Nodejs Developers: Who They Are and Why They Are So Important for an Online Business

Last updated - March 8, 2022

One of the most used and well-known tools for JavaScript developers is NodeJS. It is very easy and understandable even to beginner programmers. In this case, NodeJS enables you to operate with server techniques, to realize effective work capacity, taking advantage of the users’ computer power. In addition, this framework provides the ability to launch code from the command line of any widespread operating system.

Nowadays Node is rightfully considered as a top platform for web development, and the majority of web instruments, server-side and client-side, operate with this platform. Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at it.

According to Stack Overflow, NodeJS is the absolute leader in the IT world with a 50.4% market share.

Microsoft, PayPal, Netflix are a few of the business giants that use NodeJS software development tools. NodeJS is a pretty handy framework for application development. NodeJS developers can create and execute server-side code, which means a faster development process.

Essentially, NodeJS is a runtime, open-source JavaScript environment for building applications. NodeJS unifies application development by eliminating the need for different languages. It is mainly used to create real-time web applications. Nevertheless, mobile application development is equally achievable with the whole NodeJS ecosystem and its batch management system. Moreover, with NodeJS, programmers are able to use code written in other languages.

NodeJS Professional Developers’ Responsibilities

NodeJS is mostly applied to high-volume apps that communicate straightforwardly with the client and the host server. So you should seek out NodeJS developers who have the ability to:

  1. Comprehend agile programming techniques;
  2. Know how to use the interface and be familiar with its work;
  3. Create optimized, legible, and clearly documented code;
  4. Operate databases and cloud frameworks;
  5. Have an understanding of the basic concepts of API programming;
  6. Identify and fix problems during application development.

Beyond being technically proficient, committed NodeJS engineers must work as part of a collaborative team. Writing highly formatted and properly documented software is a must for leading NodeJS developers. For any programmer, it is considered a sign of good manners, but when it comes to large-scale projects, it is a necessity. Reading confusing code that seems to work with black magic wastes precious development time and kills team spirit.

A Junior NodeJS Developer Required Skills

Junior specialists are usually recent graduates of an IT school. You shouldn’t assume they have a lot of experience, but they must be familiar with the essentials, like:

  • NodeJS;
  • JavaScript, HTML DOM;
  • HTML5, CSS3; 

Crucially, your younger NodeJS developers need to be willing to keep learning. Putting them in the hands of a more qualified middle-level engineer who will oversee this training would be a great idea.

A Middle NodeJS Developer Required Skills

Mid-level engineers are the core of the NodeJS team of developers. Their ability to work unsupervised and can usually resolve any general problem without getting overwhelmed. Consequently, this position requires a little higher skill set of programmers. As well as junior skills, professional middle NodeJS developers must possess:

  • 2+ years of NodeJS work experience;
  • At least one programming language other than JS;
  • General understanding of TypeScript / CoffeeScript and a willingness to know more;
  • Understanding of MySQL and other popular development and deployment toolkits.

The mid-level developers should ideally be prepared to train junior developers and assist them in their development.


A Senior NodeJS Developer Needed Skills

Leading developers are the moving power of the project team. They solve the most difficult problems and assist the Project Manager with the project. Their job is extremely valuable, and their duties are extensive. Therefore, a true Senior Developer must be ready for anything. That requires a very agile skill set:

  • Experience with NodeJS for 5+ years;
  • Proficiency in TypeScript / CoffeeScript;
  • Working experience with React, and other various JS frameworks;
  • GOF models and SOLID principles knowledge;
  • Other programming language fluency;
  • Strong knowledge of REST and proven experience in building RESTful APIs;
  • Familiarity with OAuth and safety features for online web services.

IT senior specialist must also have an excellent understanding of architectural design patterns since they typically head up design development and determine exactly how the project will be structured. Above all, the senior developer must be prepared to maintain their skills up-to-date and continually explore other instruments.

A server application on NodeJS programming serves many more client requests per unit of time than a similar application developed on most other server technologies.

The Advantages of Employing a Node JS Developer and Taking This Technology Into Business

  1. You can launch your product and run with relatively little money spent on server infrastructure.
  2. With the right architecture, this will enable you to expand your enterprise without investing a large amount of money.
  3. The new product will be introduced to the market more quickly.
  4. Less money will be spent on the development process; as fewer developer hours will be needed to create the first version of the product.
  5. The hypotheses generated by the initial market research will be tested more quickly, adjustments to the product will be made more quickly, and funds will be turned around more quickly in the end. This is a very important characteristic for project investors.
  6. The team of developers will include professionals with a larger vision of the issue, which means less work for the management team.
  7. The development process will be more efficient because it’s always simpler and quicker for a person (a full-stack developer) to agree with himself than with another person. Thus, the cost of communication between specialists is reduced.
  8. Fewer bugs will occur in the development process because floating bugs often occur at the junction of different development technologies with different types of data.

