How To Make Money From Dropshipping Business – 5 Things Entrepreneurs Do

How To Make Money From Dropshipping Business – 5 Things Entrepreneurs Do

Last updated - February 13, 2024

Certainly, everybody wants to be their own boss, but things start and end with the uniqueness that you possess within yourself. Quotes like ‘being your own boss’ seem attractive sometimes, but they cannot be your reality if you don’t have any idea. Are you too fed up with your daily routine and trying to set up your own business? If yes, then these appalling lines will surely yield a new enthusiasm in you and will propel you even harder to accomplish your set goals. 

From a writer’s perspective, we see things as they are and try to stimulate positivity among the readers. But, we represent the authentic facts that need to be presented more genuinely before the readers. This happens when we attempt to write motivational and informative content for budding entrepreneurs. Still, in this informative blog, we have mentioned the outright information linked to the dropshipping business and the quick fixes that can turn your idea into reality. 

Are you thinking of selling a product online, even without manufacturing or producing it at your own workplace? Who thought it would be a reality before the invention of the internet? Let us tell you. The idea of dropshipping is not that new to this world. The contemporary look of dropshipping is a product of various technologies we will cover in the later part of this blog. Before the internet, like in the 60s and 70s, the vision of drop shipping came from an idea to use mail orders for making virtual connections with potential customers. Mail orders are the catalogs used to portray the products to the customers that can be ordered through a phone. This idea has nothing but the customer’s comfort that purchasing is an easy task and helps companies penetrate the market more efficiently.

After the advent of the internet, such mail orders were gradually replaced by eCommerce stores, but the idea remained the same. So why should you start a dropshipping business if this is turning out to be an age-old tradition? People face such fear before trying anything new, but believe us; we can make this work for you. The idea of marketing is a century-old but still working. It’s all about the pace that you keep with the evolution. 

Let us tell you about the dropshipping business model. 

It is evident that walking on the roads aimlessly will never take you to your desired destination. What is required here is an ideal strategy, and a successful plan needs the right amount of research to help you determine your goals. Dropshipping refers to a store that doesn’t produce or keep the stock of the products that it sells. 

It is basically a collaborative effort that involves three parties: the merchants (you), the supplier, and the customer. The merchant displays the products on his online platform or a marketplace like Shopify, WordPress, Spocket, etc. The customer that places the order from your online marketplace and the supplier who dispatches the product to the customer. The entire difference in the cost that is paid by the customer and the wholesale price offered by the supplier will be your profit margin. 

How to make an online dropshipping store website?

Now, having inefficient technical knowledge is no more a limitation. Multiple alternatives can be beneficial for designing a fantastic store website for your dropshipping business. WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce provide the best user experience and compelling interface.


Set up a WordPress website and install WooCommerce. Likewise, you can choose creative themes to help you display your products. You can also install plugins like Dropified, Checkout manager, and OptinMonster.   


Making dropshipping easier, WooCommerce plugins make it effortless for entrepreneurs to automatically fulfill the order, built-in image editor, product customization, etc.    


Another virtual online platform for entrepreneurs to establish their online product stores is Shopify. Create a Shopify account, select the design for your store, add products, and launch a dropshipping website. 

5 Things Entrepreneurs Do 

Are you familiar with the fact that the dropshipping business offers a success rate of 10%? So, what do you need to carve out a successful business out of dropshipping? Yes, there are a lot of online software and tools that entrepreneurs use for flourishing a trusted and impeccable dropshipping business. 

1. Identify the right niche

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Why opting for a particular niche is essential for a dropshipping business. Selecting a niche narrows down the efforts, you throw in while marketing and hunting for a potential customer. A niche is crucial to build your audience base, identify appropriate marketing as well as content strategy, and target the demands of your customers. The online tools will help you determine the demands of the product in the market. The recent data suggests that health and personal care, kitchen and groceries, and wardrobe and accessories are highly demanded and can turn out to be a promising niche for your dropshipping business. However, such search results vary from place to place and depend on the location targeted by your business. 

