Everything You Need To Know About These Fastest WordPress Themes

Fastest WordPress Themes

Last updated - July 8, 2021

There are a few platforms in the digital scenario, which has succeeded in overcoming the misconception that traditionally belies it- WordPress is one of them! 

WordPress as a platform can be both simple and also brilliantly complicated at the same time. In case, if you are using it for the very first time; there is a bit of a learning curve, you must get acquainted with.


Often known to be “oh another blogging platform,” WordPress has grown way beyond. WordPress.com hosted by WordPress themselves features a limited amount of functionality whereas WordPress.org is a platform where you can install your host. To be more precise, it gives you full control and ownership over your blog. 

WordPress theme

In simple language, it is the outer skin that you install on your WordPress site that entirely changes the way your blog looks, functions and behaves on both the front and back end. You will find this very interesting in knowing that WordPress has tens of thousands of both free and paid versions. 

Child Theme

It’s a sub-theme that you create that inherits all of its looks and functions from its parent theme but at the same time allows you to update the theme when updates and patches are released by the theme developer. And everything is done in such a way that you will not lose the customizations that you have made along the way to the child theme. All the changes made to the child are preserved even when the parent is updated. 

Parent Theme

This theme, in particular, is the one you choose to be the parent from which you create the child theme. Honestly speaking, almost any theme can be a parent theme as long as you can customize it as required. 

Theme framework

This one is a set of options built by a developer that extend what you can do with WordPress on the back-end of your installation. Call it a plugin or a theme, but it is something that entirely changes how WordPress works and give you new features, customization abilities, design options, and more. A framework may come with its themes, or you might build your own theme in WordPress using a framework. 

WordPress plugin

A piece of code/software that you can install in WordPress to give your blog new features or functions. These can be free or paid, simple or extremely complex. 


The very famous drag and drop feature that can be easily added o widget-ready areas of your WordPress blog like your sidebar, footer, and header. 

In the present scenario, the latest technology has revolutionized the way companies conduct business. Those who seek value from technology-based options must move faster as their digital business efforts move into high gear. Business owners are looking for ample of ways that can help them in building the fastest website possible. Being the core of your site’s foundation, your theme is going to play a large role in how quickly your site loads. 

One of the finest things about WordPress is that you don’t need to crack open your wallet just to get a fast-loading theme as there are plenty of free options available around. 

Why Site Speed Matters?

One of a few reasons why site speed must be taken into account these days is it kills two birds with one arrow; i.e., positive user experience with improved rank in search engines. According to several sources, a significant turn off for end-users is a website offering sluggish performance and takes a hell lot of time to load. This effect, in particular, has been pronounced so true for eCommerce sites and online shops. So, if you are planning to open an eCommerce store or something, just make sure you come up with something that loads quickly. Also, site loading speed must be kept in the top priority. 

Fastest WordPress Themes to Look for


A truly amazing, resourceful, modern, tech-savvy, highly responsive WordPress multipurpose WordPress theme to think of. Crafted by a team of best designers and developers, the theme requires no coding knowledge. And you will end up achieving a polished, professional look and feel regardless of industry or subject matter. If you are looking for something which is packed with incredible graphical customization capabilities, look no further than Jevelin.


Another interesting new, classy magazine or blog WordPress theme featuring built-in customizations and 7 pre-built demos. By using an enhanced admin panel, coding can be simplified to such a point that it disappears. It may even interest you to know that Gillion has an awesome live customizer which allows you to manipulate things and look as you do so. In addition to this, it has a flexible layout that allows six posts formats and has pre-built blog designs.


Tech, health, sports, food, photography or travel, Whatever type of content you are planning to publish on your website, this fast loading WordPress theme could be a great option to take into account. Choosing from over 800 fonts, adjusting the site layout, and selecting a pre-built header are just some of the changes you can make to your site in a few clicks. There’s also a custom-made page builder tool to help you take control of the designs of the individual pages on your site. Other than this, full eCommerce support for selling items online is something you can take advantage of. 


Created by Tom Usborne, a renowned WordPress developer who puts a ton of focus on clean, lightweight code. It’s under 30kb, has no dependencies (and yes, that includes jQuery), and is just generally built to perform well. Apart from good performances, it turns out to be super versatile as it can be adapted to any niche                             


This is a clean and responsive WordPress blog and magazine website theme that acts as an intuitive platform for articulating handsome modern blogs. Webmasters all across the board find in CheerUp a partner to count on. So whether you are building sleek magazines or functional blogs, CheerUp has everything you need. Its features comprise of six demo websites combine with 200 layout variations for the utmost design flexibility. Also, you can put together ready-to-use magazines with practical, modern tools in minutes. Handy widgets, trending posts, and the latest news are all a couple clicks away. 

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