Places to Find the Best Premium Shopify Themes for your Shopify eCommerce Store

Best Premium Shopify themes

Last updated - February 24, 2020

If you have a Shopify store, you would want to make it look unique and attractive. You can manage the look and feel of the site with the help of the numerous themes available. When you look for a the best premium Shopify themes, it is important that you find it from one of the reputed resources for WooCommerce. In addition to Shopify themes store, you will be able to find good premium Shopify themes from a range of third party developers as well. In this article, we will list out some of the best resources to find the best premium Shopify themes for your Shopify eCommerce store.

Shopify themes store

One of the most reliable options to find a suitable theme for your Shopify store would be the themes store itself. You will be able to find a range of beautiful themes perfectly suitable for your Shopify eCommerce store here. The list includes both premium and free options. This will help you get started without much monetary investment during the early days of your business. As you store grows with more traffic and sales, you can choose a better premium theme suiting your products.

Best Premium Shopify Themes
Shopify themes store is one of the most preferred options to find the Best Premium Shopify Themes

There are several filtering options to let you choose the best theme for your Shopify store. You can browse the collection based on popularity, compatibility to your inventory, layout, etc. It also allows you to filter the collection based on the industry. There are varied options for art and photography, fashion, electronics, home stores, and more. Most of the themes available on Shopify themes store have advanced features to highlight your products in the best light.


Themeforest offers a large number of Shopify themes for you to choose from. You will be able to find more than 1000 specialist themes for your Shopify store. All these themes are made by experienced designers and developers who are part of Envato’s global community. All themes featured on the site go through rigorous quality testing, and as a result you can rely on this website to find the best premium Shopify themes.

Best Premium Shopify Themes
Themeforest is a popular resource that will help you find the Best Premium Shopify Themes.

On the site, you can refine your searches based on different parameters. Some of these include price, sales figures, star rating, year added, compatibility with specific technological tools, etc. You can also sort themes based on current trends and overall popularity as well. You can find themes starting from a price of $4 on this website.

Out of the Sandbox

This is one of the most reliable third party theme developers for Shopify according to experts in the domain. You will be able to build an attractive Shopify store with minimal time and efforts using their themes. The themes are good looking and at the same time highly functional to ensure good conversion rate on your store. Also keep in mind out of the Sandbox is an official partner of Shopify and has been making exceptional themes exclusively for the platform for a few years now.

best premium Shopify themes
Out of the Sandbox creates themes exclusively for the Shopify platform, and is a great place to find the best premium Shopify themes.

It is pretty easy to install and set up a theme on your Shopify store. Out of the Sandbox provides an extensive range of articles and videos to help you with the configuration as well. With the help of a Theme Updater App, you will be able to test their themes before purchase as well as get updates for your theme. You will also find an option on Shopify themes store to have a preview of the themes.


You will be able to choose some of the best premium Shopify themes from TemplateMonster. They offer a range of themes that are easy to install and will make you site look stunning and unique. All their themes are responsive and offers a superior user experience to your customers irrespective of the device they are using. TemplateMonster ensures that with their themes, you will be able to handle the varied aspects of your store management, such as product organization, inventory updates, etc., effortlessly.

Best premium Shopify themes
TemplateMonster is a reliable resource to find some of the best premium Shopify themes.

Each theme from TemplateMonster has its own set of installation and configuration instruction, which makes it quite easy for even beginners to get started. With the Bootstrap framework, they ensure that your store always portrays a modern design. Also, it imparts great flexibility so that you can easily personalize your web store according to your design interests. You can clearly rely on TemplateMonster to find a great Shopify theme that would make your store captivating and successful.

Pixel Union

Pixel Union offers a range of Shopify themes that you can install on your eCommerce store. These themes will helps you create a professional looking web store and help you build your brand effortlessly. They also make sure that all your eCommerce features are in tact and your store’s sales figures are growing consistently. Naturally, with a great customer experience presented by these themes, your site should be acquire more customers easily.

best premium Shopify themes
With a bunch of user friendly themes, Pixel Union has become a preferred destination to find the best premium Shopify themes.

On the Pixel Union website, you will find varied themes suitable for different business scenarios. You will find themes suitable for large volume sites or wholesale stores, ones specifically designed for online marketplaces, or even for a single product store. Depending on your requirement, you can find themes that are flexible for a lot of customization, as well as themes that allow you to create stunning visuals.

All their themes follow the best practices of design, and are SEO friendly, responsive and customizable. Once you purchase a theme, you will get free updates as well. Furthermore, you will get access to a dependable customer support team when you purchase one of the popular themes from Pixel Union.

PSDCenter Themes

PSDCenter themes is a popular resource to help you find themes suitable for a variety of eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. All their themes are functionally oriented, and ensure the best performance of your site at all times. In addition to this, you will be able to personalize the theme settings to get the desired look and feel for your eCommerce store. You can find themes suitable for a range of industries such as apparel, cosmetics, sports etc., on their website.

best premium Shopify themes
With a couple of options, PSDCenter themes is another resource that you can explore to find some of the best premium Shopify themes.

All the themes are responsive, and make sure your customers find the best experiences on desktop as well as mobile devices. Furthermore, you will get reliable support if you face any issues with their themes. And you can get help to customize your themes according to the different business requirements you may face at times. If you are looking for an attractive Shopify theme that offers modern designs and superior user experience, you can check out PSDCenter themes.


Outlane themes offers some of the best looking Shopify themes that will help you create a beautiful Shopify eCommerce store. These themes will ensure that your Shopify store performs optimally and offers the best experience for your customers. In fact, they offers a seamless integration with Shopify as they are developed with the same fundamental principles that drive the Shopify platform.

best Shopify premium themes
With eye catching designs and keen attention to detail, Outlane themes develop some of the best Shopify premium themes you can purchase.

Moreover, when you purchase an Outlane theme, you will get free access to Outlane graphics bundle. This will help a lot with your marketing efforts as you will get access to creative vector animations that will liven up your website. And you will find extensive documentation and tutorials that will help you install and configure the theme without hassles. Also, you will be able to customize these themes efficiently to suit diverse business scenarios you may encounter in the daily functioning of your Shopify eCommerce store.

Also, they offer limited period free installation help on their site. You can request for a free installation when you purchase a plugin from them. They also offer an option to help you customize the design of your Shopify eCommerce store at a premium. You can request for a quote if you require custom design services.

Find the best premium Shopify themes for your store

Before you start looking for a theme, you should have a clear idea on your requirements. It is always great to do an analysis of your products and specific needs of your customers. Once you find a few options that you think will suit your business, you can compare the features to identify the best one. You might also need to test a theme to understand how it looks before finalizing a purchase. Most of the premium themes on Shopify themes store offer a 14-day trial period. It is also worthy to note that a lot of third party developers do not offer refunds after a purchase.

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