Most Popular Shopify Stores in the UK

Popular Shopify Stores

Last updated - November 14, 2022

Shopify is a platform for independent businesses to market themselves through eCommerce. With how eCommerce is growing every day, it’s not much of a secret anymore that if you want to sell online nowadays, you must have a website. So, millions of business owners use eCommerce platforms like Shopify to express themselves in a unique way.

How many Shopify stores are there in the UK?

The list of Shopify stores in UK has grown steadily in the United Kingdom and now there are 54,227 Shopify stores in the UK. Quite a number, isn’t it? 

Among the 54,227 stores, there is a wide variety of different businesses such as home & decor, food, clothing & fashion, cosmetics, etc. And the list goes on. If you are also the owner of the Shopify store or plan to become one, to ensure maximum conversion when accepting payments for goods or services, we recommend using the payment gateway Fondy.

Top 15 UK-based Shopify stores

It might be interesting for you to find out which are the most popular ones and what they sell to English consumers. Now, let’s take a look at these Shopify stores:

Giulio Fashion

Cambridge’s luxury fashion house Giulio has been in business since 1982. It’s been selling the latest in men and women fashion in King Street for more than thirty years, in the middle of the beautiful buildings of the world famous Cambridge University. Giulio Cinque, founder and owner, brings together luxury and contemporary brands every season, which are trendy and highly sought-after. 

You can find the finest designer clothing, footwear and accessories on their website, featuring Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Off-White, Givenchy, Moncler, Stone Island, Saint Laurent, Burberry, Kenzo & more.

Bee Inspired Clothing

Bee Inspired Clothing is a Scottish brand that creates contemporary menswear. It was created in summer 2013 by ex-professional footballers Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb, targeting fashion-conscious customers who are seeking top-quality, elegant clothing. Their clothing has been worn by some of the most famous actors, athletes, and musicians in the UK, giving the brand the chance to expand and grow much faster than expected.

Sinners Attire

Our number 3 is Sinners Attire, one of the most popular fashion brands in the UK. They are an urban streetwear brand offering a wide variety of clothing pieces such as sportswear, accessories and kids wear.

Sister Jane

It’s clear from the soothing tones, visuals, and overall feminine design that this shop is a women’s fashion Shopify store. Located in London, this brand offers vintage-inspired, accessible designs with a high-end look and feel. They’re loved by musicians and indie girls all over the world!

Over the past three decades, ZOOFASHIONS.COM has dressed its affluent and fashion-forward clients. Designed specifically for men, offers the latest fashions from the world’s leading designers like Amiri, Balenciaga, Balmain, Christian Louboutin, Givenchy, Moncler, Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent, Stone Island, Valentino, Versace and many more. 

It’s always been the goal of the store to find ever more creative, rare, and unique pieces.

Gym King

Stocked in leading fashion retailers, Gym King is a global clothing brand based in the United Kingdom. With over a million customers from around the world, it has attracted an engaged and loyal following which continues to grow each day. Gym King is known for its modern, fresh and unique clothing selection, which includes tracksuits, joggers, t-shirts, shorts, co-ords, vests, and more…

Created by founder Jay Parker – Gym King is committed to the following belief:

“We believe with the correct mindset and persistence anyone can achieve the things they want in life.”

They sound like an optimistic brand. Nice!

Father Sons

Designed by father, run by the sons, Father & Sons is a London based fashion brand supplying formal designer wear specializing in Men’s shirts. Unlike some other brands, they manufacture small quantities of each style to maintain the brand’s individuality. The website also offers women’s and boys’ clothing, so men’s clothing is not the only thing they sell.


HANON is founded by brothers Brian and Edward Toft. This brand was born out of their passion for skateboarding and street-wear, originating in the front room of their parents’ house as a makeshift shop in the late 80’s. In a year, they switched from selling products to their friends to establishing a store called Streetreds in their hometown of Elgin, a small town in the North East of Scotland. In 1993, HANON moved to the larger city of Aberdeen, changed its name, and quickly established itself as a retailer of deadstock and hard-to-find sneakers, as well as European and US street-wear brands. 

