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Last updated - December 12, 2018

A good helpdesk system is essential for customer support when you are running an online store. Opting for a SaaS solution might prove to be too expensive for you at the start. Moreover, you really don’t have complete control over the data of your store and customers. You can read more about the intricacies surrounding GDPR in this article that compares SaaS with on-premises solutions. In such a scenario, WordPress Helpdesk Plugins can be quite a reasonable proposition for businesses of all sizes. In this article, we will look deep into some of the popular free WordPress helpdesk plugins from the repository.

Best Free WordPress Helpdesk Plugins

There are several WordPress Helpdesk plugins that you can install on your site for free. Let us get into more details.


WSDesk has become one of the very useful WordPress helpdesk solutions currently available in the repository. This is because the basic version of this plugin is packed with features, compared to most other solutions currently in the market. Fundamentally, you can create and manage support tickets online using this plugin. In addition, it offers several advanced features like email piping, unlimited agents and tickets, reply customization, ticket history, file attachment options and more.

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Along with all the basic features of a good helpdesk system, WSDesk offers advanced features like email piping in the free version.

WSDesk has a very user-friendly interface that will definitely make the job easier for your support agents. And, as a result you will see better customer engagement and loyalty. Having a support system that understands your workflow is very important to make the process more effective. WSDesk achieves this by offering several advanced features, which you will otherwise see only in premium versions. Moreover, it will not hamper your site performance. Read this article to understand how site performance has a significant part in your search engine ranking.

Features of WSDesk

Let us take a quick look to see the advanced features of WSDesk, and understand how it can make a difference to your business.

Email piping

Some of your customers might not prefer to login to your support system, every time they have a concern or a query. The general preferred mode of communication would be through emails. But, how will your support team handle customer queries coming from different channels on a priority basis? It can create overlaps, and you might even miss responding to customers on time. Email piping will save you from all these hassles, as emails addressed to your will be automatically converted into support tickets. This will help you access all your customer queries from one place.

Unlimited agents

You might have noticed a limit to the number of agents you can create while using a SaaS solution. This issue is non existent if you are using WSDesk. Depending on the number of queries to handle, you can create any number of agents or supervisors using this plugin. This is especially useful as you can divide the tickets effectively based on agents’ expertise, and save time as well.

Superior performance

WSDesk is created with an AJax based design. This makes sure that there is no lag in your site’s performance with unnecessary page reloads.

Great customization options

The ability to customize your support ticket system into a way that suits your business is particularly important. WSDesk scores brownie points on this aspect as well. You can customize the support form to suit your products and workflow. You can make sure to get all the required information to act on a ticket on priority basis. This will reflect in better satisfaction rate as well.

View all tickets at one place

WSDesk gives you an option to view all your tickets on a single page. When you want to open multiple tickets, you can manage that on a new tab. This will help support agents to reply to tickets in due time. In addition, if your support agent want to ‘quick reply’ to a query, that too is possible. Without opening the entire chain of tickets, they can reply to customers, when they know the concerns well.

Agent performance reports

You might want to periodically assess how your support system is performing. WSDesk provides an option for this by providing weekly agent performance reports. This will help you implement necessary changes required to enhance your process.

Spam prevention

WSDesk enables you to block and filter email ids that spam you. You can identify the ones causing trouble and block them from sending emails to you.


A lot of times, customer queries can be more readily resolved by providing a screenshot, or a document. WSDesk offers you an option to attach different file types while responding to customer queries.

There is also a premium version of the plugin, which has more advanced features like auto tagging, triggers and automation, quick answer templates, etc. You can take a look at the premium version of WSDesk here.

Awesome Support

Awesome Support is one of the most popular WordPress helpdesk systems at the moment. This is a lot due to the fact that it is really versatile, and has a very intuitive interface. Moreover, it integrates effortlessly with most of the WordPress themes out there. So, you can get started with your support system pretty much instantly. It helps your users create support tickets on your site, which you can respond to with unlimited agents. And it features a responsive design, which ensures your users the best experience irrespective of the device. And, it is very flexible to customization; you can incorporate as many features you want with the help of an experienced developer.

screenshot of Awesome support for WordPress Helpdesk Plugins article
With a great list of features and the familiar WordPress interface, Awesome Support offers one of the best WordPress helpdesk and support systems in the market at the moment.


