How to Grow LearnDash LMS with Motivated Instructors

Grow LearnDash LMS

Are you thinking about adding multiple instructors on your LearnDash LMS so that you have ample of time to focus on growing and expanding your eLearning business? Well, it’s a great thought! There are several ways to grow LearnDash LMS and one of them is motivating the instructors.

However, these instructors are real people who’ll form the backbone of your business and if you want your eLearning business to thrive, you’ve to ensure that your instructors are constantly motivated to bring out the best in them.

In this article, I’m going to share 5 ways that’ll definitely help in motivating your instructors, eventually leading to an increased productivity, better management and more revenues 🙂

Before we dive in, take a minute to look at how you can enable Instructors on your LearnDash LMS.

Instructors – your growth pillars

The growth of your eLearning business largely depends on your Instructors or teachers who’ll make the job much easier for you by taking over the responsibilities of creating and managing courses and students.

To help you achieve this, WISDM Instructor Role plugin comes like a breath of fresh air allowing you to add multiple Instructors and motivate them in order to elevate your LearnDash LMS to greater heights.

Grow LearnDash LMS

With that being said, let’s check out the 5 ways in which the WISDM Instructor Role helps to keep your Instructors motivated:

5 ways to keep your Instructors motivated and grow your business

1. Instant notifications to alert your Instructors

Usually, as an admin, improving learner engagement is the most obvious mission that I’d worry about and if you’ve been using the LearnDash Notifications add-on to accomplish this mission, then this is definitely going to make you happy.

With LearnDash Notifications add-on, you can set a trigger and send out instant notification alerts to your students based on the actions they perform. 

Grow LearnDash LMS

But, what if I told you that it is now possible to do the same for your Instructors?

Yes. LearnDash Notifications add-on is now compatible with WISDM Instructor Role plugin that allows you to empower your Instructors to set notification triggers for different instances.

For e.g: Your Instructor can set a trigger to receive an instant notification whenever their courses are purchased or when their student completes a quiz/lesson etc.

It gives your Instructors the freedom to set notification triggers for different instances depending on their will.

How will this motivate your Instructors?

  • Keep up with the information – Setting notification triggers will make it much easier for your Instructors to keep up with the information that matters the most to them. 
  • Saves tonnes of time – Your instructors don’t have to spend time and energy on checking the status of student enrollments or quiz completions on a daily basis. A quick alert does the job.
  • Develop frequencies – These notification triggers give your Instructors a sense of frequency at which their courses are being purchased or the frequency of students submitting assignments gives them an opportunity to identify the gaps and find ways to improve on those frequencies.

While your Instructors derive motivation from this, there are benefits involved for you as well.

How will this benefit you?

  • Reduces dependency – These notification triggers reduce the Instructors dependency on you for basic details regarding their courses or student enrollments making things smoother for you.
  • Speed up assessments – Instant notifications will speed up the assessment process that’ll help in avoiding delays and ensure a smooth flow of curriculum.
  • Increased productivity – These notifications will act as a constant reminder that triggers your Instructors psychologically to work on bridging the gaps eventually leading to an increased productivity.

Plus, to add more to the cause, the integration with LearnDash notifications plugin automatically makes WISDM Instructor Role plugin compatible with the LearnDash Student Voice plugin as well.

So, if you’ve been using the LearnDash Student Voice plugin to gather students’ feedback/contribution regarding the courses, then your instructors will receive an instant notification every time a student leaves a feedback/contribution on their course.

These compatibility options act as a great source of motivation for your Instructors and ensure a steady productivity of your LearnDash LMS.

2. Direct access to students’ comments

This is a technique that allows your Instructors to access the students’ comments on their courses enabling them to see for themselves the kind of feedback and the responses their courses have garnered.

How will this motivate your Instructors?

  • Continuous course improvements – With access to students’ feedback, it gives a chance to your instructors to identify the cracks in their courses or lessons and work immediately on cementing those cracks.
  • Student interaction – It gives them an opportunity to interact with students, understand their problems in a better fashion and also involve them in the improvisation process.
  • Reduces their effort – By giving direct access, it reduces their efforts to reach out to you for the students’ feedback.

Let’s take a look at how this can benefit your business.

How will this benefit you?

  • Increase in sales – Implementing this will enable your instructors to identify the issues in time and come up with new strategies or solutions quickly eventually leading to increase in sales.
  • Student satisfaction – The student-teacher interaction will make it easier for your instructors to address and solve their students’ issues leading to greater satisfaction among the students.

