Expert Speaks: In conversation with, Sakhavat the Founder of FS Code.

Last updated - November 28, 2022

Today, on ‘Expert Speaks‘, we have Səxavət İsmayılov, Founder of FS Code

We are indeed grateful to Sakhavat, for making time to answer our questions and enlighten us with his thoughts and opinions. We thank Sakhavat for inspiring us with his words of wisdom. 

You would definitely love reading his fun-filled informative answers, Here it goes!

Hello, Sakhavat; Welcome to LearnWoo! how has your journey so far as Founder? 

Hi, thanks for your invitation.

My journey started working as a programmer for more than eight years. This experience has helped me develop strong skills in coding and problem-solving over the years. I enjoy helping people solve problems and figure things out, and that’s what I love about programming. Launching my own software company was always the best decision to share and deepen my knowledge in this sphere.

So, we launched the FS Code with a few developers in 2018. Over the years, we have grown, and we now have a team of 20+ seasoned professionals who are passionate about coding and committed to helping our clients succeed. We are excited to see what the future holds for us.

Tell us more about FS Code & Booknetic.

As a WordPress Software company, we have been creating plugins for 4 years to provide our clients with high-performance solutions. We’ve helped more than 15K happy customers in that time and are passionate about further developing these products so you can also satisfy your needs. 

We have developed plugins, like FS Poster or Booknetic, with a lot of creativity in the past 4 years to meet customer expectations better than ever. Also, both are in the bestseller category in the following years, which is an indicator of how our team has worked hard to boost brand awareness while generating more leads and enhancing our reputation.

Can you tell when you’ve had the greatest working day of your life? What was it about that working day that made you so happy?

I couldn’t be in the office for two months consistently, and when I returned to the office, everyone took charge of their responsibilities even if they had difficulties related to work. It seemed that this showed integrity and professionalism on each one’s part in helping me during my absence; it also gave an insight into how much support you can expect when working together as a team.

According to you, what will be the new online marketing techniques for WordPress and WooCommerce?

Trend online marketing techniques will be more bespoke and individualized. Each website will need to be treated uniquely, based on its own strengths and weaknesses, to be strategic in digital marketing efforts. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for online marketing, so businesses that rely on WordPress must focus on creating customized plans that target their specific audience.

Another significant trend will be the continued importance of search engine optimization (SEO). As more and more people use voice search, it’s becoming even more critical for businesses to ensure their website appears as one of the top results. This means optimizing your content for both humans and search engines, using keywords and phrases that people.

What values do you want to instill in your employees?

It is a non-ignorable fact that plenty of core values play a leading role in creating a healthy workplace. But from my point of view, integrity, a solid work ethic, and a positive attitude are essential for building a healthy, trustworthy relationship in the workplace.

I firmly believe maintaining these core values will help employees feel bonded to their coworkers while having an open mind helps them share ideas that could benefit everyone involved in the company’s success.

Can you tell our readers how you estimate the cost of any WordPress project?

The cost of a WordPress project can vary depending on the scope. The first step is to define the scope of the project; it will enable us to define also a major and minor factor that affects the cost of the WordPress project.

As we all know that managing all the work and a team will be a difficult task, so what tools and techniques do you use to overcome the workload and streamline all the work? 

Considering the downsides of a heavy workload that can lead to business inefficiency and employee burnout, we prefer to rationalize the tasks by knowing our limits to conclude the desired outcome precisely. Setting SMART goals for the quarter helps us to clear a roadmap of how we will reach our intended target at the specific period of time. Creating these types of goals is trackable, and we can easily monitor and analyze the potential difficulties, which enable us to mitigate with a well-structured strategy. This well-structured strategy creates opportunities to make our team feel more engaged and helps boldness among teammates.

As communication and project management tools, we use Discord and Trello to make smooth our business processes increase productivity.

For social network automation, we use FS Poster, which helps boost efficiency and maximize our digital efforts by generating more traffic to our social media platforms.

What’s your technique for staying productive throughout the day

Productivity is a must for any productive individual, but it’s also effortless to become overwhelmed and lose sight of your goals. However, accepting the reality that we can’t be “productive” all day long (and making sure we have boundaries in place) as human beings.

The most important steps to my productivity are planning my daily tasks, prioritizing them, and setting workplace boundaries to avoid being overwhelmed with work. This helps me maintain a high level of work quality, and it also protects against burnout because there’s nothing worse than being overwhelmed with all your tasks at once

What are your recommendations for a WordPress novice?

Making mistakes is a necessary part of learning anything new. Each mistake will help you to see from a different perspective and comprehend the deeply critical sides of WordPress as a novice. Considering there are plenty of resources about everything on the internet, there are great opportunities to get theoretical and practical knowledge for WordPress beginners in a particular period of time. 

How would you score the company on living up to its core values? What’s the one thing you’re working to improve?

I’m committed to creating a healthy and sustainable workplace where employees feel engaged and productive members of our team. Based on the monthly online anonym forums we have for discussing employee satisfaction and engagement, scores 8/10. I strongly believe there are always more opportunities to create a healthier workplace for employees. 

My approach is encouraging employees to keep their balance between physical activity and mental well-being. Maintaining the optimal balance between work and life allows them to take care of their health, making them feel like a part of the family rather than a professional team. In a healthy environment, employees will have a sense of belonging and feel more engaged, which motivates them to develop their skills to create more value to achieve desired targets as a team.

Outside of work, what do you enjoy the most? And how do you manage work-life balance as it is quite difficult in today’s time?

Outside of work, engaging in physical and outdoor activities is essential for me, which helps to have mental and physical health. It also helps me to be more energetic on work days.

Furthermore, for me, It is important to have strong bonds with my family members, friends, and also my dog, who goes by the name of Cookie. Having a great time with my family and Cookie helps keep the stress level down and sets up better focus.

What is the motivation behind your success and what advice do you want to give those who want to follow your path? 

When it comes to achieving our goals, discipline is key. For me, self-discipline means believing so deeply within myself that there aren’t any boundaries outside my thoughts – which can be challenging at times because life isn’t always perfect! But if you take away all distractions from your mind, then everything else becomes much clearer, too: The value of being content with who we are; trusting those inner instincts about whether something will work out before trying harder.


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