How to Drive More Customers to a Health and Wellness Shopify Store (With Examples)

How to Drive More Customers to a Health and Wellness Shopify Store (With Examples)

In the past few years alone, the health and wellness sector has grown significantly in the world of eCommerce. This has been fueled by a number of innovative Shopify stores that are cleverly using strategy to get ahead of their competitors.  

This article will focus on three standout Shopify stores—Youfoodz, Flex, and Nutriseed—and provide tips and insights for e-commerce experts who want to boost their online presence and operate more efficiently. 

3 Companies Paving the Way in the Health & Wellness Industry: Youfoodz, Flex, & Nutriseed

Let’s take a look at three companies in the health and wellness sphere that are using clever marketing strategies to get ahead of their competitors and gain the loyalty of thousands of customers.  

Youfoodz: Revolutionizing Meal Delivery with Strategic Marketing and Design


Youfoodz is an Australian-based meal delivery company that offers fresh, chef-prepared meals directly to consumers’ doors. The company has used several strategies to achieve success in what is quickly becoming a saturated market:

  • Customization Options: Customers are able to customize their options before they check out, meaning they can cater their orders to their dietary preferences. Giving customers this flexibility helps improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Website Design and UX: The Youfoodz website uses green color themes to reflect its focus on health (it’s also visually appealing, essential for a positive user experience). The website also features high-quality imagery and animations, which effectively communicate freshness and quality.
  • Educational Content: Beyond its main product offering, YouFoodz has established itself as a voice of authority in the health and wellness space and provides additional value for its customers in the form of high-quality copy that educates visitors on diet and lifestyle.

A takeaway from Youfoodz’s success is that great marketing and driving consumer engagement requires strategic branding, from establishing authority in a particular niche to simply selectively choosing the colors used on the company website. 

Flex: Taking Bold Steps in Feminine Care Through Education and Building a Community


Flex sells disposable menstruation discs, something that several other manufacturers are now also doing. But the company differentiates itself predominantly through its educational outreach and community engagement efforts:

  • Educational Resources: Flex’s product concept is still fairly novel, and the company’s website offers extensive resources including FAQs, blog posts, and customer testimonials, which have the dual effect of educating potential customers and encouraging them to try the product. 
  • Interactive Engagement: The website also features a product-matching quiz, so customers can establish a more personal connection with the brand and product. As a bonus, it also serves as an effective lead-generation tool by capturing potential customers’ email addresses.

In this example, Flex’s approach demonstrates how education and interactive content can be key for getting customers interested in a product they may have been previously unaware of and may be hesitant to try, ultimately fostering a loyal customer base.

Nutriseed: Capitalizing on Niche Markets Using Creative Marketing


The nutritional supplement market is one of the most crowded health and wellness spaces, but Nutriseed has managed to step ahead of its competitors by using a creative marketing approach that includes:

  • User-Generated Content: The brand taps into its own following, encouraging its customers to post selfies with products. This encourages customer engagement (and therefore brand loyalty) and serves as free marketing, using social proof to attract new customers.
  • Simplified Navigation and Product Benefits: Nutriseed’s website is also a great example of marketing done right. It’s neat and product-focused, and the copy clearly communicates the product benefits, helping customers to easily find products that meet their needs and removing unnecessary barriers to the endpoint (a purchase).

Nutriseed’s effective use of social media and well-thought-out web design are strategies that budding eCommerce professionals should take note of. They are the two key elements that are needed to drive conversions in the health and wellness sector.

How Shopify Stores Can Increase Sales and Client Retention: Develop a Dedicated Nutrition App 

You’ve had an insight into the companies that are doing it right, but aside from the strategies that Youfoodz, Flex, and Nutriseed are using, how else could you increase your sales and client retention?

One option that’s increasingly becoming more popular today is developing a dedicated nutrition app, offering multiple benefits to customers (and therefore the brand itself). 

For example, the app could use data inputted by the user to create personalized meal plans and recommendations. A company like Youfoodz could take advantage of this, giving customers even more flexibility by being able to tailor their meal subscriptions based on dietary needs and preferences.

An app also provides the perfect opportunity to establish (and remind customers of) brand authority by providing educational resources. The app could provide tailored advice to users based on their own inputted data, serving as a genuinely helpful tool and increasing customer stickiness.  

On the subject of data, eCommerce companies can benefit massively from the customer data collected through an app. For instance, this data could give you insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and trends, which you can then use to inform your big company decisions in product development, marketing, and so on.

According to Stormotion, an agency who have extensive knowledge from creating react native fitness apps for the health and fitness industry, integrating a nutrition app has the potential to complement the existing business model of a company in this industry and provides a tool for further encouraging customer engagement.

Using Influencer Partnerships for Authentic Brand Advocacy

Beyond the product, the website, and a supporting app, marketing on social media is massively important for eCommerce businesses that want to excel in the health and wellness niche. 

Influencer partnerships can give new brands credibility and help industry veterans extend their reach. Brands like Youfoodz, Flex, and Nutriseed have all successfully used influencer marketing to authentically promote their products on social platforms. 

The Importance of Making Strategic Collaboration Decisions

Selecting the influencers to collaborate with is just as important as choosing the marketing copy, budget, and so on. The influencer(s) in question should align with the brand’s values and target audience and should be able to effectively and authentically convey the brand message, encouraging their followers to trust the company they’re promoting. 

Content Creation & Authenticity

The reason why influencers are so popular is that they’re known to create relatable and authentic content that resonates with their followers. They’re more accessible than celebrities but have an equally large following.

Influencer marketing is done best when it’s authentic, with the influencer showcasing their own personal experiences and providing a genuine review, giving their followers no reason not to trust their opinion. 

Influencer Giveaways and Challenges

An effective influencer marketing method is to collaborate with influencers on giveaways or “challenge” content. Challenges disguise marketing within content that provides entertainment value, while giveaways are a great way to showcase your brand name to an influencer’s following in a positive light (offering your product as a prize showcases it as something that’s worth winning). 

To reiterate, for an influencer marketing campaign to be successful, choosing the right influencers and collaborating on genuine partnerships is essential if you want to authentically spread the word about your product, increase brand loyalty, and drive more sales.


Standing out in the health and wellness sector is becoming increasingly more difficult for eCommerce businesses. Take inspiration from brands that have effectively engaged customers, introduced educational marketing, and creatively used digital platforms to build a successful online store.

By using the strategies of these successful companies, you too will be able to establish and maintain a strong brand presence in the competitive online marketplace.


How can a dedicated nutrition app benefit a health and wellness Shopify store?

A dedicated nutrition app can offer personalized meal plans and recommendations, provide educational resources, and collect valuable customer data to inform product development and marketing strategies, ultimately increasing customer engagement and retention.

Why is influencer marketing important for health and wellness eCommerce businesses?

Influencer marketing is crucial because it offers authenticity and relatability, which resonate well with followers. Strategic collaborations with influencers can enhance brand credibility, extend reach, and drive more sales through genuine product endorsements, giveaways, and challenge content.

How can customization options improve customer satisfaction and retention for a health and wellness store?

Customization options allow customers to tailor products to their specific needs and preferences, leading to higher satisfaction. This personalized experience can increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

What are some key elements of a successful eCommerce website design for health and wellness brands?

Key elements include a visually appealing design that reflects the brand’s focus on health, clear and concise product information, high-quality imagery, easy navigation, and interactive features that enhance user experience and drive conversions.

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