Top 5 Crocoblock Plugins to Create a WooCommerce Store

Crocoblock Plugins

Today, eCommerce means for the business world more than ever before. Marketers consider the niche a one-stop place for both service delivery and profit-making. And why not? Everything can be done online, which is fast, cost-effective, and energy-saving. No wonder that building a brilliant e-com storefront has become a #1 marketing priority.      

But how do you choose a toolset to get going? Despite the variety, some of them might be incomplete and some can be too hard to figure out. Luckily, Crocoblock is on the easy side. Thanks to its all-in-one eCommerce plugin set, anyone can develop a workable online store. Let’s focus on the core now and see what makes this set so handy. 

Topnotch Plugins Overview

Crocoblock products are meant to provide the most functionality while also making every development journey plain sailing. And, to be honest, it delivers on its promise. Below, you’ll find 5 plugins to build a splendid online store covering both backstage preparations and decorating the front. 

JetWooBuilder: Building the Centerpiece

To sell, you need to advertise well. Each and every item should look its best on display, delivering the “I-wanna-have-it!” vibe and driving purchasing anxiety. How to achieve this? No more brainstorming – JetWooBuilder is exactly what you need. 40 widgets, 4 layouts, and versatile customization options can help you create a stunning online store. Shape the product singles: display titles, attributes, images, prices, ratings, “Add to Cart” buttons, and more. It is possible to categorize the advertised products and play around with the archive page layouts. Lists, grids, or taxonomy tiles – whichever match the general concept best. 

JetCompare&Wishlist: Comparing the Faves

A plugin to skyrocket user experience and facilitate purchasing decisions. First of all, the JetCompare&Wishlist functionality allows customers to compare the items by any criteria. After spotting the tiniest nuances about similar products, it becomes easier to decide on the right one to buy. Second of all, use this plugin to develop a cool Wishlist for your WooCommerce store. Like so, you’ll give users a chance to save the liked products to faves and come back to them whenever necessary. To pave it all, you can let the customers know how many items they’ve got on each list by activating the Compare and Wishlist count

compare and wishlist count

JetReviews: Adding Social Proof

The next point is making people want to actually buy from you. Beyond any doubt, social proof may be the best card to play. People tend to believe real customer reviews when it comes to making a purchase. Have you got any? Showcase them! And develop a unique client feedback section using the JetReviews plugin. It implies both static and interactive sections, where customers can leave reviews and comments in real time. Detailed stats will keep you informed on all reviews and their status. Just in case you want each product to be rated from its single page, JetReviews would be a perfect match for WooCommerce. 

Crocoblock Plugins

JetSmartFilters: Refining the Product Search

How many tools do you need to implement filters? Just one JetSmartFilters. This plugin ticks all of your boxes in terms of advanced product search. Just add it to an archive page with all your products on display and customize freely. You’ll find inside 12 basic filter types, which are good to mix and match until you reach a perfectly balanced filtering structure. AJAX reload will make the search routine fast and easy for your customers. To get the discovery search up and running, try out hierarchical filters and Indexer. Add the finishing touches – the “Apply” and “Resetbuttons – and there you have it, a powerful filtering tool for your e-commerce project.

Crocoblock Plugins

JetPopup: Driving More Sales

Successful marketing is all about quick response to customer demands. You should act fast, sell properly targeted products yet be cool. How do you handle all that? Pop-ups to the rescue. They let you promote and sell the products, give promo codes, collect cookies, and more. Once you try JetPopup by Crocoblock, you won’t toss it away! Its rich library of pre-made templates is at your service. Plus, you can design a pop-up from scratch if you want. Everything from background and fonts to animation effects is highly customizable. Choose the way your pop-up will appear on the page, include/exclude conditions, and adjust the timing – all in one place!

Crocoblock Plugins

Bonus: Interactive Popup Library

Looking to gamify your content?  Check out the Crocoblock specialty, a collection of 50+ interactive pop-up templates. Themed Interactive Popup Library items are suitable for any online shopping spot and any occasion. You can use them to garner attention to your products, entertain the community, and achieve all your marketing objectives. 

Crocoblock Plugins

What’s Inside the E-Commerce Set?

You didn’t think that these 5 plugins are the limit, did you? Crocoblock E-Commerce package is actually larger. Aside from the outlined plugins, it boasts 5 more:

You’re also free to choose from two license types. Picking 1 website, you’ll be able to develop one e-store receiving dedicated technical assistance and product updates for a year. Unlimited offers the same benefits except for one. With this license type, you can create as many websites as you like! For extra details, view the pricing page

Final Word

Crocoblock launched its eCommerce set to help the non-coders create amazing e-stores as easy as A-B-C. All 10 plugins were picked based on their practical bearing. That’s why they cover all development aspects – from page creation and styling to filtering tools, mega menus, and pop-ups. If you’re looking to create your own WooCommerce store yet worry about doing anything wrong, it’ll be easier with Crocoblock products and professional support. 

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