5 Effective Strategies to Boost Conversions Without Increasing Your Website Traffic

Boost Conversions

Last updated - July 8, 2021

Imagine you are asked to choose your preferred website traffic volume.

Would you opt for 5,000 or 25,000 visitors?

Still confused? How about we simplify this for you further? 

Imagine that 5,000 visitors generate 1,500 conversions, while the traffic of 25,000 visitors makes 500 conversions. Which traffic volume would you go for now?

As you can see, website traffic doesn’t necessarily play a crucial role in your website performance. More importantly, it’s the number of conversions that matter for your business, rather than the total number of visits. 

To boost conversions on your website, you don’t necessarily have to increase the website traffic. Instead, you should focus on developing a meaningful relationship with your existing visitors. And when you realize what you can do to make them more engaged and interested in your brand, you will be able to increase website conversions. 

So, if you wish to build a stronger bond with your website visitors and optimize for conversions without increasing traffic, we’ve got you covered. Read on and find out what you can do!

Personalize Your WordPress Website Experience to Enhance Conversions

According to Adobe, 77% of marketers consider website personalization essential for pleasing visitors and customers. And if you can make them feel satisfied, you’re on the right path to improve your business performance. So, let’s check out what personalization consists of and how to carry it into effect efficiently.

#1 Focus Your Attention On Primary Audience

Boost Conversions

No matter how homogeneous your target audience is, not all people share the same characteristics. 

And, you should try to focus on those who make the majority of it. 

For instance, you may have a food blog and an e-book with recipes that include both vegan and meat-based diets. However, if 95% of your followers are those who eat meat, it would be crazy if you stopped publishing meat-based recipes and focus exclusively on vegans. 

So, how to get this fixed?

Instead, while you can keep the part of your website dedicated to vegan food, your primary focus should be on those who can potentially boost conversions on your website. And in this case, those would be the meat-eaters. 

The essence of your website should be the content that your visitors want the most, so make sure to analyze your target audience thoroughly to check how you can personalize it. For instance, websites promoting women empowering may have a pink theme, online book stores that focus on fans of thrillers will introduce thriller-featuring sliders, etc.

#2 Personalize Product Recommendations

If you provide personalized content to your website visitors, 44% of them will be interested in repeating purchases on your website, which is impressive, right? 

So, it would be great for your WordPress conversion if customers had to create user profiles. This way, they would help you personalize their experience, based on the info they provide in their profiles and purchases that they’ve already made. 

All you have to do is to rely on the information they provide to offer personalized product recommendations.  And you can create them based on their sex, age, location, occupation, previous purchases, or any other aspect you find useful to place the right offer and improve their experience.

#3 Give Attractive Offers to Increase Cart Value

Boost conversions

Apart from analyzing customers’ profiles to figure out what they want, you should also take care of your business goals. So, monitoring their behavior, you should even think about the ways that will help you sell more.

Once they’ve placed a specific product in the cart, you should try to upsell and cross-sell, and you can do so in numerous ways. And if you’re not sure how we’re listing some of the popular sales ideas:

  • Offer a similar yet better product (such as an upgraded or customized version);
  • Provide an extended buyer protection period (such as warranty extension);
  • Offer bundles (products or services that can be combined with the product they’ve put in their cart);
  • Offer free shipping or promo gifts for a larger number of purchased products.

No matter which of the listed strategies you choose, you should know that what matters the most is to make your offers relevant and appealing. Finally, it’s equally important to have them featured in the visible area of your website and triggered at the right time. 

#4 Use Live Chat for WordPress to Connect With Prospects

While the creation of FAQ section or email support can be some of your first ideas when providing elementary help, if you want to increase website conversion, you’ll need a more convenient tool. If used properly, WordPress live chat plugin will help your online business improve the conversion rate by creating a special connection with your existing website visitors. 

So, if you add live chat to WordPress, you get to:

  • Take care of your customers’ needs and preferences in the long term as you get to check the chat history
  • Provide them with the right products and services as you can check their purchase history
  • Earn their loyalty and keep them purchase from you by helping and guiding them out 24/7

Also, the use of live chat for WordPress will definitely improve your reputation on the market as 77% of satisfied customers will be likely to share their positive experience with your brand. 

#5 Reward Customers to Build Loyalty

Boost Conversions

While you can offer discounts and promotional packages for all your customers, you should pay special attention to:

  • those who are loyal to your brand,
  • those who spend more than the others. 

So, when establishing a reward strategy, make a difference in the value that you gift depending on the number and value of previous purchases. Those who are loyal to you should have more benefits compared to those that buy your products rarely or in small quantities.  

Even though you may hesitate when it comes to providing discounts and special offers, you shouldn’t forget that this will only stimulate customers to buy more. Directly impacting their psychology, making them feel that they spend less money, you’ll have them more relaxed about buying more. And your website conversion rate will confirm it.

Wrapping Up: Boost Conversions By Caring For Your Visitors

Long story short, if you are still wondering how to increase the conversion rate on a website without increasing traffic, let’s quickly highlight essential tips. 

First of all – optimize for conversions! Make sure to create your website design, share content, and feature products following your primary audience needs. 

Thoroughly investigate user profiles to be able to create relevant and personalized content that they will be interested in. This may significantly help in increasing your website conversion. Besides, never stop creating appealing offers that will help you increase cart value and get the most out of your upselling and cross-selling potentials. 

To make sure to establish impeccable communication that will also help you increase conversions, add live chat to WordPress. Live chat software will help you create a more meaningful relationship with existing customers.

Finally, don’t forget to take care of your loyal customers. Motivate them to remain loyal to you introducing loyalty discounts, VIP promotional deals, bonus gifts, and other incentives relevant to them. Remember that the only way to boost conversions without increasing traffic is by pleasing your existing customers as they are your most important stakeholders.


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