A Few Aspects to Focus on to Improve your WooCommerce Marketing Strategies


Marketing strategies are continuously evolving in the digital age that we are living in. If you are maintaining a WooCommerce site, you might be in a constant search for new marketing avenues. In fact, there are several promising new developments with artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, it is always important to ensure that you are focusing on some of the basic aspects of an online business. In this article, we will focus on how you can improve your WooCommerce marketing strategies by rightly focusing on the key areas of your website.

How to improve your WooCommerce marketing strategies?

Here are a few tips you need to focus on to improve your WooCommerce marketing strategies.

A fast loading website

Regardless of your marketing and advertising efforts, you will not find much success if you are not offering a great user experience on your website. A fast loading website is one of the basic essentials of an eCommerce site. If you are on the WooCommerce platform, that itself is a great step, as it is a lean and mean tool. However, there might be several cases of “feature-creep” that you might face with the indiscriminate use of plugins for added features. Always keep a check on the number of plugins you are using. Get rid of the ones that are not fundamental to your store strategy.

The choice of hosting service is another important aspect regarding the speed of your WooCommerce site. You need to opt for a hosting service that offers you flexible plans to help you scale smoothly.

Best hosting services for a speedy WooCommerce store

Here is a list of recommended hosting services for your WooCommerce store:

Great WooCommerce integration is ensured at all levels with Cloudways

You can read about each of these options in more detail here.

If it is too much of a task for you to consistently maintain a WooCommerce website, you can check out the services of WP Buffs, a dependable bunch of WordPress WooCommerce experts.

Ensure easy navigation

Another significant aspect of a superior user experience is how the customers are able to navigate on your store. If the navigational flow on your site is confusing, again there are chances that prospective customers will leave without a purchase. Offering efficient filtering options and advanced product search options are mandatory requirements for every WooCommerce store.

Your product search option should be simple and derived from a perspective of the customer. You should equip your product title and other content in accordance to the search terms that your customers use. This way, you are making it easier for customers to find your products directly from search engines. Optimizing your search field for long tail keywords can be an innovative prospect for your site. You should be able to provide relevant results to customers even when they use casual terms in their searches. You can achieve this by employing some machine learning and analyzing search patterns on your store.

Read more about some of the efficient WooCommerce product search plugins here.

Provide convenient filtering options

Product filters offer easy options to customers to get to the right products. Customers should be able to search for products based on several criteria on your store. Categories, price, tags, attributes, etc. are some of the common criteria used by customers while filtering products. If you have regular sales on your store, you can consider sale as a filter option too. Customers should be able to filter out all your products that have a sale price. Read more about WooCommerce Product Filter plugins here.

With a simple user interface and great filtering options, this plugin helps a lot in improving the customer experience on your WooCommerce store.

Voice searches

An important feature that can prove to be useful in product search would be voice search. As voice technology is finding new acceptance through smartphones, smart speakers and IoT, search marketing needs to be focused on voice as well. If you find a considerable volume of voice searches in your domain, you can start optimizing your product content for text as well as voice.

Focus on mobile

As mobile has become one of the driving forces of eCommerce, marketers are focusing more on the platform. You need to have a responsive website to start with. Optimizing your site for mobile, creating a native app for your site, etc., too has become a requirement for the modern eCommerce store. Another important aspect you need to focus on is mobile advertising. Let us quickly look at some of the popular WordPress tools that will help you with all these options.


This plugin helps you add a mobile theme to your website automatically. As it makes your store content mobile friendly, search engines too would give better preference to your site. The plugin is recognized by Google and will be a great option to make your site more mobile friendly. Users with all knowledge levels can use this plugin, as the settings panel is quite intuitive and user friendly. It will help you set up a mobile theme of your choice, while leaving your desktop theme as it is. The plugin is hugely popular in the WordPress repository, and will be a great option to check out if you want to ensure the mobile-friendliness of your site.

WPTouch is one of the most popular WordPress mobile solutions currently available.


