5 Creative Content Marketing Ideas To Improve Online Sales on WooCommerce Store

Creative Content Marketing Ideas

Last updated - July 8, 2021

Sales online are becoming more and more common, since many people are abandoning traditional shops for everything but (and sometimes even including) essentials like groceries. Clothes, jewelry and technology are just some of the items which regularly get sold online, and consumers are regularly choosing the internet over traditional shops. So, you’ve realized this trend and moved your e-commerce business online, but, now that you’re on the world wide web, how do you boost your sales up to make them as high as possible, since the reach of the amazing platform of the internet deserves to be explored and allowed to fulfill its entire potential? Here are just five of the newest, most unique and creative ideas for improving your online sales.

1. Trustworthy/Validating Icons

One problem with the rise in popularity of e-commerce is the equal rise in online piracy and hackers, who will try to gain access to online users’ personal data in any way possible. In order to make your e-commerce website stand out as trustworthy in this sea of dodgy strangers on the internet, utilize the secure connection web address (https instead of just http) and payment secured badges from any banks or anti-virus companies that you are partnered with. Make sure that you don’t just steal badges from companies which don’t support you, however, because this could land you in lots of legal trouble, which you definitely don’t need when trying to convince customers that your website is valid.

WordPress vulnerabilities

2. Videos

If a customer sees a video, then nine times out of ten they’re already interested, because it’s free entertainment! Your moving video will catch their eye, much more effectively than your competitors’ still pictures. If you have actors or employees within your videos, then there is a human element which customers can connect and empathize with. On average, websites that feature videos as elements of their pages can keep a viewer’s attention for eighty eight percent more time than websites without videos, so you’ll only be helping yourself and your sales by including well-produced, insightful videos on your e-commerce website.

WooCommerce Pricing
Camtasia offers an easy interface and creative assistance to make videos.

A few tips to create videos on WordPress WooCommerce

3. Loading Speed

Slow-loading pages which have far too much content for servers to handle get disregarded by many users after even a couple of seconds – it’s just a fact. In this day and age, people expect to receive information quickly, and they know that they can just go elsewhere if your website appears to be running too slowly. Your content might be amazing, but it’s useless if your customers never see it due to terrible loading times. Putting time and money into website optimization with your tech team is definitely the way to go, since it is an easy fix to converting visitors to your website into customers, and avoiding frustrating any internet-savvy individuals.

Pingdom helps you monitor your website real time to identify issues in performance and user interactions.

Here is a set of tips to improve page loading speed on your WordPress site.

4. Photos w/ Testimonials

Although testimonials on your website can be an excellent way to create a good reputation and make visitors to your website trust you quickly, they can be hard to trust when the comments are faceless, and the words of praise quickly become boring words which could’ve been written by anyone. Including a picture with your testimonials and reviews can be a surefire way to win over potential customers, because people trust people, and it’s easy to attach an entire personality and history to a face, but significantly harder to do the same for just a name. Adding photos of your loyal and happy customers gives them a little ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ moment, and it gives you more chance of securing new customers in the future, so everybody wins!

5. Mobile optimization

Although having PCs and laptops in the home is very common nowadays, most people will prefer to do most of their shopping on their smart phones, since they are more readily available (usually only a pocket away) for when a shopping urge hits and many people are simply more comfortable with the more efficient and simpler display of their smart phones. However, due to the difference in size between the screen of a PC and that of a smart phone, you’ll have to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, and that it is usable and accessible on a smart phone screen. Investing in the development of a mobile app is also a good idea, since apps are incredibly popular and generally thought to be more trustworthy than websites.

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