The Eye-Catching Enterprise SEO Metrics That Will Help You in the Reporting

Enterprise SEO Metrics

Taking proper measurements of the SEO metrics is one of the most important tasks to prove the value of your SEO optimizations and efforts. As SEO is an essential part of the marketing campaign of any business, SEO metrics will help you define the budget from your existing executives and customers. Not to mention, you can justify the money spent on SEO campaigns while also keeping the clients and customers happy. 

In the era of different types of SEO point solutions as well as the availability of platforms in the market, here are the crucial enterprise-level search engine optimization metrics to measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign and ensure that your business is capable of fulfilling the objectives and goals.

Enterprise SEO Metrics


Due to the introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic, the perspectives of business owners have changed. Nowadays, many small and large businesses protect their marketing budget and pay close attention to the aspects where they are spending money. 

Calculating the return on investment of the SEO is one of the best ways to determine their existence and all of them are primarily focused on the business goals. If you happen to own an e-commerce brand that sells printers and the revenue of your company grows by more than 30% every year, you need to create a strategy that will help you fulfill that goal. 

To achieve this, you need to get your hands on different pieces of information depending on the ROI of your company. 

Non-Brand vs. Brand Visibility 

This is another important metric you need to track. You need to focus on the non-brand vs. brand visibility as well as the conversion rate if you think that the SEO platform of your company has a specific solution to track the performance as per the keywords you’re using. 

Most professional websites receive a lot of conversions and traffic from the branded keywords that are being used on the website. 

If you’re capable of showcasing the growth of the branded keywords by encouraging your clients to achieve number one ranking with the help of the keywords that they haven’t used before, you will be able to boost revenue since these keywords come with higher purchase intent. 

You also need to monitor the number of keywords. If the non-branded keywords are driving traffic to your website, you will know that the SEO strategies of your company are proving beneficial. Make sure you contact Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agency to leverage the best benefits of the SEO marketing campaign. 

Referring Domains and Backlinks 

High-quality and relevant backlinks from accurate sites are undoubtedly one of the most essential ranking factors you need to know. It doesn’t matter how many backlinks you use for your website, if they are not relevant to the sites you’re trying to link, your efforts will go in vain. 

When you use the backlinks properly, you can improve the search engine ranking of your website. This is because quality and relevance are the two of the most important thing about backlinks. 

You also need to track the referring domains as this process is another crucial backlink metric. You need to ensure that your website is receiving more high-quality and relevant links from the other websites which will boost your search engine rankings. 


You need to monitor the branded and non-branded search engine rankings to determine whether the keywords you are using are capable of driving high-quality conversions and traffic to your website. 

This way you can achieve organic search goals and define what is causing the performance to be boosted. The primary objective of an SEO marketing campaign is to drive the quality traffic that can convert customers. 

If the search engine rankings of your website decrease dramatically due to the branded and non-branded keywords that are allowing your website to fulfill the KPIs, this means that your website has faced a manual action, lost some essential links, or failed to produce informative and relevant content to the consumers. 

Indexed Pages 

The quantity of the indexed pages is one of the most important SEO metrics you should monitor. Do you what happens if you include new content to your website blog and it’s failed to be indexed by Google? 

Enterprise SEO metrics

You will fail to increase the rank of your website for the keywords that are present on that specific page. This is because Google has failed to crawl and index the content. 

This is why you always need to ensure that the content you’re uploading is indexed by submitting new pages in your XML and HTML sitemaps, including the website navigation links. You also need to submit the content so that Google Search Console can index it. 

Don’t forget to clean the duplicated pages that have irrelevant or backdated content. This is because Google loves fresh content and the irrelevant and old ones can be an obstacle. 

Organic Traffic 

You should monitor the organic traffic of your website as it showcases the SEO marketing campaigns are working effectively for your business. Organic traffic will also ensure whether your website is attracting the attention of more clients and customers. As per LinkedIn, organic traffic is important for your website. 

Most business owners prefer to increase the organic traffic month over month. However, if you take a year-over-year comparison, you will be able to receive a more accurate assessment because seasonal companies might showcase predictable decreases and increases around a specific time of the year. 

The more organic traffic your business can deliver from the desktops and mobiles to the website of the clients, the faster the revenue and conversion will be increased if your company is capable of providing a user experience across the buyer journey. 

Organic Landing Page Metrics 

Another great way to determine the SEO performance instead of focusing on the keyword-level performance is by considering the performance on the landing page level. 

Make sure you check GA or other types of analytics platforms so that you can track the organic sessions as well as other conversion metrics which will help you determine the performance of the web pages. 

If you think that some pages are not performing as per your expectations, you need to revamp your SEO strategy and determine why the performance of that specific page is lower than the others. Consider whether you’re using strong and relevant keywords or not. 


These are the best enterprise SEO metrics that will help you inform the reporting. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you comment below to let us know.

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