Microsoft Specialists

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is a family of enterprise resource planning products. The company’s resource planning products are aimed primarily at medium-sized businesses with a simple corporate structure and a low to medium complexity production system.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides the means to manage the organization (supply chain, procurement and HR, finance, and collaborative work projects). The family includes four first-primary products:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta) – a solution for managing financial and human resources, operational activities, including production, retail, and manufacturing, retail and financial services;
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP (previously Great Plains Software) – enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small and medium businesses, with the functions of financial management. Financial functions and supply chain management;
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV (previously Navision) – a solution for small and medium businesses, with functions of financial management, employee management, and supply chain management;
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL (previously Solomon IV) – a solution to support the expansion of business expansion support solution designed for project organizations in North America;
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM – a software package for managing mutual relationships management software package from Microsoft, which provides opportunities for the service industry, sales, and marketing.

Later, all of these resources were combined into the comprehensive Dynamics 365 solution, which includes the following modules:

  1. Sale, the sales version. It has built-in analytics that simplify the process of identification and satisfaction of customer needs in order to develop the activity of the company’s business. It is a complete solution for sales and faster and more efficient work. 
  2. Service is responsible for optimizing the process of service delivery to customers.
  3. Finance & Operations offers powerful tools for Operations: Global scalability and digital analytics optimize the processes, e.g. warehouse process, transportation, budget planning, point-of-sale
  4. Talent.
  5. Marketing.

All of these modules are somewhat reworked and adapted to cloud components of Microsoft Dynamics.

The advantages of using the platform from Microsoft

  1. Customized feature set – New customized applications that work beautifully work together in the cloud to help manage specific business tasks. Each Dynamics 365 application is designed for easy and independent deployment, and to provide additional benefits.  In this way, the applications are seamlessly integrated. integrated, and customers can add additional capabilities at any time.  The Business and Enterprise editions are designed for companies of all sizes – from a few business and enterprise versions are available for companies of all sizes, from a few people to thousands of employees.
  2. Productivity – Dynamics 365 helps your employees work more efficiently. Your employees work more efficiently. Business process management applications and the familiar Microsoft Office 365 tools are combined to increase productivity. The Dynamics 365 solution helps your employees work more efficiently. Your employees can use the CRM features in Microsoft Outlook, and the ERP capabilities in Excel.
  3. Analytics – Intelligent next-generation business applications make data processing easier. Handling data: With Dynamics 365, you have integrated analytics and native Microsoft Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, and Azure machine learning. Azure machine learning: Not only big data but also advanced Internet of Things analytics can be transformed into standard processes and work plans.
  4. Adaptability – All Dynamics 365 applications are embedded in a universal platform that provides a standardized workflow. Platform, providing a single view of all your data. You can easily create, modify and extend processes in real-time. Dynamics 365 is compatible with Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.

The features listed above go a long way toward explaining why Microsoft and its product have such a large market share.

Dynamics SL consultant job requirements

Companies hire MS Dynamics SL programmers and consultants here to receive:

  • Top-trained licensed Microsoft Dynamics SL developers;
  • Current Microsoft Dynamics certification owners;
  • Developers with appropriate domain-specific experience;
  • A goal-oriented approach to work;
  • High-quality and well-developed MS Dynamics SL software solutions.

Advantages of hiring an MS developer for business

  1. Integration with telephony – most virtual, office, and software PBXs are supported.
  2. Seamless integration with Microsoft Office.
  3. Hierarchical client directory.
  4. Configuration of role panels, charts, reports.
  5. Setting up sales and service business processes.
  6. Quick customization without programming.
  7. Access control at entry-level.
  8. Flexible customization of service agreements.
  9. Comprehensive management of the sales department.
  10. Comprehensive management of the marketing department.
  11. Maintenance and customer support.
  12. Ability to set countdown timers for service.

To write a CRM system or organize any other project, you need to take care of the developers. Hiring developers for your project is a very serious and responsible process. After all, the whole project depends on a good team of developers. Professional developers such as Microsoft Dynamics SL programmer and NodeJS developer will help you create the best quality product possible. You should consider hiring them.

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