Top Best Free WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugins for your WordPress eCommerce Store

Free WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugins

Last updated - February 24, 2020

UPS is one of the most popular shipping options across the world. So, if you are offering UPS shipping through your WooCommerce store, chances are high that your customers will be happy about it. But how will you integrate UPS services into your WooCommerce store? Here are some of the best free WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugins you can use on your WordPress eCommerce store. You can use these plugins to integrate both domestic and international services of UPS.

Best Free WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugins

When you look out for WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugins, you will see both free and premium options. You can find a few of the premium WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugins in another article. Here, we will discuss the free WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugins.

WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin

This is one of the most preferred options in the market to integrate UPS shipping to your WooCommerce store. You will be able to display domestic and international UPS services and their rates on your cart and checkout pages. The rates are determined based on the shipping destination as well as the weight and dimensions of the product. It adds UPS shipping method as an additional option on your Shipping settings page, and helps you choose services specifically.

PluginHive WooCommerce UPS Free
This plugin is a popular option among free WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugins to display live rates of UPS services.

When a customer adds a product to cart, UPS services will be shown in the cart as shipping options. You can display UPS services along with other shipping options on your store. Or, you can disable the other shipping options and display only UPS services. The plugin captures services and rates directly from the UPS API. You can download the free version from the PluginHive website. The premium version of the PluginHive UPS plugin has several more features like the capability to print shipping labels.

WooCommerce UPS Shipping – Live Rates and Access Points

This is a free option you can find in the WordPress plugin repository to integrate UPS shipping to your WooCommerce store. The plugin uses UPS API to provide live rates of diverse UPS services on your cart and checkout pages. For each cart, the plugin calculates the shipping costs automatically considering the weight of the product as well as the shipping destination. The plugin detects the available services for a particular address and displays only those. It also helps you choose specific services to display as well as offer negotiated rates and insurance.

WooCommerce UPS WP Desk
This plugin helps you display live UPS rates on your WooCommerce store and also helps you offer Access Point delivery option to your customers.

In addition, this plugin also provides an option where you can let customers choose UPS Access Points for delivery. Access Points are convenient locations, which customers can choose based on their convenience. The plugin will choose and display an access point closest to the customer automatically from the available options. UPS offers more than 27,000 access points across Europe and North America. You can checkout WP Desk Flexible Shipping plugin as well.

UPS, FedEx and USPS Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce

If you want offer services and rates of multiple carriers on your WooCommerce store, this plugin might be a great option for you. In addition to UPS, it will also help you offer FedEx and USPS rates. The plugin uses EasyPost API to get live rates. Like the other two plugins discussed above, you can display live UPS rates on cart and checkout pages. The plugin will automatically determine the rates based on cart parameters. On the plugin settings page, you can create a custom name for your shipping method.

This plugin uses EasyPost API to help you display rates and print labels on your WooCommerce store.

This plugin will give you the option to choose residential or commercial as the delivery option. Based on your choice, there will be a difference in the displayed rates. The plugin also helps you set a fallback rate, which will help customers checkout even when the API does not return rates. With the premium version of the WooCommerce FedEx, UPS and USPS shipping plugin, you will be able to do much more like printing shipping labels and automatic box packing.

Why integrate UPS shipping to your WooCommerce store?

We have seen some of the popular free WooCommerce UPS shipping plugins that will help you integrate UPS shipping. Now, let’s quickly analyze why UPS is a great shipping option on your WooCommerce store.

Wide range of services

UPS has a wide range of services that will help you handle diverse business requirements. You can find effective ground services as well as time sensitive quick delivery options with UPS. They also have a wide delivery network and a great reputation for being consistently on time with deliveries.

Pickup and packaging options

An important reason why a lot of customers prefer UPS is due to its large set of features for packaging and pickup. For UPS Express services, you can get free envelopes and boxes. However, for ground services, you will have to purchase packaging.

UPS offers convenient pickup services as well. You can book for one time pickups or scheduled pickups. Scheduled pickups can be for daily pickups, or for specific days that you need. For daily pickups, UPS ensures that all your parcels will be collected together, as opposed to separate pickups for ground and express services by other carriers. Moreover, it is quite easy to find a drop-off location for UPS as there are several service centers and stores.

Efficient tracking

Providing tracking information to customers is a very important factor when it comes to shipping and fulfillment. UPS ensures a hassle free tracking of its packages. There are options to receive email updates at various stages of transit. Moreover, UPS offers insurance option for all its shipments as well.

Cost effective pricing

If you are using UPS services regularly, you can get negotiated rates from UPS. If you are a high volume shipper, UPS will assign an account representative for you to define the discount rates. You can pass on the lower rates to customers, which has the potential to improve your conversion rate as well.

Great customer service

UPS has a reputation for providing great customer service. You can get in touch with a representative of UPS in person, email or through a toll-free number. When you are dealing with an issue of a lost or damaged package, UPS will be quite quick to help you.

Integrate UPS service to your WooCommerce store for better customer experience

Hope you got an idea on some of the best free WooCommerce UPS shipping plugins after reading this article. We have also covered some of the important points that make UPS a preferred carrier for a lot of WooCommerce store owners. Leave us a comment if you have a query or an insight to share.

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