Developer Support vs eCommerce Support: What is the Difference

Developer Support

Last updated - February 24, 2020

Okay. So you have an online store. Your store has been up and trading for a couple of months now and you are overwhelmed and working your arse off.  Between inventory levels, new products, client liaison, marketing and order replenishment you are barely coping. Your online business is showing some profit, but not nearly enough to pay yourself a decent wage, let alone making you rich. You are overwhelmed and disenchanted, the illusion of you having a lavish lifestyle and cash rolling in has passed and you are wondering “What the hell have I done”.

Developer support

Familiar feeling?

In all of the above at least you have a developer looking after the technicalities of your online store and at least you know you do not have to become an expert developer to ensure that your store stays trading. Thank heavens for that, right? You sometimes reach out to them when you want to add a specific section to your shop or change the layout in your product categories. You use them sparingly as they charge you per hour, and let’s face it you have enough expenses already and cashflow is always tight.

The only things of interest to you are your orders, products, shipping zones and maybe your blog. Out of date plugins and potential update conflicts are your dev’s concern, and for heaven’s sake, you can’t worry about that right now.

You have heard about abandoned cart rate and understand what it is, yet you have no idea what your store’s abandoned cart rate is. Other store owners are talking about traffic to sales conversion rate, yet you still don’t know what yours are. You have no idea how to track these metrics and let alone what these metrics will mean to you. Your homepage load time is in excess of 5s and your time-to-first-byte (if you know what this is) is 3s. But hey I have a developer looking after my store, if my store’s metrics were out of line, they would have told me.

The harsh reality: Your developer is not tracking these metrics, since it is not their JOB, it’s yours.

Without understanding these metrics and understanding the drivers behind them there is a very, very high likelihood that you are not converting all the sales that you potentially could. You are leaving money on the table and doing all the hard work and not earning the most you can.

So, where will you find the time to:

1. Figure out what to measure

2. How to measure it and,

3. what to do with these measurements once you have them

Herein lies the difference between Online Shop support and Developer support.

Online store support is a support team that does not only take care of the technicalities, like page speed time to first bite, ensuring that your site is not hacked and updates. This is a team who stands behind you and have one and only one goal in mind: to help you make more money.

This is a team that will give you access to all the latest developments in online store sales conversion tactics. A team that will initialise initiatives whilst keeping you in the loop via instant messaging, and will help you understand the important metrics what they mean and how to utilise them to make more money and grow  

My name is Jaco Marais, I am the Co-Founder of WooCrew. This is what we do. We have consistently increased our customer’s sales with 8 – 10% monthly by providing them with this expertise.

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