6 Critical eCommerce Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Online

Last updated - July 8, 2021

There are several critical eCommerce mistakes to avoid when selling online. Use this list to investigate your business and timely apply tips and tricks.

eCommerce is one of the favorite forms of distribution and sale of products, which has led to the active formation of a competitive atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to avoid eCommerce mistakes in the early stages of business development. Although many mistakes are considered necessary stimuli for growth and improvement, these mistakes should be avoided. Each of the presented disadvantages equally negatively affects the eCommerce business as a whole. Study this list carefully and try to avoid such mistakes to get success as fast as possible.

1. Bad Product Presentation

One of the main online store tasks is to completely copy the customer experience when visiting an offline shop. The best way to achieve it is to give the most accurate description of the product and provide high-class photos.

The description should contain meaningful information about the composition or material of your product. Include emotions in it: how the customer will feel buying a product. Tell who and why it is suitable this is how you will create a demand. Allow viewing your product: high-quality photos from various angles, with attached rulers or with the specified dimensions will allow to have a better idea of ​​your product. If you have a clothing store, show how the outfit will look on the figure.

Another important point – the lack of social evidence. Simply put – real buyers reviews. The survey shows that about 95% of potential customers first study the reviews of other users before making a decision on the purchase of goods.

2. Poor Customer Service

Good customer service in 80% of cases ensures that your customer returns and recommends the online store to a friend and other users. Let your customers feel their importance by providing them with high-class service.

As a rule, the need for service happens with additional questions from customers. Always be available: make an online chat or a phone hotline for communication. Collect data to improve your service in the future or use the latest eCommerce solutions. Many industry leaders have already installed AI chatbots that do all the work. This will add points to your store and increase its reputation, which will result in great sales and profits. Checkout WSDesk, a WordPress helpdesk plugin that offers seamless integration with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

WSDesk is a popular WordPress help desk system that offers complete control of your data.

3. Website and Selling Platform eCommerce Mistakes

Insufficient site optimization, difficulty in navigating and searching for products, too slow page loading – all this literally scares customers. SEO errors are critical for eCommerce sites, make sure that everything is optimized correctly. This will allow the search engine to work better. Remove broken links – they create a bad customer experience. Build a responsive mobile design or eCommerce mobile app, another study shows that the number of purchases through mobile gadgets is growing exponentially.

Simplify site navigation as much as possible. Add categories and subcategories, place the most popular queries at the very beginning. Add a search line at the top of the page so that the customer can easily find something specific.

High page loading speed is important for both the client and the search engines. Your client will not wait if the product photo or the entire page is loaded for too long, it’s like standing in line at a physical store. An important tip: Google gives preference to pages with higher loading speed.

If you use an eCommerce platform, instead of a separate site, make sure its reliability and high performance. The incorrectly chosen platform can destroy your business, because it creates the vision of your product, provides the user experience. Conduct preliminary research before choosing a platform.

4. Inability to Reach the Target Audience

If you do not offer a unique product, you must have a unique connection with your audience. To better present your benefits, you need to know everything about your customers. Starting from demography and ending with their preferences. This will allow to form an effective strategy for product promotion, exposing it in the most favorable light.

This is a good ‘About’ page that can easily connect to the audience it is targeting.

It is important to know the values ​​of your audience to demonstrate the usefulness of your products. Use best eCommerce tools, to collect data, carefully study and analyze it to improve communication with your target audience. Here is an article that will help you with some tips to identify your target audience.

5. Aggressive Marketing Strategy

Today’s buyers are intelligent and well informed. They tend to buy goods only from well-known and trusted brands, with a good reputation and high user rating. Moreover, they do not want their money chasing everywhere, the era of direct advertising is over.

The eCommerce slogans should form a desire, reflect the idea of ​​the brand, its usefulness, but not make a sale. Use social networks intelligently: talk about the product benefits, demonstrate its attractiveness, involve customers. This will increase your sales in the future.

6. Ignoring eCommerce Trends

Online stores are ready for anything in pursuit of customers: they offer flexible loyalty programs and implement the latest developments. One of the trends is the usage of AR&VR to create a unique user experience.

It is a mistake to assume that this technology is suitable only for a certain type of goods – new developments can be applied anywhere. If competitors are already offering to virtually try on a dress or see how the armchair will look like in the client’s interior, you should try something like that.

They say free open source eCommerce software can help to avoid some eCommerce Mistakes, collecting and analyzing necessary data. However, another theory says that the online store processes automation should be limited, and only people should make the key decisions. 

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