Top Magento Maintenance Providers for Fixes & Customization

Magento Maintenance Providers

Magento is one of the popular content management systems that you can use to create an enterprise level website. Magento has a considerable learning curve, and for someone who is not exactly technology savvy, it might be difficult to customize it. Also, if you are running an eCommerce store, it might be important for you to get timely help for a range of aspects. In this article, we are listing out a few of the popular, certified Magento maintenance providers you can consider.


Corra is one of the most popular option among Magento maintenance providers. They are reputed globally as an innovative Magento solution partner. They will be able to provide you with better business strategies and customer experience in the Magento ecosystem. This is achieved as they are involved in testing and building new Magento releases and products.

Magento Maintenance Providers
Corra is one of the most popular solution partners for Magento.

Here are a few reasons that helped Corra to be one of the top Magento Maintenance providers:

  • Over 100+ Magento 2 certifications.
  • Winner of multiple Magento partner awards.
  • Expertise in being a strategic guide and reducing project risks.
  • Offers quick Magento 2 migrations to help improve conversions.


Vaimo is a global elite partner of Magento that offers a team with over 500 experienced professionals. With great experience over a lot of Magento products, they are well equipped to help you create great experiences for your eCommerce customers. Some of the popular products created by their team include Magento Commerce Cloud, Magento Commerce, Magento Open Source Order Management and Magento BI.

Magento Maintenance Providers
Vaimo is a global elite solution partner for Magento that will offer great solutions for your eCommerce store.

When you opt for their services, they will understand your business requirements and accordingly suggest a suitable product. Overall, they are a great choice if you are looking for quality Magento maintenance service providers for fixes and customization.


Gorilla offers one of the largest pools of Magento-certified developers to help you create innovative and cost effective shopping experiences. With the experience of launching more than 100 eCommerce websites, they have a reputation as comprehensive strategic partners. Some of the services that are available include round the clock monitoring, help desk, business and IT user support, site enhancements, and long term ecommerce consulting.

Magento Maintenance Providers
Gorilla boasts one of the largest teams of certified Magento experts.

Moreover, they also offer digital marketing services to help you manage customer experience better. Gorilla also helps you integrate advanced inventory and order management features to your online store. Overall, they will make it easy for you to manage complex fulfillment scenarios and customer expectations.

Born Group

Born is another popular global elite partner that offers Magento services. Their expertise spans across design inputs, content production, eCommerce infrastructure and integrations, analytics, etc. With the help of their services, you can ensure to make your website engaging and conversion oriented.

Magento Maintenance Providers
Born offers great services to help you create a superior Magento eCommerce site.

Moreover, they also makes sure to help you provide the best omnichannel experience to your customers when you are selling through multiple retail channels. You can also get access to cloud-based applications to make deployment faster and cost effective.

Smile SAS

Smile is another major solution partner of Magento that you can depend on for customization and fixes. They have a team of over 200 experts who are regularly working on more than 100 projects a year. Some of the big enterprises that use Magento for their web development needs trusts Smile as the implementation partner. Smile has an experienced bunch of developers who will help you in achieving better productivity, business agility and conversion rates. Moreover, they offer training programs to help with different web development platforms.

Magento Maintenance PRoviders
Smile offers an experienced team and is one of the popular Magento Maintenance Providers.


eWave is a global digital agency focusing on eCommerce. They will help you set up an eCommerce store using Magento to create better customer experiences. With an innovative approach, they will help you create simple solutions for complex challenges. Their team is invested to provide you with creative strategies and comprehensive technical consulting. And, they have offices in several global locations to ensure round the clock support to clients.

Magento Maintenance Providers
If you are looking for Magento Maintenance Providers, the expert team of eWave can be of great help.


Mediotype offers comprehensive technical services to enhance your digital projects. They help you start with your project by providing strategies based on your long term business goals. Their visionary, results-oriented approaches help you create exceptional plans and achievable timelines. To help you make your online store, they will provide you with customer experience documentation, module identification and customer data integration.

