Expert Speaks: In conversation with, Saad Iqbal the Founder of WP Experts.

Today, on ‘Expert Speaks‘, we have Saad Iqbal, Founder of WPExperts

We are indeed grateful to Saad, for making time to answer our questions and enlighten us with his thoughts and opinions. We thank Saad for inspiring us with his words of wisdom. 

You would definitely love reading his fun-filled informative answers, Here it goes!

Hello Saad, Welcome to LearnWoo! Give our readers an introduction to your journey & experiences so far with WordPress.

Hi, I am honored to be invited by LearnWoo for this interview. We launched Objects in 2011, exploring the software industry. We observed our customers demand WordPress services, and WordPress has a vast market. Therefore, we launched a WordPress-focused subsidiary agency, WPExperts, in 2013 that worked under the Objects company. 

Since the inception of WPExperts, we have provided quality services to our clients. In addition, we got officially recognized as a WordPress VIP Silver Partner agency (The first one from the MENAP region) & a WooExpert partner as well.

How do you see your company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Well, it’s an interesting question! Last year we were focused on company infrastructure and employees’ well-being. We made a smooth working process within the departments and inter-departmental interaction as well. 

We already provide quality WordPress services to small and medium businesses (SMBs). However, after becoming a WordPress VIP Silver agency partner, our primary goal for the next two years is to cater to enterprise clients.

What is your approach to making big-picture decisions?

As we are working in the software industry, my approach to making big-picture decisions depends upon the current trends and scope of these trends. I also utilize my gut feeling, like recently we acquired two plugins, Post SMTP & Password Protected, that collectively have 600,000+ active users. We have launched the Post SMTP membership plans that give users access to all the pro extensions. Now we’re receiving ever-growing demand for Post SMTP pro extensions. 

How would you rate the importance of transparency in the CEO role? What method would you use to promote transparency from the top down?

Well, transparency is a crucial ingredient of our organization. We keep things from development or business transparent from top to bottom. I personally follow the OPEN discussion method with our other members and value their opinions. It’s transparency that is playing a vital role in our success. 

Outside of work, what do you enjoy the most? And how do you manage work-leisure balance as it is quite difficult in today’s time?

Yes, it’s true! Managing work-life balance is quite difficult these days. Outside work, I like to spend my time with my family. Besides that, I am a foodaholic who loves trying new and unique restaurants. Also, exploring new destinations is a hobby I feel I have developed in the last couple of years. However, I still give priority and most of my time to my work as I still have lots to explore in this innovative tech world.

What is your approach to developing talent?

We onboard fresh graduates from top universities and pick talented diploma holders from various institutes. We provide them with skilled mentors to groom their skills. And for existing employees, we appreciate their initiatives, encourage them to attend beneficial seminars/webinars, and bear their expenses if they want to enroll in online courses.   

What aspects of your current role would be the biggest challenge for you?

The whole tech industry faces similar challenges like applying automation, security against cyber risks, satisfying your customers, and much more. However, “acquiring and retaining good talent ” is what I feel is the biggest challenge companies will face in the coming years. As the CEO of WPExperts, I also face a similar challenge, and I have started making my strategy against this upcoming hurdle!

 What is your idea behind WPExperts?

The idea behind forming WPExperts was crystal clear to us. We wanted to be a well-known WordPress agency. Most people perceive WordPress as a blogging platform, but for us, WordPress is a CMS that can serve SMBs to Enterprise-level organizations with endless business opportunities. We wanted to integrate various ERPs with WordPress to become a ONE-STOP WordPress service agency catering to small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise clients. 

We have read that you worked in many organizations as Founder & Co-founder; so, what is that experience like, and what are some difficult situations that you have faced?

Our parent company’s name is Objects, and in the past 11 years, we have formed various brands under the umbrella of Objects. I am CEO of all these brands like myCred, WPExperts, APIExperts, GravityMore, APPExperts, and many more. I have never worked for any other organization except my own company. 

Could you tell us about a project that encouraged you to be innovative and creative as a CEO?

With over a decade of experience working in the WordPress industry, we have identified a massive gap in the mobile app development market that integrates/converts WordPress sites into mobile apps while keeping them synced. 

Recently, we launched a startup project with the name APPExperts. It’s a proper no-code solution to build fully-functional iOS and Android apps quickly. For me, APPExperts is the most creative and innovative idea we have launched to date. It will prove as a game-changer idea not just for us but for the whole WordPress industry too. 

How do you balance your interactions with your teammates as a CEO? What is your approach to keeping the team motivated?

We keep things simple! We talk openly with teammates and discuss every aspect of their issues and challenges. Recently, we introduced a 360-degree feedback system in our organization, talking about our teammate’s performances throughout the year and encouraging good results. 

Any advice you would like to give to those who want to follow your path?

I’m not big on advising because I am still exploring life. But I believe that you should never feel shy about implementing your ideas. If you have anything in your mind, create a plan and execute it to see the outcome. “If you want to do something, just do it.”


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