Instagram Plugins For WordPress: The Best 8 Plugins To Be Noted In 2021

Instagram Plugins For WordPress

Last updated - July 8, 2021

Are you looking to attach feeds from Instagram to your WordPress site? If so, you need to have an Instagram plugin. Here, we have brought you the best eight plugins to check out in 2021. Some plugins help you make your Instagram’s feed content, while others are the advanced tools that bring you to import location feeds or hashtags, moderation, content filtering, and more advanced options.

Let’s begin.

Social Photo Feeds – Spotlight

Spotlight brings you to merge your account on Instagram and have an attractive feed-in second. This plugin provides a live preview mode so you could get the feed you are creating without any coding. Also, you could connect multiple Instagram accounts and feeds as you want. 

Instagram Plugins For WordPress

Every option looks like point and select:

  • Find and select the colors.
  • Layout customization.
  • Attach “Load More” and “Follow” options.

The pro version or advanced version of spotlight includes:

  • Showcase posts where your Instagram profile is tagged.
  • Showcase posts for a particular hashtag on Instagram.
  • New design and multiple layout options.
  • Robust moderation and filtering tools.
  • Promotional modes to link Instagram feeds to posts, pages, etc.

It’s the only plugin source with an Elementor widget and various promotion methods to make “Link in bio” and “shop my Instagram” page types.

Instagram Feed

The plugin Instagram Feed from the Smash Balloon is a famous option you will find. You could merge your Instagram account with a single click. Then, you can make a feed on Instagram of multiple accounts or a single account.

Instagram Plugins For WordPress

Your feed appears as a simple grid in its free version, and you could select the number of columns and images to use. Also, you could add a “Load More” option to make the viewers get multiple photos and a “Follow” option to gain more followers for your profile.

You can receive more advanced options if you get a pro version which includes:

  • Instead of displaying images from Instagram accounts, it will showcase pictures from the hashtags.
  • Various layout modes such as masonry, highlight, and carousel.
  • Moderating and filtering posts.

Instagram Slider Widget

The best thing for using this Instagram Slider Widget plugin is that you can bring your feed as a slider rather than a simple grid that most plugins execute. You can use this plugin if you need the slider functions. 

Instagram Plugins For WordPress

There is no allotted settings space like the previously mentioned plugin. So, you can customize everything in the widget where you could:

  • Choose import pictures from a hashtag or username on Instagram.
  • Saves Instagram pictures automatically in the media library of your WordPress site.
  • Thumbnails or slider – choose your template.
  • Select the image count to showcase and how long to check for new pictures.
  • Customize some settings.

The widget generates the unique shortcode that you use to merge your feeds in the areas of the non-widget part when you are customizing things in the widget. 

10Web Instagram Feed

10Web Instagram Feed makes you to make a feed using the two variant templates for the free version:

  • Image browser
  • Thumbnail grid

You could bring Instagram feeds from hashtags and usernames on Instagram. Also, you can merge these two factors with the help of this plugin’s advanced version.

Instagram Plugins For WordPress


Also, you acquire options to select what extra info to showcase, like:

  • Followers count and users posts
  • Website and user bio
  • The “Follow on Instagram” option

You could obtain many layout options if you use the pro version, such as masonry, blog styles, infinite scroll, and filters to select the content on the platform to import.

Feed Them Social

Unlike other plugins, Feed Them Social is not focused on feeds, but you could use it for Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. So, if you need feeds for your every social media profile(not only Instagram), this plugin may be the best option.

Instagram Plugins For WordPress

You could select to import content on Instagram from both hashtags and usernames and either to show or not the additional info like the profile stats of a user.

You can select from two various gallery styles on Instagram, and you can add a lightbox popup and infinite scroll to your feed if you go with the pro version.

Instagram Feed Gallery

This Instagram Feed Gallery plugin provides you an easy way to showcase your feed from both hashtags and users on Instagram.

You obtain two ways – a carousel or a grid gallery and also acquire total control for the number of columns and images to use.

Instagram Plugins For WordPress

You could bring a hover overlay, and it’s the best thing about this plugin which showcases every image’s comments and likes when users hover it. However, you could open up every image through the lightbox popup.

This plugin contains a perfect feature list and excellent designs, even for its free version.

WPZOOM Instagram Widget

WPZOOM Instagram Widget is a perfect option though it provides many more features than other plugins offer. You would configure everything in the widget like other widget based feed plugin on Instagram, where you could control:

  • Image size
  • Number of columns to use
  • Number of images to use

Instagram Plugins For WordPress

If you connect your own Instagram account, you could either showcase as many images as you wish or showcase the 12 latest images from any Instagram public accounts. There’s no way to showcase a hashtag feed on Instagram. As already said, it is very simple to use, and that brings the pretty about it.


It is a famous WordPress Instagram premium plugin, where its purchasing count crossed above 15,000 times with an excellent 4.85-star rating on above 500 reviews.

It contains unique layout options and styles that you can’t get in the free feed plugins on Instagram:

  • Showcases classic Instagram look or every post on Instagram as tiles.
  • Multiple slider layouts and grid.
  • Infinite scrolling includes a perfect feature that brings you to make various carousels.

You could make feeds from locations, hashtags, and usernames where no free plugins provide the location option.

If you need, you acquire the factor to customize your feed. A unique option in this plugin is that you could add a CTA option to your posts on Instagram. For instance, you could attach a CTA button for purchasing if you run an online store.

Bonus Plugin – Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal is also an advanced and pro option with many unique features. Primarily, you can conduct an Instagram contest right from your website. You would acquire five options to showcase your feeds:

  • Collage carousel
  • Large carousel
  • Section carousel
  • Infinity slider
  • Classic grid

You have infinite factors to bring style and overlay options and huge options to control the importing content. You could get the feed exactly for:

  • More users on Instagram
  • More hashtags
  • Locations
  • Images liked by a particular user

Summing Up

Though we have shared quality plugins, you want to believe there is no need for any dedicated plugin if you work with Elementor.

Also, there are various third party Elementor plugins such as:

Also read more about effective way to integrate Instagram to your WordPress site.


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