eCommerce Content Writing Tips: Best Practice Guidelines

eCommerce Content Writing Tips

Last updated - November 17, 2022

Many people think that if they’re not writing articles about the latest trends in technology, then they’re not helping their business. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many aspects of eCommerce that your website’s visitors will read, and you probably want to make these articles talk about how awesome your company is.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check out this post for all of our top-notch content writing tips and tricks for making your product sound awesome.

Avoid Repetition and Duplication

There’s nothing worse than reading a blog post or product description that keeps repeating the same information. It is not only completely unnecessary, but it will bore your user and make them want to leave your website. Furthermore, repetitive content can impact your website’s (and therefore your store’s) Google ranking and Search Engine Results Page (SERP) due to its current algorithm.

How, you ask? 

When Google crawls your website to determine SERP, its algorithm places a lot of value on unique content that provides value to readers. The more unique the content on a page, the more Google directs link authority to the website which helps boost its ranking. Duplicated or repetitive content can ‘water down’ this effect. To provide the best search experience, Google is unlikely to rank similar versions of the same content and thus is forced to choose which version is most likely to be the best result. This dilutes the visibility of each page with repetitive or duplicated content and impacts the SERP of your website. 

So when it comes to best practices for eCommerce, investing time and money in unique content is first on the list.

Write in Your Brand’s Tone of Voice

Write Content in Your Brand's Tone of Voice

Your brand’s personality is the character of your business. It describes your store’s culture, demeanor, and values and portrays your brand in a unique way to stand out from the crowd. It’s your brand’s tone of voice that’s going to convince people they want to buy your product, so it’s vital you integrate this into every piece of content you publish. 

How can you do this?

The tone of voice is what distinguishes one person’s voice from another. The easiest way to incorporate a tone of voice when writing content is to simply write as you would speak. Whether you’re outsourcing your content writing, working with a digital marketing agency, or creating the content yourself, the idea is not to sound unnatural, but instead to make sure you’re capturing your brand’s personality so that your text has naturally the same tone of voice. For example, if your brand is professional and formal, this should be reflected in the writing of your product descriptions.

Make Your Content Keyword-Rich

Make Your Content Keyword-Rich

While repetitive and duplicated content should be avoided, keyword optimisation does have its place in the world of eCommerce. Keywords are used to increase your chances of being found by search engines like Google. Google uses this information to determine what is relevant to your page and how it might rank in the future. 

Keywords are one of the retailers’ top ways to improve their search rankings and boost sales. When creating keyword-rich content for an eCommerce website, I like to think of it as a cake. The page title is the icing – the fancy finishing touch that creates the ‘wow’ factor. Google pays a great deal of attention to page titles, so placing your target keyword it is likely to have the most positive effect on traffic and SERP. 

The body copy is the sweet, spongy goodness of a website that tells Google all about the page. Its algorithm is looking at the on-page content and assigns Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthiness (EAT) value to determine its ranking. That’s why it’s important to use keywords throughout your body copy. When creating an article for your store, you should put these words at the end of every sentence you write. I recommend you write the exact keyword in full, without any tags. Then Google will recognise it instantly, and your article will be instantly indexed and ranked higher.

Be Specific

One of the most common mistakes I see on eCommerce websites is generic product descriptions or homepages stacked with meaningless marketing speak. If your website’s product description is incredibly generic and doesn’t give a user any indication of the benefits the product has, then it’s highly unlikely visitors to your website will be converted into paying customers. A successful eCommerce website describes the benefits that differentiate its products from all others on the market, so make sure your product descriptions offer up this information, such as:

  • Brand name and designer of the product 
  • Description of the product, including qualities and benefits 
  • Reasons why a customer would want to buy this type of product, instead of another 
  • Price point and how it’s different from other similar products in your industry.

Tailor Your Content for Digital Platforms

If you’re just branching out into the eCommerce space, it can be tempting to simply add your existing marketing material to the website rather than tailoring it to suit a digital platform. If your content is not tailored to suit the digital platforms, it will probably be wasting valuable search engine space, look messy and detract from the overall user experience. So before you launch your website, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your content suitable for both online and mobile? 
  • Is your product description consistent? 
  • Is there enough white space on each page? 
  • Does each page have a clickable call to action? 

In conclusion, eCommerce is no different from any other area of business, and so there are just as many things to consider when developing content for your shop. With these simple pointers in mind, it’s easy to create a website that drives leads and sales in an action-packed way. Best of luck!

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