Mobile Apps to Increase Productivity on your WooCommerce Store

mobile apps increase productivity woocommerce store

Last updated - March 9, 2020

For WooCommerce store owners, being productive means to utilize the resources they have to the full capacity. But in this digital age, it is slightly difficult to stay highly productive consistently. This happens when there are too many things to handle and there is only limited time. This is the reason why so many business owners would want an app on their phone to get things done while on-the-go.

So, it becomes important for you to choose an app that will help you increase productivity in a working environment. It will save you time and cut the extra steps needed for the same tasks that you do every day. It has the potential to make your work life easier, and help you manage and improve multiple facets of your store.

Depending on the type of your WooCommerce store, you can choose from a variety of apps that suit your workplace. But, before jumping right into the apps, let us see how these apps can make a huge difference to the performance of your online store.

Need for good apps in your online business

The degree of productivity definitely increases with the efficient planning of your work. It is really important for business owners to strategize their work before actually going for it. Planning process enhances store owners by providing the information they need to make decisions on various factors such as resource allocation. These resources can include products, employees, money, etc.

Your resource allocation should be in a way that it will enable the business to reach its objectives effortlessly. This way, the productivity will be maximized and the resources are not wasted on other not-so-important things. Moreover, planning can create a constructive path for the business to walk on.

An efficient mobile app would help business owners stay on top of various aspects of their store by continuously giving an overview of things. That way you can identify patterns in your store performance and plan well ahead to implement any necessary changes.

For example, increased demand for a specific product might inspire you to procure more of that product and keep the inventory updated. If you have a timely view of things you can talk to sales representatives or distributors well in advance. These apps are the perfect tools to predict the challenges of executing various business strategies on a daily basis.

With the above factors in mind, below is a list of useful apps for your WooCommerce store that will help you manage day-to-day business activities. You’ll find them beneficial irrespective of the size of your business.


When it comes to WooCommerce, it is extremely important for the store owners to monitor and manage their store, while they are away. This is where StorePep comes into sight. It has been designed to give you every single sales update of your store directly to your phone.banner_storepep

Image via StorePep

You can track your sales and status of the orders with the well-crafted Dashboard in the app. It displays periodic reports on various sales parameters. These parameters will provide you a quick overview of the store performance.

StorePep comes with a dedicated tab that can display the orders based on their status. So, for example, if you want to check the orders that were canceled last week, you can see them. Just select the Cancelled button under the Orders tab and it will take you to a list of canceled orders. Then you can choose the Last 7 Days option in the time filters to check out the canceled orders in the last week, and so on.

This app is capable of allowing users to manage their orders, the stocks and even customers. You can change the order status, edit product details and even update the stock quantity of a particular product. This is one of the best features that other WooCommerce mobile apps don’t offer. This feature is really handy when the store owner is on the move.

Updating customer shipping and billing address right from the app is something which can be helpful at times. And this app gives you the power to do that. Moreover, you can locate the customer address on the map directly from your app. This is really helpful when you need to check out the shipping area or just want an idea about customer’s location.

Another feature that this app offers is real-time alerts. StorePep notifies you of every new order or change in order status. It will also give you an alert whenever the stocks are low or empty. This feature is really essential for store owners, as it will help them instantly aware of any updates.

The integration of the app with your WooCommerce store is a really simple process. You just need to install the StorePep WooCommerce app integration to your WordPress just like any other plugin. After installing the plugin just install the app on your phone and enter the WooCommerce APIs to log in. The app will automatically sync your store data from your store.

This app will definitely help WooCommerce store owners to increase productivity in their business. And it will come really handy at times when you don’t have access to your store or when you are away.


Communication among team members is really important in any online business. And if you and your business partners run a WooCommerce store, then Slack is for you. This app is just like any messaging app but for professional work. Any project or work can be easily discussed and shared among team members.slacklovewoo-1

Image via Marketpress

You can integrate Slack with your WooCommerce store by installing the Slack Connector plugin. This plugin is developed by WooCommerce to help users receive notification in Slack, as soon as they happen in your store.

The motive of this app is to inform you and your team about any new event on your WooCommerce store and help optimize the teamwork. With the Slack Connector, you can define as many rules as you like. These rules include actions like choosing notifications, selecting team members, etc. This feature will ensure that you stay as flexible as possible in terms of decision-making.

Slack can be very useful if you sell products from other vendors. Because there are times when you need to explain how to customize the products according to your needs. It will be very helpful if you can simplify your explanations. Slack will help you simplify the communication between you and the vendor with its streamlined flow of communication. With the line-by-line conversation, vendors can easily refer to any particular detail quickly.

Slack has Private Channels and Direct Messages options, which when used, can help you talk only to a specific person or a team. This is helpful when you need to need to discuss some sensitive information or talk about some important project.