The international sneaker community currently regards them as a top shoe brand known for their top quality footwear, as well as their footwear collaborations and their own clothing line.


Goodhood is an award winning multi brand retailer selling over 200 brands across menswear, womenswear, lifestyle and cosmetics which started in 2007. It is their goal to cultivate the concept of effortless living and redefine luxury living. Rather than following the trends in the fashion industry, they actively seek to create an experience that is influenced by the flow of culture. 

With a vision to be a platform where women and men can find the best of a worldwide curated selection of goods, the Goodhood Store remains unique in its brand identity, culture, high-level of service and customer care.

 Skinnydip London

Launching their first phone case design in 2011, it’s sure to say that they’ve been on quite the roller coaster ride since. Co-founders James, Lewis and Richard started Skinnydip shortly after the Apple iPhone launched, quickly realising that fun phone case designs were incredibly limited. They had just the idea that was about to change that forever, and that’s when Skinnydip London was officially born. 

Since launching, they’ve grown a lot, and quite frankly matured like a fine wine when it comes down to serving up the most fun and quirky accessories, clothing and lifestyle products for all to love and enjoy all year round.


Finally it seems like we’re getting out of the world of fashion brands! The next top shopify store in the UK is a bookstore. So Collins has been publishing educational and informative books for 200 years. 

Throughout this rich heritage they have maintained an impressive record in creating market-leading products across various sectors. 


Proporta is a market-leading mobile accessories designer and retailer with over twenty years of experience in the industry. Besides winning awards, they have worked with some amazing fashion, technology, and lifestyle brands, as well as being the licensed partner of Ted Baker. They combine the latest fashions and trends with creative and intelligent design and the highest quality materials.

 The Union Project

Founded in 2013, The Union Project started with a small curation of Menswear and Lifestyle goods. The project’s goal was to unite like-minded brands, people and ideas. They moved to a much larger store closer to the town centre in 2018, fulfilling their dream to open an apothecary and design store on the original site. The store announced the opening of its womenswear section in October 2020 in addition to its popular menswear section.

A story is weaved into each piece of fashion, homeware, and apothecary that they curate. Investing in more sustainable and ethical means forward is the goal of their organization. They actually want to inspire their community to buy less and more conscientiously. 

 Lazy Oaf

Gemma Shiel created Lazy Oaf a clothing and lifestyle brand from a garage in 2001. Now Lazy Oaf is a London based fashion label designing womenswear, menswear and accessory collections featuring bold colours and graphic prints. They create irreverent street-wear clothing for men and women, inspired by youth, nostalgia, teenage rebellion, and a spirit of nonconformity. 


Firebox is an online retailer based in London, England, that was created in 1998 as, an internet retailer founded by university friends Michael Acton Smith and Tom Boardman. The two friends decided that they had a good idea for a new drinking game – the Shot Glass Chess Set. The idea prompted them to create a completely online company where people could purchase this and other obscure but “cool” products. The idea was to create a site where the public could meet with original and interesting products. They began in Cardiff, Wales as, then in 1999 moved to London and relaunched as Their inventory covers many different products from homewares, lifestyle accessories, unique tech, and unusual alcohol gifts. On Firebox, the typical buyer is someone who is looking for items that are uncommon or abstract and difficult to come by elsewhere. The site states: “We’re very selective though – so only the most original, most exciting products get picked”. 

As the online lifestyle is becoming more common, our shopping behavior has changed considerably. So business owners must keep contact with their clients through the Internet. Ecommerce platforms like Shopify enable businesses to sell online more easily. 

Talking about the top 15 most popular Shopify stores in the UK, you probably noticed that most of them are fashion and clothing brands.

People seem so obsessed with fashion these days, don’t they?

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