This is a sure-fire technique that’ll work wonders in motivating your Instructors to perform better.

With that in mind, adding Instructors and implementing this method is bound to motivate them leading to happier students and more enrolments.

3. Allow instructors to build a reputation for themselves

A little psychological trick can contribute significantly in writing the success story of your eLearning business.

When you allow your instructor to create, design and manage their own course, the instructor puts in real efforts to constantly monitor and improve their course to ensure maximum enrolments.

How will this motivate your Instructors?

  • Platform to create – Instructors get a platform to create their own courses and reach out to a wider audience through your platform.
  • Build a reputation – Instructors don’t have to put in efforts to market their courses. They just need to focus on improving their courses leading to increase in student enrolments and automatic Word of Mouth marketing enabling them to build a reputation for themselves.

Take a look at what you stand to gain from this little trick:

How will this benefit you?

  • Maximum enrollments – When you provide a platform for the Instructors to create and manage their own courses, they put in their heart and efforts to monitor and continuously improve their courses leading to maximum student enrollments

With its ability to impart this little psychological trick, it is indeed a perfect method to keep your Instructors motivated in order to grow your LearnDash LMS.

4.  Trusting Instructors with course creation and management responsibilities

By far, this is one of the greatest motivating factors any Instructor could ever dream of.

As we mentioned before, the Instructor Role plugin allows you to delegate course creation and management responsibilities to multiple Instructors.

Grow LearnDash LMS

This factor alone will ensure that your eLearning business stands apart and adds that extra edge to your business.

How will this motivate your Instructors?

  • Building the trust – Handing over the course creation and management responsibilities to an Instructor is a big deal which goes to show that you trust your Instructor with such an important task. This will imbibe a sense of responsibility and will encourage them to work hard and deliver at all times.
  • Developing new skills – Allowing instructors to manage the whole course – lessons, quizzes, assignments, etc. and students – enrolment or group enrolments along with a free hand to update/edit content gives them an opportunity to develop managerial and decision-making skills.
  • Easy access to everything – The intuitive Dashboard for Instructors gives them a good and clear overview regarding the courses and their students making it easier for them to access all the information with a click.

Considering these benefits, there’s a good amount of motivation involved for you as well. 

Dig in!

How will this benefit you?

  • Focus on other aspects of business – Delegating course creation and management responsibilities allow you to spend more time on other important facets of your business like Marketing, Finance, Growth, Expansion, etc.
  • Long term business relationshipsEntrusting Instructors with such responsibilities act as a stepping stone in building loyalty and a long term business relationship.
  • Building a strong team – As a business owner, empowering your instructors and showing faith gives you an opportunity to develop a strong team of capable and reliable people over a period of time.

This is one of those motivational methods that also creates a psychological effect and goes a long way in terms of building a profitable business backed by a great team of capable Instructors.

5. Automatic calculations and timely payment of commissions 

When it comes to motivation, monetary benefits are often a major source of happiness for any human being.

Perhaps, paying commissions to Instructors regularly for all their hard work and allowing them to track their commissions freely will mean a lot to your Instructors and you.

How will this motivate your Instructors?

  • Stick to the organisation – Rewarding Instructors with the right amount of commissions for their efforts and hardwork will encourage them to stay on and give their best at all times.
  • Regular payments – Regular payment of commissions ensure that they are able to fulfill their personal goals along with your organisational goals.
  • Easy tracking – Your Instructors will easily be able to track all the details regarding their commissions in an instant right from their dashboard.

Let’s take a look at how this will benefit you

How will this benefit you?

  • Increase in retention – Ensuring regular and timely payment to your Instructor will lead to increase in Instructor retention.
  • Builds confidence – Timely payment and regular increase in commissions establishes Instructors confidence on your organisation.
  • Automatic calculation – The plugin will automatically calculate the commissions, thereby, reducing your efforts and saving your time.

Commissions play an important part in motivating your Instructors and with WISDM Instructor Role plugin for LearnDash, you can execute this task smoothly without any hassle.

The way forward

Every business owner’s dream is to nurture, grow and lead their business to the highest peak of success. At the same time, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that an organisation without its employees will crumble to pieces.

Being a LearnDash LMS owner, it is important to have Instructors in place who’ll act as your growth pillars and what’s more important is that your instructors stick with you through this journey.

To keep your students happy and satisfied, the only way forward is to ensure that your Instructors are motivated at all times.

Having said that, if you have questions/queries, feel free to reach out in the comment section 🙂

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