Difference between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting

Web hosting and WordPress hosting

Last updated - February 22, 2024

In general, you don’t need WordPress-specific hosting to make your site successful with WordPress. Many companies sell regular sharing plans to WordPress users. Nonetheless, these packages often contain useful features that can help improve the functionality of your website over the long term. 

This article will assist you with looking at the two kinds of hosting and conclude which choice is appropriate for your WordPress site. 

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What is web hosting?

Web Hosting Provides a protected spot to store online substances. All the code, pictures, recordings, and text that make up your site should be put away someplace.

Without a stable computerized archive, not a single one of us could reliably get to content on the web. As a result, hosting has become one of the most important parts of delivering an online presence to everyone, from large enterprises to small personal accounts.

Web hosting permits clients to store content offsite, diminishing the actual impression related to neighborhood stockpiling costs. It also makes it easy to build a truly persistent web presence with built-in benefits such as backups for security and support. Web hosting runs locally using a PC or server, yet cloud-based outsider suppliers are regularly utilized. As you start looking for hosting services, you should be able to find a variety of free and paid options to consider.

What is WordPress Hosting? 

In the most straightforward sense, WordPress Hosting is a hosting upgraded to meet your WordPress execution and security prerequisites better. It usually also includes an installation of One-click WordPress to help you get started with WordPress.

Also, some WordPress hosts will automatically update their WordPress software as needed, like AccuWeb WordPress Hosting.

Web hosting and WordPress hosting

Comparison of Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting 

The server configuration directly contrasts WordPress hosting and standard web hosting. WordPress hosting plans typically provide resources optimized for the platform. For example, a web host may advertise features such as PHP storage for PHP 7 and above.

Web hosting and WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting regularly offers extra valuable types of assistance to keep your site chugging along as expected. For instance, plans can incorporate programmed refreshes, admittance to subjects or modules, a single tick introduces, and the sky’s the limit from there. However, please note that these additional charges will be reflected in the regular price, especially if you choose managed WordPress hosting. 

Basic web hosting is enough to keep your WordPress site private. The plan can also include useful features such as performance tuning, enhanced security, and free SSL certificates. However, you will miss the WordPress-specific benefits offered by the alternatives.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting:


Each software has its system requirements that determine the efficiency of the software. Against this background, WordPress hosting guarantees that your hardware, firmware, and programming configurations are viable and run proficiently.

A compatible system will freeze the system without any performance issues. Nonetheless, assuming the framework isn’t working as expected, the hosted site might crash or briefly come up short. It can seriously impact your website’s permissions and the visitor’s experience.

WordPress is pre-installed 

With WordPress pre-installed, you don’t have to spend time downloading and installing the CMS on your server. Instead, all you have to do is buy a plan and start developing your website. It saves time, and you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Automatic WordPress Updates

Another important advantage of WordPress hosting is automatic WordPress updates. Each released update contains many improvements and bug fixes. If your WordPress hosting instance is out of date, not only will you lose these important improvements and bug fixes, but you will also be more vulnerable to external security threats. The automatic update feature of WP hosting ensures that you are protected in this regard. The website you are hosting may not be compatible with the new version of WordPress. This scenario is very rare, but it persists. In such cases, only the switch disables automatic updates.

Cloud-based hosting

One of the biggest benefits of WordPress hosting plans is that hosting is cloud-based. In short, the benefits of cloud hosting are cascaded to WordPress hosting. These benefits include button-push scalability and high reliability, as there are no single points of failure. Also, integrate.

Excellent security and backup

WordPress hosting plans can include top-notch website security and backup tools. One of them is CodeGuard. It automatically backs up your website regularly to ensure you have enough recovery points in an emergency. Another tool included in WP hosting is SiteLock. The software regularly monitors your website for malware and security threats and informs you to take the necessary actions. SiteLock can also be configured to automatically respond to security threats in the event of an encounter.

Managed Services

Another very useful advantage is the integration of managed services. That is, the WP hosting team handles all website maintenance tasks. Without managed services, you, the website operator, are responsible for maintaining the resource-intensive WordPress. 

Managed services include various activities, such as the scalability of hosting resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage space. As your website grows, you will need more hosting resources to handle the load of incoming traffic. It is easy for managed teams to do without worrying about the details.


That‘s the wrap of the article. Now you can easily differentiate between Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting.

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