The power of competitors’ keyword analysis tool will help you make your power the most. The top 5 tools I mentioned in this write-up will eventually help give more accurate metrics than ever before. 

Identify & Pick Your Golden Keywords 

Identifying the golden keywords for your products and services will help you get the most out of your SEO efforts. It will help you drive the best visitors to your website and can produce content that is well-optimized for your competitors. Adding more, you will be able to see the keywords with great search volume that is worthy of your investment. 

5 Tools for Competitor Keyword Analysis 

According to the leading SEO Company London, here are the 5 most powerful tools for doing competitor keyword analysis;

Use Ahrefs Keyword Explorer 

The keyword explorer is an excellent tool to see all kinds of information related to your keywords and their ranking. This clearly shows the keywords that your competitors are working on or are ranked on. And with this clear understanding of your competitors, working on your organic campaigns become will undoubtedly help you elevate your rankings. 

Using Ahrefs will succinctly give you the perfect insights regarding the content, keywords, backlinks, PPC ads, and more. And hence, you can develop a fantastic strategy for your business. Here is a quick overview for your better understanding;

  • Do a Google-related search in the search bar.
  • The next step is to plug your website into Ahref’s site explorer to check the competing domains. 
  • Find all the keyword explorers to check the traffic coming from the domains report. With this, you can have an in-depth idea of the organic traffic from the searched keywords.

So, with this tool, you can have the perfect idea of which keywords you need to work on in order to get more traffic to your website. In addition, this will also help you look out for the competitors on specified topics. 

SEMRUSH Keyword Research Tool 

Here is another powerful tool for keyword research of your competitors, i.e., SEMRUSH. It gives a profound picture of multifarious topics and keywords in your specific industry. So, finding the target keywords using SEMRUSH keyword research will help you with the target keywords. Here is how you can make this possible;

  • Finding your competitors become impressively easier. You can search for the competitors using exactly the same keyword variations for their websites, which ultimately helps you understand your position with specific topics and keywords. For example, write coffee shops in Chicago or others to see who is competing with you on similar keywords. 
  •  The next step comes where you must research and gather the competitor keywords by clicking on the common keywords to navigate with the Keyword Gap Tool. Using this tool will allow you to compare target keywords with up to five other domains of your competitors. 
  • It will automatically target any common target keywords among the shared domains. Moreover, this will also allow you to export the keywords in a separate sheet of yours and thus have a perfect understanding of how you should run your process. 

Searchmetrics Suite

Searchmetrics is another amazing tool for competitive keyword analysis. The results are more inclined towards content marketing, but it also results in SEO. This amazing tool tells you the website’s position in the search and the performance of a domain in Google rankings. Further, it also highlights the keywords that are contributing to the ranking. 

Moreover, Searchmetrics has a well-performing algorithm that holistically works on matching a different set of keywords without having the need to run any additional metrics. 

What’s more exciting is that Searchmetrics will provide you with reports that automatically filter all the long-tail keywords by displaying them in a separate tab for your better view and understanding. 


SpyFu is another amazing tool that has been in the market for quite some time now. If you genuinely want the perfect insights and data on your competitors’ keywords and other SEO efforts, SpyFu is a tool for you. 

It does not matter if your competitors are aggressive or doing better than you. SpyFu will exactly give the list of all the competitors doing similar or better than the domain that you’ve entered in the search bar. For example, see this comparison of the domain I entered in SpyFu and see amazing results for yourself. 


Another new addition to the market that has been performing impeccably is Serpstat. The quality of data it shows regarding the keywords of your competitors is quite similar to SEMrsuh and SpyFu. 

You can have access to the visible pages, which gives you the perfect insight into what is happening and what could be done to better the efforts. Moreover, you can save great time and effort in exporting organic data and building pivot tables in Microsoft Excel. 

The Final Takeaway

The importance of understanding your competitors for better keyword analysis is just one-step in your overall optimization campaign. This will help you get the strategy of reaching the top on the search engine result pages. So, start doing competitor keyword analysis by following the steps and tools mentioned in the write-up.

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