Discover the Benefits of Launching a Mobile App for your WooCommerce Store

mobile app for your WooCommerce store

The consumerization of technology has opened many new avenues for businesses across the globe. It has opened a plethora of options for both, sellers, and buyers.

The number of eCommerce websites is growing rapidly, and more businesses are entering the mCommerce market as well.

In fact, in the age of smartphones, it has become mandatory for any business to offer a holistic solution. It secures your business prospects and prepares you for the future.

This is the best time for you to create an app and launch your brand in the mobile app market. And you can do so very easily with a no-code WooCommerce mobile app builder.

Clearly, building an app for your WooCommerce store can be quite advantageous. So, explore the blog further and discover some fascinating benefits.

Benefits of having an app – a statistical overview

Data is the ultimate game-changer in today’s world. So, we have compiled a list of some statistical facts that will strengthen your belief in the usefulness of a mobile app.

Explore the facts listed below and find out what each signifies:

#1: There are more than three billion smartphone users in the world.

The number of smartphone users is constantly growing, and mobile devices will determine the future of online businesses and services.

#2: Around 204 billion apps were downloaded in the year 2019.

More people are becoming aware of the benefits of app technology and harnessing it each day.

#3: The global revenue through mobile apps was around USD 462 billion in 2019.

The mobile app industry is becoming economically powerful and expanding unprecedentedly as a marketplace.

#4: 85% online shoppers prefer to use mobile apps over mobile websites.

People are spending more time and money with brands that have a mobile app. Due to its ease of use and convenience, more people like to use apps.

#5: On average, mobile users check their devices 47 times a day.

Your brand is likely to get more attention on apps than any other channel, as users spot your brand icon every time, they check their phone.

(Data Sources: AppMySite, Statista)

Commercial advantages of creating a WooCommerce app

Let us uncover some more advantages of creating a WooCommerce mobile app at large:

mobile app for your WooCommerce store

#1: Parallel revenue channel

Websites are significant when it comes to creating awareness about a brand. However, once the consumers are in, you will need apps to retain them and encourage higher conversions.

Eventually, every business needs an app that remains in sync with their eCommerce website. It builds a parallel branding and revenue channel for your brand and boosts repeat sales.

#2: Better branding and marketing

Having an app enables you to endorse your brand better amongst the consumers. Both potential or existing customers can be attracted with a high performing and easy to use mobile app.

Besides, due to proximity and one-touch access, the branding and marketing initiatives also get more attention on apps. You can use the app feed, in-app push notifications, and other tools to attract consumer attention.

#3: Ease of access and engagement

One-click access is the biggest advantage that mobile apps have over websites. Apps can also enable more offline features than websites, thereby reducing the dependency on the internet.

This ease of access works in favor of the brands and leads to better engagements and conversions. You can further amplify the benefits by offering a more personalized shopping experience.

#4: Effortless shopping experience

Apps with a smart and intuitive interface is a bliss. Such apps ensure mobility and ease and are capable of revolutionizing the shopping experience for your consumers.

Buyers just need to sign up once, and then they can continue shopping with the brand anywhere and anytime they want. It is also easier to search for the desired products, add them to the cart, apply discounts, change delivery preferences, and make secure payments using apps.

#5: Cultivation of consumer loyalty

Mobile apps can boost the cultivation of consumer loyalty and enhance the rate of retention and conversion. It becomes easier to track and monitor customer activity and offer better rewards and user experience.

Thus, apps help you earn the trust of customers even when it comes to purchases and payments. As a result, the average order values and repeat sale values also see a hike. Your regular customers turn loyal and the migration and abandonment rates decrease.

#6: Data-backed reviews and insights

As discussed above, data plays a significant role in the modern-day business and marketing scenario. Having an app enables you to track and collect more accurate and quantifiable business data.

You can calculate the number of downloads, uninstallations, impressions, payments, purchases, etc., and track the success of your brand. Also monitor and address the app reviews, ratings, and feedback to reinvent the business goals and make the experience better with each passing day.

#7: Future-ready digital infrastructure

The world is gradually turning mobile in every business vertical and realm. People are moving from desktops to mobile devices. Thus, building an app for your brand prepares you for the future marketplace.

It provides you with a “ready to conquer” infrastructure. Customers from across the world are already scrolling through the available options and searching for good brands and quality products. All you need to secure your place in this futuristic marketplace is an app.

The list does not end here…

If you think we have discussed enough benefits and reasons for you to build an app, then wait and behold! The list is not over yet.

mobile app for your WooCommerce store

Due to the revolution in the app development sector, it has become easier to build apps now. You can ditch the age-old methods of app development and take the modern route.

One does not need to hire a team of technical experts like coders, designers, etc., and wait for an app for months. We are not dependent on the laborious process anymore.

The DIY mobile app builders have emerged as a more modern and advanced solution of app building in recent times. It is being welcomed by brands open-handedly due to its adaptability and scalability.

In fact, owing to the advent of the DIY app builder tools, it is the best time to turn WooCommerce to the app. This is nothing short of a robust and valid reason to create your app now!

Build a premium app and enter mCommerce

Intrigued by the unending list of benefits? Then wait no more and build a fully-featured mobile app. Sign up for an online app maker like AppMySite and turn your WooCommerce store to mobile app.

It is a wholesome app building solution that enables you to create a high-performing native app in a directive and code-free environment. The AI-powered app builder comes with easy to grasp tools and many added benefits.

The base package enables customers to sign up for the platform, create, customize, and test the app for free. One can proceed to upgrade and publish the app for Android and iOS users.

So, go ahead and convert your WooCommerce store to app. Enter the mCommerce industry with a premium app and take your online business to new heights.

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