How a WordPress live chat plugin helps with quicker pre-sales responses to boost your sales

Pre-sale responses |live Chat Plugin

Last updated - July 30, 2021

“Hi, How can I help you?” – A pop-out chat box from most of the websites looks quite a compelling way to grab the attention of random visitors, right?

Live Chat is one of the popular ways to grab the attention of internet users to channelize potential customers into the business. The internet is strongly enforcing bigger and powerful sales goals for businesses to grow and multiply their client strength.

It is obvious that diverse sales strategies are the driving force of any business. Every business seeks an opportunity to bring in more and more customers to the business. With new and upcoming technologies galore, the consumer community is highly demanding and meeting their needs is a profoundly comprehensive process. Sales are quite intricate when considering canvassing customers for the growth of the business. To boost sales and bring in potential customers, businesses are implementing convincing methods that are much more promising to business growth.

How to use WordPress live chat plugin for presales

When you consider presales, it is a proactive approach to the customers to convince them to buy a product or service. Most live agents monitor the website and analyze the customer’s behavior through their page visits or even previous inquiries to derive from conclusions. Various methods are used and implemented successfully to ensure the business sales are augmented.

The following are a few popular methods to strengthen your business sales :

Adding CRM to the live Chat

Integrate Live Chat with CRM

When a live chat is clubbed with a CRM, the power to augment sales is multiplied. With CRM, it is easier to track the details of the visitors. Hence, every visitor is yet another lead for the business. With this, every conversation is a lead or even an upsell of a product. Using CRM, the overall customer experience can be enhanced facilitating the customer to use any preferred channel for communication with the businesses. With live chat and CRM integration, it is easier to fetch relevant data about the customer and it helps the business to provide relevant services and information to the customers. Multiply your leads by integrating with tools like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Google Analytics, etc. Additional marketing tools and CRM is the ideal way to generate leads from every potential source.

Live Chat as a lead generator

Lead generation and live chat

Live chat is mostly an ideal way to keep an intact conversation with customers who land on business websites. It has become the primary objective of generating leads from websites. Most of the leads prefer to chat with the agents of the businesses and then get to know the details of the products, rather than wait for the responses via mail or calls. Data submitted by visitors are potential leads for businesses.

Proactive support using agent-initiated conversation

Agent Initiated conversation || live chat plugin

Most of the time, customers keep navigating through pages and remain skeptical about what they want. In these cases, the agents monitoring the website can easily initiate a conversation with the customers on the basis of relevant data procured from their page visits and product visits. In this way, an active conversation can be initiated assisting the customers in a better way.

AI-enabled chatbots

AI enabled Chatbots || Live chat plugins

Most of the time, it is not easy for agents to be online. This is when Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbots come handy. It will automatically answer to the customers who are requiring assistance. Moreover, powered by AI, the chats are completely controlled to provide the required assistance.

Pre-chat forms

Prechat form || live chat plugin

Whenever the agent is offline, using pre-chat forms is ideal. These pre-chat forms indicate business responsiveness to users. The customer can easily fill out the form and any queries that are taken care of by the agents when they are available online. In this way, the communication remains intact and the business will never lose data. Pre-chat forms improve lead quality. Much more customized forms with more pre-defined queries are also ideal which is used as a lead for future purposes.

Integrating with Knowledgebase

Connecting Knowledgebase to Live chat

When a customer has a query, a knowledge base comes handy. Documented pre-customized solutions expedite the process of lengthy conversation. However, knowledge base integration is an ideal way to provide solutions to customers.

Use the live chat to upsell and cross-sell

Upselling & Cross Selling || Live Chat plugin

Upselling and cross-selling is a good way to canvas your customers. It also leads them to new products. It is easy to determine customer behavior online with page visit history and their purchase history. With this data, you can easily promote upsell and cross-sell products. It also becomes easy to navigate them side-by-side using a live chat.

WSChat WordPress Live Chat

WSChat is an awesome WordPress plugin that offers a live chat solution with a wide range of advanced features. Apart from helping to resolve customer queries in quick time, it offers great scope to follow up on sales leads as well. Your agents will be able to monitor active visitors on the site and initiate chat conversations proactively.

Furthermore, it offers advanced features to engage customers when agents are not available online. The AI-integrated chatbot will make sure that you can respond to customer queries more effectively with automated responses. WSChat also offers extensive customization options to help you control the appearance and features of the chat widget. You can personalize the background colors as well as different options available on the chat widget header.

Automated responses could really improve customer experience on your site.
A quick glance at the features
  • Configure a live chat widget on your WordPress site.
  • On-premises tool that ensures complete control to store owner.
  • Option to track the active visitors on your site.
  • Agents can initiate conversation.
  • Use emojis for better chat interactions.
  • Customize chat header options.
  • Users can send webcam videos, file attachments and ratings through the chat header options.
  • Email notifications when a chat is initiated.
  • AI-integrated chatbot through Dialogflow integration for automated responses.
  • Integration with Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.
  • Create unlimited agent profiles.

To Conclude

Live Chats are an ideal way to navigate your users to potential customers in a hassle-free manner. Offering much larger interactions and choices, chats are predominantly a better way to lure your customers into buying your products.

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