Having a mobile app of your own has become an essential requirement of every WooCommerce store owner. A mobile app will give you better prospects to stay connected to your customers, and ensure long term collaborations. With Appmaker, you will be able to customize your own Android or iOS app fulfilling all the latest design standards. You will be able to personalize the look of your app with multiple in-built themes. Moreover, you will be able to manage the content, and navigational aspects of your app from a single dashboard.

It also offers great features such as push notifications and analytics insights that would complement your WooCommerce marketing efforts really well. You will also find hassle-free support for all your payment gateways and multiple languages. They offer a free trial, which will give you a good look at the Appmaker tool.

Advanced Ads

This is a feature-rich option to manage your WordPress ads. You can manage ads on multiple platforms effortlessly with the help of this plugin. It works with all types of ad networks including Google AdSense, Ad Manager, Amazon ads, etc. You will find features like Google AdSense violation checks and Ad Health integration, which you probably won’t find in any other tools. The plugin offers large number of features to test and optimize ads, and it offers unlimited ad units.

Focus on search engine optimized content

Content marketing, in the traditional sense, used to be a second fiddle to other common marketing approaches. In the current scenario, the perspective has really changed among eCommerce store owners. This is because an active focus on content marketing provides a two way channel with your customers and prospective buyers. When traditional marketing efforts consider sales as their primary objective, content marketing focuses on educating the audience. When you establish yourself as a leader in your domain, chances are high that search engines will pick your content more.

As the engagement rate problem solving scope increases through efficient content marketing, your sales figures too will rise. Even though content marketing in itself is not a new thing, you can work out several interesting strategies to boost.

Make full use of analytics options

An eCommerce store owner finds quite a lot of options when it comes to gathering analytics insights. The trick is to figure out how to track the all important data that makes a difference to your marketing strategy. Take a look at a tool that will give you some actionable insights regarding your content marketing efforts.

Google Analytics Pro

You will be able to get detailed analytics insights on the correlation between your site’s traffic and various eCommerce events. Since you have a WooCommerce store, it is really important to track eCommerce events on your site. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to capture several important metrics like average order value, sales by product or category, conversion rate, etc. Once you install and set up this plugin, you will be able to access all the details from your Google Analytics account.

Explore new scope for social media promotions

Social media is reinventing itself everyday as a great marketing platform. It is important to invest wisely in various channels to reap the maximum benefit. Rather than blindly offering products to an audience, most social media channels offer a chance to make a targeted approach. Now, let’s look at some of the popular options available with WooCommerce for social media initiatives.

WooCommerce Instagram

An average eCommerce customer looks for the opinion of a fellow user to understand the value of a product. That is the reason why product reviews and images are so important to a WooCommerce marketing strategy. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to include Instagram images on your WooCommerce product pages. So, when customers share your products on their Instagram pages, you can display those photos on your product pages.

Convert Instagram engagement into sales with the help of this simple plugin syncing your WooCommerce store with your Instagram account.

Setting up this plugin is quite easy. All you have to do is to add a hashtag on your product pages, and all the available images with that particular hashtag will be available for display. If you want to customize the title, layout, etc., you can use the available filters in the documentation.

Facebook for WooCommerce

This is actually two extensions in one, and you will get them for free! The first helps you improve your Facebook ads management. With a targeted approach, it help you reach relevant audience. It automatically uses your product catalog to create carousel ads that will be displayed to your audience. The plugin also offers dynamic ads based on the viewing history of customers on your website. More importantly, there is conversion tracking that will help you gauge your efforts on Facebook.

The second plugin helps to increase your sales by offering an option to sell products on Facebook. Once you connect your WooCommerce store and your Facebook account, your products will be automatically synced. This will help you incorporate an alternate sales channel to your WooCommerce store.

Explore new marketing strategies

As eCommerce business models are always changing, it is a great idea to explore new avenues in marketing. However, it is important that you don’t lose focus on some of the basic approaches to marketing. The best approach would be to attempt a balanced approach when juggling between the traditional and innovative. Not all new marketing tools would be useful to you. Before getting into a new marketing platform or service, do a thorough analysis of your customer base and act accordingly. if you wish to share an insight, please leave a comment.

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