In terms of the sheer number of features, Awesome Support is really not behind any of the other plugins. Let’s take a detailed look.

Integrate with WooCommerce products

Awesome Support offers an option to integrate your support system with your WooCommerce product list. This will enable you to give a more specialized support response to your customers based on product knowledge.

Customize the support form

You can customize the support form to ensure you have all the necessary information required to deal with the query.

Email notifications

At different stages, Awesome Support notifies all concerned persons to make sure there is no delay in responses. For example, when a customer creates a new ticket, or when the agent replies to the customer.

Help agents collaborate

When you have different products, sometimes you want particular agents to handle specific products. At other times, any agent or a set of agent will be equipped to reply to the customer query. The plugin offers flexibility for both these strategies, as you can assign multiple agents to the same ticket by defining priorities. And when required, you can easily transfer a ticket from one agent to another as well.

Categorize effectively with labels

Awesome Support offers an option to categorize and track tickets by unique color coded statuses and ticket labels. This will help you easily monitor the status of your support system at a given time.

You will find a lot of advanced features including email piping, canned responses and more in the premium version of this plugin.

Take a look at the premium version of Awesome Support here.

WP Support Plus

Another popular option among WordPress helpdesk plugins, this one too offers a pretty decent set of features in the free version. Your customers will be able to raise tickets on your site, which you can respond to with the help of your support agents. This one too offers unlimited support agents and unlimited tickets, which is missing in a lot of SaaS solutions. Furthermore, it helps you create a supervisor role, which can help you manage your support agents. This plugin offers an option for guest users to create a ticket on your site. Also, a user can create a ticket on behalf of another user.

This is another popular plugin in the WordPress plugin repository that will help you set up a robust customer support system on your website.

WP Support Plus allows attaching files in support interactions. This would make the process smoother and more helpful to users as well as support agents. In addition, it offers an advanced filtering option for tickets, as well as HTML editing of tickets. You can add custom fields to your support form, as well as personalize the look and feel by custom CSS. Another interesting feature of this plugin is the option of ‘Private Notes’ in the ticketing system. With the help of this option, you can facilitate communication between the support team, without involving the customer. It will be a very handy tool to encourage knowledge sharing and fast resolution of issues.

JS Support Ticket

This is another user-friendly WordPress support ticket system that you can install completely free. It comes with a set of interesting features to make your customer support process smooth and efficient. Your site users and visitors can create a ticket from the frontend of your site, with the help of this plugin. And if needed, site admin can create tickets on behalf of a particular user. This may prove useful when you take support requests on phone as well as online. Also, you can display a button for the support form anywhere on your site as you prefer. Customers can also attach files on their support tickets.

JS Support Ticket Plugin is really user friendly and helps you maintain great relationships with your customers.

For the smooth handling of your support tickets, this plugin offers several useful features. For example, you can set priority for a ticket, and assign a department to handle the ticket. You will be able to display an appropriate ticket status as well to track the progress of the communication. It also helps you send notifications as well as an automated response, when a new ticket is created. Furthermore, the plugin offers great customization options, where you can add new fields to the support form, and also change the order in which the fields are displayed.

The premium version comes with several advanced features like email piping, time tracking, satisfaction reports, etc.


Support ticket system is an inevitable component of an online store. It opens a channel to maintain the communication open between your customers and you. In the current scenario of eCommerce, the requirements of a customer support system is more complicated. When you have several products on your store, you might have different approaches to tackle support for each. As a result, you will have different support agents, who specialize in one or a few products. So, when you look for a support system, you need the flexibility to add multiple agents, and sort the tickets accordingly. In the WordPress ecosystem, you will find several free options. In this article, we have compiled some of the most popular WordPress Helpdesk Plugins that you can try out. Hope you found some useful insights.

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