  • Facebook Audience Insights: Being the broadest social network on the internet, it is the best dropshipping business tool when it comes to selecting a proper niche. It offers the data on Demographics, Page likes, Locations, and Activity. 
  • Google keyword planner: Apart from this, the Google keyword planner is also the most suitable place where you can explore the demands of a specific product. Just type a product you plan to place on your dropshipping website and explore various fields like average monthly searches, search deviation in a specific duration, and search locations.    
  • Google Trends: To get more detailed insight into the demands regarding a specific product, you can rely on google trends. It provides you with the options like the search interest over time, geographical concentration, trending terms in the market, and seasonality.  

2. Powerful brand identity

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A brand is what defines your company’s goals in front of your customers. Also, a promising and reliable brand identity can be valuable for establishing a trusted relationship between the customer and the company. The brand enables you to retain a specific customer base for your product as well as for your company. Various factors are relevant when it comes to setting up a powerful and global brand identity. It starts with identifying your audience and setting up the right product for them. It also involves selecting a name for your business, creating a powerful brand story, also the promising use of brand colours, fonts, and the imagery you use while creating a lot of impact on the customer. For better results, you can use visual content, logo, website, presentation, and social media. The tools that are useful and are available for free are:

  • Font pairing tools 
  • AI-powered logo generators
  • Social media kit generators
  • Color palette generator

3. Booming trends of Automation tools

Years back, if you had said this to me, I would have never believed it. But with the evolution of the information technology and software industry, it is possible to automate numerous functions in your dropshipping business. What are automation and the role of automated tools in this industry? Multiple repetitive tasks are faced by the professionals associated with the dropshipping industry. Automation software can be used for adequate management and make your work smoother than before. You may need to compete with your competitors to make an effective online presence. For this, email marketing, text messaging software, and product management can be the key. 

Email marketing automation tools:

  • MailChimp: If you are seeking a tool that can automate your entire email marketing campaign, MailChimp can be the best option. You can save templates, store contacts in the internal database, and also provide a simple yet intuitive interface to the users. 
  • Mailjet: Email marketing automation becomes an effortless task if you have hands-on experience with the appropriate software. Features like cost-effective pricing, convincing inboxing rate, and features like saving templates are vital to providing a smooth user experience.  

Task Automation Software:

Automated tracking details through software: It would be even better to make your customers aware of the arrival date, shipping details, and expected arrival times to make your services even more efficient. ClickPost integrates with multiple shipping carriers and online platforms to provide you with the best details. 

Auto Update Inventory software: Mostly, the management of inventories is essential to update the entire inventory and keep the right track of your stocks, changes in the products and reconstructing work with the supplier. You can use various software and tools available to promote inventory management, and DataQuick can sort specific issues faced by entrepreneurs.  

4. Show up at prominent eCommerce events 

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How do eCommerce events help you in doing a fantastic dropshipping business? Undoubtedly, getting yourself updated with the latest trends in the market will never go in vain, mainly if you are in such a dynamic industry. The biggest mistake that entrepreneurs commit is making distance from the contemporary trends in the market. Making a revolutionary change and exponential growth needs an authentic idea. Ideas are free, and attending certain events presents you with an opportunity to connect with many enlightened brains that can drive a passion for the work. Following the mistakes that others made will take you nowhere. If you are truly an entrepreneur, get inspired and emphasize learning successful business strategies.

5. Offer phenomenal customer service

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Apart from automated tools and software, the one thing that is of paramount importance is the flexibility of your service. Having an enthusiastic team of customer service executives dedicated to offering a fantastic user experience is essential to developing a certain amount of trust in your customers. Following a fair policy for customer support and communicating directly with your customers can make a game-changing impact on your dropshipping business. 

Some pro tips that can assist you in making a concrete brand image are discussed below: 

  • Customer experience is directly connected to customer retention.
  • Robust customer service will help you get brand-loyal customers. 
  • Learning the significance of customer service in exploring other marketing opportunities.  
  • Understand and implement an effective FAQ section on your official portal.
  • Get familiar with your customers.

Way Forward:

All our efforts were entirely dedicated to building healthy business strategies for entrepreneurs. However, we also recognize the challenges they encounter, like in the planning phase, investing in the best human capital, and dealing with criticism. Still, we have tried to provide you with guidance in every possible way. Just come out with the right niche that suits the contemporary market and your interest. It will help you present your product with confidence in front of your customer. Work on your plans, and do not forget to evaluate them from time to time. We wish you all the luck and prosperity you want in your career.

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