Now, if you want to search a certain message or even a part of a message in your conversation, you can find it with Slack. Every part of the discussion that flow in the messages, including files and notifications, is indexed and kept searchable. Moreover, when you search for frequently used topics or subjects, Slack will suggest you the most relevant messages, files or even people. This is really helpful when you need to check something quickly.

Slack will inform you whenever your store is running low on stocks or the stocks are empty. In addition to the notification feature, you can choose the type of notifications you need. You have the option to choose from various notifications like –  

  1. New Orders
  2. New Posts
  3. Backorders
  4. Low on Stock
  5. Out of Stock
  6. New Review
  7. New Customer

Slack will help business owners to increase productivity in their store by minimizing the time spent on communication and thus, maximizing efficiency in the business. Both plugin and the app are really easy to install and setup.

Zendesk Support

Zendesk Support app is an application for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets. These tickets are queries and issues submitted by the customers. Zendesk puts all customer information in one place so that everything is in a single location. It is designed to let you quickly work with support tickets on your mobile device by sorting, filtering and searching tickets.ticket-view

Image via Zendesk

Zendesk has a feature that lets your users submit tickets to the Support without even logging in. This feature is supported by the Single Sign-On function in the app. And if the users are already logged in, then the app shows them directly on your phone, without the need to register or set a new password. This feature is very secure too.

You can handle customer’s queries and issues right from the Comments section. So, you don’t have to initiate the support conversation separately. You can simply take a comment by a customer and turn it into a ticket. This deep integration of customer support is really good.

It is very easy to manage your tickets with the Zendesk app. You can respond to tickets from the app and update assignee, CCs, tags, and other ticket fields. The app lets you see the details of your tickets including comments. Uploading an attachment to a ticket is also possible with the app. You can even attach a photo to any ticket directly from your phone.  

You get real-time updates on your tickets in the notification feed. The app comes with the push notification feature. The app lets you configure and refine your notification, so you can receive updates on tickets that you want to stay in touch with.

The overall productivity in your store will increase as you will be able to solve the customer issues easily and quickly. It is very easy to install both the app and its plugin. The procedure is similar to any other app integration to WooCommerce. You can check out the complete procedure here.

Google Analytics

If you’re looking for a dedicated app that can give you real-time updates directly from your WooCommerce website, then Google Analytics is for you. The app includes built-in features to compare various data in different time periods. You can integrate it with your WooCommerce store and monitor everything that is happening in your store.GoogleAnalytics2

Image via Connection Inc.

Users can build custom data reports by the combination of various metrics. Users can choose metrics like Users, Traffic, Adwords, Sessions, etc. Moreover, the custom reports can be saved to your account and users can check them anytime with ease. This app also learns over time by reacting on how you use the app and then, generates feedback.

These feedbacks will help the app to provide you automated insights to your store. This feature is just like any news feed on the store’s performance but personalized for your store. This insight stream enables much faster and more informed decision-making that can have a real impact on your business.

Unlike any other analytics app, Google Analytics will help you understand your customers and visitors to your WooCommerce store better. It will help with that by displaying data on heavy traffic regions, website sources, referral links, etc. Moreover, you can see how many visitors on your store are converted into potential customers. This feature can help store owners figure out how compelling their store is to the people.

Google Analytics has numerous other important features that make it a sufficient package for you to analyze store performance better. It is a powerful tool that can help owners to make their WooCommerce productive.

Expectations for the future

Every day, many website owners introduce their own dedicated mobile apps. Customers often prefer apps over their websites because they are more portable and easier to use. Similarly, as WooCommerce continues to expand their platform and introduce new technologies, the demand for dedicated mobile apps will increase.

But, it is crucial to understand that these apps are not the perfect solution to your online business. Despite the various benefits of these apps, there are some factors that might affect your business growth. These factors can directly affect the productivity and efficiency on your WooCommerce store –

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Financial Investments – buying resources, new projects
  3. Online Reputation
  4. SEO(Search engine optimization)
  5. Customer Satisfaction

So, keeping these factors in mind, you can plan out your online business strategies in a way which will lead to success.      

Final Thoughts…

With everything going online, keeping your online business data available whenever you need, will make you and your company more productive and efficient. This can be achieved by using productive apps, as they are portable and can carry your WooCommerce store data.

Apps do this by making business processes faster and optimize communication between team members. This will enable business owners to get extra time to complete additional tasks and generate additional business profits. This comes from the need of productivity in the online businesses and the demand for proper resource allocation.  

And, it should be noted that apps have been reported to increase productivity in your business between 20-34%. This is a significant amount when you look at the sales and revenue.

We hope this article will give you ample insights into the productivity apps and how they help your WooCommerce store. Let us know in the comment down below on how you feel about it.



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