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Last updated - March 6, 2024

When you are running a WordPress site, you need to focus on several aspects of the site.

Regularly updating content, or new products if it is a WooCommerce store, marketing, managing users, and a lot more things need your attention.

It can get a little overwhelming if you need to take care of hosting too, in addition to all this.

This is where managed WordPress hosting becomes a great prospect for business owners who don’t have the time or technical expertise to deal with it on their own.

In this review, we will explore Kinsta, one of the preferred managed WordPress hosting services. We will try to understand how Kinsta stands apart from the rest of the competition.

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Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting Solution

With superior technology and an experienced support team, Kinsta is among the top solutions for managed WordPress hosting.

Based on Google Cloud Platform, they offer great speed and security along with daily backups.

Kinsta provides an infrastructure that’s optimized for speed and allows the private allocation of server resources for websites.

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You can expect great speed, foolproof security and excellent support from the managed WordPress hosting plan of Kinsta.

Kinsta offers a centralized system to handle all your site management needs.

From the dashboard, you can handle all the aspects of your site including visitor statistics and monitoring bandwidth.

You can also view the analytics data of each of your sites separately if you have multiple sites.

Along with WordPress sites, you can also host Applications, Databases, and Static Sites all in one place. And, one of the striking features of Kinsta is that you will find premium features in all pricing plans.

In addition, you can choose one of the optional add-ons to extend the features as per requirement.

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The collective knowledge of WordPress and related fields is one of the primary assets of the Kinsta team.

As a result, you will find features that are quite user-friendly and tailor-made for a great WordPress experience. Now, let’s take a deeper look at the standout features of Kinsta.

State-of-the-art technology

Kinsta offers excellent technology, such as Nginx, PHP 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3, Edge Caching, MariaDB, and LXD containers to start with.

This ensures that your site is able to consistently deliver the best performance. SkyRocket WP, a comprehensive WordPress solution for marketing agencies and individual businesses, asserts that migrating to Kinsta provided them the power to handle over 100 sites.

Great security features

They assure your site’s security is never compromised. For this, with their Cloudflare integration, you will see features like free wildcard SSL certificates, hardware firewalls, and DDoS attack detection.

Moreover, they are continuously monitoring your site (every 3 minutes) to make sure your site is continuously running. This way, the support team can react pretty quickly in case of any issues.

With several advanced security features, Kinsta offers great peace of mind to both experienced and new website owners.

Google Cloud platform

Kinsta is well known for blazing-fast hosting. They are backed by the Google Cloud Platform’s Premium Tier Network and C2 and C3D Virtual Machines.

With the help of 36 global data centers, you will be able to manage quick and safe data transport. You can choose a data center that is geographically closer to most of your users, and get rid of any latency issues.

On top of these, features like edge caching and HTTP/3-enabled CDN with 260+ PoPs are available for free to ensure your WooCommerce runs at maximum capacity.

Free site migrations

One aspect that discourages many website owners from switching to a better hosting service is the scare of temporary downtime.

Kinsta’s expert team will manage this especially well by assigning a temporary domain to your migrated site.

They cross-check everything before the site is live, so you can rest assured on this matter. Kinsta offers free premium migrations on each plan to handle multisite or dynamic site migrations without any issues.

Plus, unlimited basic free migrations from any host.

Daily automatic backups

Kinsta offers daily automatic backups separately for your live and staging sites.

If you want to increase the backup frequency, they offer a paid option. That way you can create backups as frequently as every hour.

This will be particularly useful if your site has dynamic content.

Prepared for traffic surges

As they are based on the Google Cloud Platform and utilize isolated container technology, you have access to an infrastructure that’s optimized for CPU-intensive workloads and provides access to a generous amount of CPU and RAM resources.

They will handle unexpected surges in traffic very well too, which might be quite challenging in a shared environment. Gadget Flow has endorsed Kinsta as one of the best hosting solutions that could handle its dynamic growth pattern.

Excellent 24/7/365 support

When you opt for a managed WordPress hosting service, one of your priorities will be to get dedicated support.

Kinsta has this covered for you, as they boast a very knowledgeable team of WordPress experts standing by you continuously.

Apart from the maintenance of the server, they will also assist in troubleshooting. They assure you a quick, well-analyzed solution for any problem that you may face.

Even big enterprises like ClickUP vouch for Kinsta’s support, by offering an affiliate program.

Priority for malware removal

Even with great security detailing, there are still outside chances for your site to get hacked.

In such an event, Kinsta offers priority fixes, which will be a matter of relief for many website owners.

Getting the support of an experienced team can help you bail out of trouble pretty quickly.

User-friendly dashboard

Managing the server aspects might be a challenging prospect for site owners who are just starting.

Here, the user-friendly dashboard of Kinsta can help a lot. Aspects like adding a new site, migrating or cloning a site, monitoring visitor statistics, etc., can be done effortlessly.

They even offer a custom-built Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool to simplify troubleshooting and debugging your site to enhance speed.

