An Overview of Gutenix and Astra Subscriptions for Multi Builder

Gutenix Astra Subscriptions

Have you heard anything about the term page builder? Nowadays multiple builders of any taste are in high demand among both professional developers and newbies.

Because of their simplicity and user-friendly interface, page builders are quite popular among developers. No page builder requires coding skills and, furthermore, you can find the one, which will perfectly suit your purposes.

In our article, we will tell you something you’d like to learn about page builders, and also we will try to compare Gutenix and Astra themes, which consist of a diversity of pre-made site templates inside and can have amazingly useful and helpful subscriptions.

The page building process is highly important for your website, and multi builder theme is exactly what you need to play with stylish designs and dozens of templates on-board.

Stay with us and let’s dive into the topic. 

What’s beneficial in themes for multi builders

Let’s start with the definition of a multi builder theme. It is a theme, which works equally perfect with, for instance, Elementor and Gutenberg. Such themes have a bunch of benefits and advantages. With the great and instantly growing number of WordPress themes, it may be hard to find the right one. 

Commonly, in case the theme is designed for multiple page builders, it is equipped with a wide variety of pre-designed websites, which are completely ready-to-use. The owner of such a theme can find a template for any topic and build a multi-functional website.

You are able to pick the template that will suit your topic and purposes, whether it is a fitness blog or a business website.

What is more, multi builders make the workflow simple and enjoyable, save your time and money, and are very smooth in performance. The customization process is also very comfortable and interesting, you can explore the number of features that will help your website to gain an engaging design and excellent functionality

Gutenix vs. Astra – an experience-based overview

Let’s move further and try to highlight the main advantages of the Gutenix and Astra subscriptions. Both Gutenix and Astra has free and paid versions. These WordPress themes are focused on working with multiple page builders, which will help all users to quickly start working on the creating of a website. The free versions have a bunch of the various options, whereas the paid ones can help you to expand the possibilities of your editor. Let’s take a detailed look at both!

Gutenix theme

The free version of the Gutenix theme is a multi-functional tool for building complex web pages with neat structure and layouts. Choose one of the 8 unique header layouts, decide on the page structure, whether it will be full-width or boxed. The ready-made sidebar can be expanded with multiple add-ons, including Contact Form 7 and official WooCommerce plugin. 

Gutenix Astra Subscriptions

Gutenix is totally compatible with the Elementor, Brizy, and Gutenberg page editors. What is more, it is Retina and WPML ready, so your website will look amazing on each type of screen and device. The loading speed of the theme also impresses. Gutenix scores 96% according to the Google Speed Insights!

Astra theme

Talking about the Astra free theme, it has all the chance to impress you from the first sight. Bright and colorful design accompanied by the multiple page builders collaborations will assist you in building any kind of website.

Gutenix Astra Subscriptions

The theme is extremely comfortable to work with. It is compatible with Elementor and Beaver builders, which gives you the ability to customize your website without any effort in a pair of clicks. Astra is as well WPML ready, which will help you to promote your services and spread your ideas all over the world. Moreover, you can also upload the WooCommerce plugin and easily turn your website to an online store.

Comparison of the Gutenix and Astra subscription options

While both Gutenix and Astra free themes have a wide range of options, their Pro subscriptions can help you to step out of the crown and gain even more benefits. Both contain a variety o features and various plans, so you will undoubtedly find the needed one.

What is more, Gutenix and Atra subscriptions are quite affordable both for professionals and newcomers. Let’s explore them in detail!

Gutenix Pro Subscription

The Gutenix Pro subscription plan has 2 variations, Annual and Lifetime. They both consist of an absolutely equal pack of features, however, there is a little difference between them, which makes a Lifetime subscription much better. The plans include: 

  • 30+ pre-made templates for Elementor, Gutenberg, and Brizy builders; 
  • multifunctional Gutenix free theme; 
  • powerful ZeGuten plugin with a collection of blocks; 
  • +6 fresh starter templates each month; 
  • Gutenix Pro add-on full of additional features; 
  • competent and experienced support. 

Gutenix Astra Subscriptions

As for the price, the Annual plan comes for the 49$ and the Lifetime plan for the 125$. What is more, to the end of June, you can get them 50% off and save your pocket. 

Astra Pro Subscription

Once you get Astra, you also get 3 types of pricing plans. They are Astra Pro, Mini agency bundle, and Agency bundle. Same as with Gutenix subscription, you can get them with an annual or lifetime subscription. 

Let’s take a glance at three Astra plans. 

Astra Pro is available for $41/$249 with the pack of features: 

  • Pro Astra tools; 
  • 20+ templates on different topics; 
  • friendly support team; 
  • tutorials with documentation and videos. 

You can buy Mini Agency bundle for $169/$499 with all the options and tools from the Astra Pro plan, plus: 

  • WP portfolio plugin; 
  • some Elementor or Beaver builder add-ons.

Agency Bundle is available for $249/$699 with all the benefits from the Astra Pro plan, accompanied by: 

  • Limitless number of addons for Elementor and Beaver page builders;
  • Convert Pro Plugin.
  • Schema Pro Plugin
  • SkillJet Academy
  • the future plugins will be added to this plan.

Gutenix Astra Subscriptions

Final words

A few years ago a chance to use a WordPress theme with multiple page editors was a kind of magic. Now it’s a reality that will help you to live up your wildest dreams.

There is no doubt, that both  Gutenix and Astra subscription plans are affordable and worth trying. These two can be a great example of how perfectly the multi builder themes work. Don’t forget that it is completely up to you which one to choose, but we highly recommend you explore all of them to have fun and enjoy the results. 

Nowadays working with the WordPress themes for multi builders is one of the best decisions. The Gutenix and Astra subscriptions will assist you in enriching the functionality of the future website and ease the process of customization. 

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