The Most Interesting WooCommerce Trends 2020

WooCommerce Trends

Last updated - January 8, 2020

Just like anything else, WooCommerce doesn’t sit in one place. It develops and adapts to the needs of the customers and the market in general. Some trends continue being popular for years, while others appear unexpectedly. Here are the most interesting WooCommerce trends of 2019 to check out and take note of to use on your own site.

Better Mobile Shopping Experiences

Did you know that in 63.4% of the global mobile phone population access the internet from their mobile phone? This means that the bigger part of the traffic you get on your website comes from mobile devices.

In order to provide the best experience to these visitors, your site should be optimized for mobile usage. If you don’t have a mobile version of your site yet, then it’s a good idea to make one right now. Otherwise, you may be already losing tons of potential customers just because they couldn’t navigate your desktop version from their smartphone or tablet.

WooCommerce Trends

Most major online commerce sites such as Amazon developed a mobile version of their site a long time ago. After Google started prioritizing mobile sites over usual ones in its search results, a lot of site owners started panicking, but there really is nothing to worry about. As long as you have a mobile version, you should be all good.

Enhanced Product Pages

One of the biggest improvements that new technology brings is the ability to enhance your product pages. WooCommerce, for instance, now offers a 360-degree Image feature which you can use to let your visitors fully submerge into the environment you want them to experience.

WooCommerce Trends

By adding videos to your product pages, you can show your potential customers how your product looks when used, how it works, and what all of its numerous functions are. According to research, 73% more visitors who watch product videos will buy them. Moreover, 71% of consumers think the video explains the product better.

WooCommerce Trends

High-resolution images, interactive infographics, AR & VR technology all contribute to the success of your product pages. If you make your products more appealing with these features, your visitors will be more likely to purchase from you.

Personalized Shopping Experiences

Knowing your customer’s name is not the last thing you should have in your list of things to do to make your customers’ shopping experience more personalized. By knowing their location, language, and shopping habits, you can surprise them with even more individual perks.

WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration, for example, lets you add geo-targeted coupon codes and tracking codes. These can be very useful when you are targeting customers in a certain country, state or region.

Another major upside of personalization is giving your visitors an option to view the content on your site in their native language, but that is the next trend we will discuss.

Localization For International Customers

If you have gone global, then you probably know the struggle of attracting clients that simply don’t understand anything that’s written on your website. You might soon find yourself alone in this situation seeing that the internet is now dominated not only by the English language.

There are two ways you can translate your website: either use an automatic translation plugin or a manual translation one. The first option is not very reliable because automatic translation often results in numerous mistakes in the text, and sometimes even gibberish instead of proper sentences.

This is why the manual option is recommended. This means that you will have to translate the content on your site yourself or use an online localization service such as The Word Point to do this. Then, you simply insert the translations into the plugin that creates a button on your site to switch between the languages.

One of the best options for manual translation is the TranslatePress plugin. It allows you to translate content, plugins, theme, and even meta-data which means that all of the functionality of your website will be preserved in every translation.

New Interfaces For Customer Service

Yes, we are talking about chatbots. These are a great help when it comes to customer service. Even if your chatbots are not very advanced, you can still set them up to answer your customers’ questions until a human representative joins the chat.

There are already some very developed options available such as the Facebook Messenger for WooCommerce and WooWBot. With the help of BotMaker, you can easily integrate the Facebook Messenger into your site, while WooWBot is a standalone chatbot shop assistant that doesn’t require any third-party integrations.

If you are still not persuaded that chatbots are crucial for the success of your customer support, here are some statistics:

  • More than 67% of consumers worldwide used a chatbot for customer support in the past year.
  • Around 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent by 2020.
  • Chatbots can speed up the response times by answering up to 80% of routine questions.

Focus On Details

As mentioned above, integrating videos, high-quality images, and more onto your product pages can dramatically increase the chances of a customer making a purchase. However, this is also true for other pages on your site.

By using original themes from independent creators such as Visualmodo, your site stands out even more from the mass and attracts more visitors. Right now, the popularity title is held by several trends: minimalism, vibrant colors, high saturation, and asymmetrical and broken layouts.

Voice technology is also said to be contributing to a large chunk of sales. The term ‘voice commerce’ refers to purchases made when users are talking to their devices to buy something. By 2020, 50% of total searchers will use voice search.

Higher Content Quality

Lastly, the quality of your content matters a lot. Say what about marketing, but content marketing and SEO still play a large role in it. The better you optimize your content for search engines, the better you will fair.

A good idea is to start a blog to accompany your site. This will create a steady flow of new content that your potential customers are looking for (and not just product descriptions). If you care about your content’s quality, you will also be able to establish good relationships with your clients, improve your rankings, establish yourself as an expert in your niche, and so much more.


To sum up, these are definitely not all the trends you can see in 2019, but they are definitely some of the most interesting and popular ones. If you want to remain relevant and provide your customers with the best experience possible, then you have to remember these and implement them on your own WordPress site.


  1. Woocommerce is one of the simple and easy to use ecommerce platform. In this blog woocommerce trends of 2020 have so much changes which is very helpful. In Woocommerce 2020. Localization For International Customers, Personalized Shopping Experiences, Higher Content Quality are the trends in year 2020. This blog is just amazing. Thank you for sharing this blog