Users with a background in cPanel might find the dashboard a bit different, but you will get used to it soon with all the necessary tools handy.

The dashboard is quite user-friendly and you can manage all your sites from here.

Separate staging environment

Each of your WordPress sites will have a separate staging environment included for free. This way, you can easily test code and other features without affecting the live environment.

And, with one click, you can push the development efforts on the staging site to a live environment. You can also select what to push live; files only, database only or both.  

Suppose you require a more resource-intensive site testing environment. In that case, Kinsta also offers a premium staging add-on, perfect for conducting intensive performance and improvement tests that closely match your live website.

Developers’ toolkit

Even though we talk a lot about user-friendliness for beginners, Kinsta offers a great toolkit for developers too. It offers tools such as SSH, WP-CLI, Git, etc., to help you with any development efforts on your site.

Moreover, you can change the PHP versions and deploy projects in one click or take advantage of Kinsta’s Rest API and automate site creation and various workflows.

Range of add-ons

If you want to extend the features of your hosting service, you can find a few paid add-ons that will help.

Some of these add-ons include Nginx reverse proxy, Redis, Premium staging environments, external backups by Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage, hourly backups, and disc space add-ons.

Pricing Plans

Kinsta offers pricing plans suitable for all kinds – from small businesses with just one site, to large enterprises that handle up to 80 sites or more.

The Starter plan is available for $35 per month. This is suitable for a single WordPress install with a projected traffic of around 25,000. You will get free SSL and CDN with all the plans. With the exception of site cloning and multisite support, you will find all the premium features in all plans.

Unlike many other hosting services, Kinsta offers premium features in all their plans right from the Starter plan.

Special focus on WooCommerce

If you are running a web store with WooCommerce, you will invariably need the support of a great hosting service. Kinsta, with its team’s extensive knowledge of WooCommerce code and implementation, promises to deliver a great online selling experience.

They offer premium site migrations suitable for WooCommerce sites to ensure proper synchronization of your customer and sales data.

In addition, Kinsta offers fast server-level caching, while excluding specific WooCommerce pages like Cart, Checkout, and My Account. Also, it offers automatic bypass of the cache, when there are items in the user’s cart.

Why Managed WordPress Hosting?

Now that you have seen the features of Kinsta, let’s see a few generic facts that make managed WordPress hosting a suitable option for many websites.

Find a useful article here, if you prefer to go directly to the process of installing a new site using Kinsta.

Ensure great site performance

Your site needs to be consistently performing better for it to be really successful. The hosting service you choose really plays a big role in that.

If you are using an inexpensive shared hosting service, there are practical difficulties in ensuring this. However, with a managed WordPress hosting service, you can be spared of this concern.

Most of the popular managed WordPress hosting services use top-notch infrastructure to run your site. You might need to focus on several aspects like caching, CDN, image optimization, etc., to ensure good site speed.

A managed WordPress hosting service will take care of all this for you.

Kinsta’s infrastructure is built on top of Google Cloud’s Platform Premium Tier network and uses the latest C2 and C3D virtual machines.

It is fully integrated with enterprise-level Cloudflare and runs all sites in different isolated containers. You have free access to features like 36 worldwide data centers, HTTP/3 CDN with 260 PoPs, wildcard SSL certificates, Edge Caching, and much more.

Read more about the factors influencing your site’s search engine ranking here.

Continuous uptime

It is very important that your site is continuously available for its users. The surge in traffic or other technical reasons can cause significant downtime for your site.

This will be a concern if you are managing the hosting on your own. With managed hosting options, you can completely forget about such concerns as they will ensure continuous uptime.

Kinsta offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by the contract. Each site is scanned every 3 minutes to ensure the uptime is not compromised. 


With malware, hacking, and other security issues, it’s a scary place out there for self-hosting WordPress sites. With a managed hosting service, you can be assured that you will get the best security features for your website.

Find some of the best WordPress security solutions.


Your site will get dedicated assistance with a managed WordPress hosting service. Normally, in a shared environment you will get the basic support.

However, when it comes to resolving site functionality and performance-related issues, you can’t expect support.

In a managed environment, you will find a lot of assistance in resolving issues that hamper the smooth functioning of your site.

Kinsta’s support team is made of actual engineers and developers who are like an extension of your team, ready to help 24/7/365.

Support is easily accessible in the MyKinsta dashboard through chat and is also available in 5 different languages. 


Most managed hosting services offer daily backups. In case, your site is compromised in some manner, you can easily restore it back to a safe point.

Managing this on your own can be really expensive and time-consuming.

Kinsta performs daily automatic backups and stores the data for a minimum of 14 days, so you know your data is safe all the time.

Kinsta API 

Kinsta users can interact and connect with their Kinsta projects outside the MyKinsta dashboard through their own API.

The tool increases workload efficiency by easier retrieving data analytics, scheduling tasks such as PHP restarts, clearing cache, or even automating WordPress site creation and installing plugins like Woocommerce or Yoast.

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