Magento Maintenance Providers
Mediotype offers end to end services to help with your eCommerce project.

You can get their services for custom integrations with any backend system that you may require in your project. They also offer custom development services that may be unique to your business. In addition, Mediotype consultants will provide you with support in different areas like user experience optimization or troubleshooting.


Forix is an award-winning eCommerce service agency that offers great solutions to your  challenges while using Magento. They will help you create exceptional eCommerce stores by providing visual, structural and technical solutions at all stages of development. They will help you in planning, design, testing and building eCommerce sites for B2B sites as well as customer facing ones. With their client list including some of the big names in global business, you can trust them to provide you great technical support.

Magento Maintenance Providers
Forix has loads of experience to help you with different stages of your Magento web development.

They will help you with your Magento site maintenance by providing integrations, performance monitoring, improving workflows, security updates and more. Their unique approach in problem solving will help you manage a Magento store without headaches.

Krish Techno Labs

Krish is focused on providing holistic solutions to a wide range of web development challenges. They have solid experience in Magento and quite focused on providing innovative solutions. You will find a personalized approach in their services, as the size and scope your business is not a concern for their team. They have a methodical approach to problem solving and can be a great partner to deal with your Magento challenges. Moreover, they are recognized as a Magento enterprise solution partner.

Magento Maintenance Providers
Krish is one of the popular Magento Maintenance providers that you can rely on for creative solutions.

Balance Internet

This is a technical solution provider in Asia-Pacific region, and will help you create exceptional digital experiences. You can rely on them to improve customer engagement, optimize site performance and to enhance conversion rate. They will make good use of analytics insights to create sustainable strategies for your business growth. More importantly, they will help you as a technical partner to achieve your business goals more effectively.

Magento Maintenance Providers
Balance offers great service to help you actualize your digital goals.

Zilker Technology

With an experienced team behind them, Zilker technoloy will provide you great solutions for your digital projects. They offer an expert development team who will provide you with automation, application performance management, testing and development lifecycle. In addition, they will help you with system monitoring, security updates and even help with your hosting service management. The highlight is that you can make sure to get their service round the clock.

Magento Maintenance providers
Zilker is a popular option for Magento Maintenance providers and offers innovative solutions for enterprises.

Perficient Digital

You can expect a wide range of Magento services from Perficient Digital, a popular choice among Magento maintenance providers. They offer design and branding services, migrations, custom development and integrations. Perficient Digital is a Magento strategic partner who will offer you comprehensive solutions throughout your Magento development journey.

Magento Maintenance Providers
Among Magento maintenance providers, you can rely on Perficient as they have a wide range of services.

Binary Anvil

Binary Anvil is reputed for providing custom solutions to a variety of eCommerce needs related to the Magento platform. An official Magento partner, they offers enterprise level solutions for a large number of clients. Apart from design and development services, they also offer extension development, migrations and third party integrations.

Magento Maintenance Providers
One of the popular Magento Maintenance Providers, Binary Anvil offers comprehensive services to enterprises.


This full service digital agency will help you in designing and developing excellent eCommerce experiences. With over 80 experienced professionals in their team, they are one of the largest Magento maintenance providers in the UK. They also have several Magento 2 certified experts who will help you exceptional B2B and B2C websites. And, not surprisingly, they are recognized as Magento core code contributors.

Magento Maintenance Providers
Ayko is a great solution that offers a wide range of Magento services by expert professionals.

247 Commerce

Another London-based agency, this one offers great solutions to a large range of Magento web development challenges. They offer help in strategic consultation, web development, omnichannel eCommerce and third party system integrations. As they follow agile methodology, you can expect efficient and cost effective delivery of your business projects. They also offer a range of Magento guides and resources on their website as well.

Magento Maintenance Providers
With great experience in Magento development, 247 commerce can be a reliable partner in your Magento web development project.

Hope this list helps you choose the best among Magento maintenance providers. Leave us a comment if you want to share some insights.

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